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Dak Prescott's agents 'broach' massive deal | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Dak Prescott's agents 'broach' massive deal | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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  1. Prescott one of the best receivers in the league Dallas is going to have to pay him he's better than when she's better than go off and a whole lot more I ran through the in the top five everybody else to be talking a dumbass s*** is nothing but haters but he's going to get his money without that we would have Cowboys be nowhere

  2. 2 Division Titles In His 1st 3 seasons. A playoff win this year. Owns his division & he's big in big moments. Not to mention he he has 10 more wins & double the amount of Game winning drives as Wentz….
    The mark is set by the QB who got paid before you. Teams have been overpaying to keep guys that don't win…. Things should've never gotten to this point where you have too match what the last guy got or better

  3. $34million per year? Ridiculous. Prescott might become a decent QB, but he is not even close to being worth that much. Russell Wilson, he is not!

  4. I hope cowboys pay him everything, then we’d get to see the cowboys suck for another half decade😂

  5. The friendly deal will save 2-3M a year at most, you get a middle of the road cornerback for that, they might have saved 5-6M if they did it last year though. The franchise tag for QB is hoping your team gets bad and cheap enough to fit that contract or you are starting over like Washington.

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