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Cozy Jorvik Legends with Ylva, Matilda and Stacy!

Cozy Jorvik Legends with Ylva, Matilda and Stacy!

“This was a really nice day wasn’t it?”
“Mhmm,” “Mmm,” “Yes!” “What did you guys get in the Winter Village?” “I bought two sweaters.” “Uuuhhh….spoiled!” “I got a pair of gloves but now I wish I got a pair of socks because my feet are freezing!” “You guys, do you remember the last
time we sat like this?” “Mmh.” “Oh yes!” “It was Halloween, right?” “Yes!”
“And we were telling each other super scary stories.” “Yes, I’m still having nightmares, thank you…”
“Oh you’re welcome.” “Hehe…the glue man!” “GLUE MAN!” “I was thinking maybe we could tell each other cozy stories now to get into the Holiday spirit.” “What do you think?”
“That is such a good idea!” “YAY!
“Do you have one?” “I have one that is pretty cozy if I may say so…” “Many years ago there lived a woman with five children. She was known for the red
ribbon in her hair. It was once shiny and new but years of
use had left it dull and fraying. The family didn’t have a lot of money, so the woman had to get creative with ways of decorating the home with the Winter Spirit. As the first frost covered the ground and nature slipped into a wintery
slumber, the woman turned to her pantry to look for decoration. Staring back at
her was a bundle of straw from the final harvest of the year. She took the straw
and the red ribbon from her hair and crafted it into a little Yule goat. Each night one of her children would whisper in the little goat’s ear of their dreams and desires. Once the youngest child had told her wish, they awoke the next day to their wishes coming true! “What?!” “Yes!” A toasty fire crackling away, warming their
cozy cottage. A pantry full of food, dark bread, winter berries, and smoked fish, and a blanket of snow covering the landscape. The best gift of all was for the mother:
a shiny red ribbon waiting for her next to the magical little Yule Goat. “Aaaww.” “Cozy!”
“If I was the mother to be honest I’d be like: You gave me a string!? I am dying here with my five children and you gave ma a string?! “Why didn’t you wish for more Yule Goats?” “Anyone else got a story?” “I have a story!”
“Uh!” “Oohh!” “Tell us!” “There was a girl named Martha, and she was always afraid of the singing
ice. Every winter when the Vale Dale Lake would freeze over, it would create an
eerie tune as the water expanded into ice. Deep rumbles within its depths, sharp
cracks breaking like a whip on the surface. The otherworldly sounds would
carry down to the wooded village of Vale Dale, waking her from even the deepest of
slumbers. The noises would leave Martha trembling under her covers, waiting for
the break of dawn when the frozen phantom of the lake didn’t call out to her.
One night the ice lake was singing louder than ever before. Martha tossed
and turned in her bed but she could not get to sleep. So she left her house in
the dead of night ready to face her fear. She hiked up the mountain, her breath
rising and steamy clouds, the world around her covered in frost—as if encased in icy glass. Once she reached the ice lake, a thin crack formed on the
top of the ice and began racing towards her, as if a real frozen phantom was
coming to get her. Martha flinched, bracing for impact but nothing came. She
opened her eyes and looked across the lake and what she saw was incredible. The deep blue surface was covered in hundreds of hairline cracks, for all that
like veins. For a moment everything was still. There was a rustle in the bushes
and a wild horse stepped out from the shadows. It wasn’t a regular horse, it was dappled with pale spots on its tawny coat, and moved delicately and cautiously like a fawn. “Hahaha” “I was not expecting that!” “Martha watched the magic horse and
the horse looked back at her. The frozen lake rumbled and cracked beside them
like an icy blue heart. And in that moment, Martha was no longer afraid of the singing ice. “Your stories were beautiful I love them! I just don’t know how I’m supposed to top this… But I have a story if you wanna hear it?!”
“Yes!” “Yes, please share!” “Yeah!” “‘Twas the coldest night of winter. Ms. Drake glared out of her G.E.D office,
looking down on the town of Jarlaheim. On her desk were blueprints for high-rise buildings, called “The New Jarlaheim”.” “Oh no!” “What’s wrong with the old Jarlaheim?” “There was a knock on the door. Ivan Drake barged in. He came bearing gifts: a little kitten for his beloved sister. Miss Drake screamed in terror and slammed the door shut on him. How dare he disturb her! She left her office soon after, walking the freezing streets of the town alone. She
reached the door to her house and in the reflection of the brass knocker, she
could see a ghostly white figure standing behind her. She spun around and there stood Marley Summers, covered in potato starch. The farmer brought Miss Drake a warning if; she continued her plans to rebuild Jarlaheim, she would cause much sadness in Jorvik
—but most of all, she would turn into a very bitter person. If she didn’t heed his warning, Marley said, then she will be visited by three souls of past, present, and future that will surely change her mind.
Bah! Haybug! Miss Drake slammed the door in Marley’s face and went to bed. That
night miss Drake was visited by a mischievous spirit. She awoke to a knock
on the door and when she went downstairs to answer it, Madison stood there. She was dancing and twirling her frilly pink skirt, spinning around. Madison took off her headphones and began to sing loudly. “Joy to Jorvik, the Yule Goats have come. They’re causing a lot of chaos. The people are chasing them down, into the snowy portals road, and Aideen and horses and nature sing!”
Madison then grabbed Miss Drake’s hand, promising to take her on a
time-traveling adventure into the past. Miss Drake pulled away and slammed the
door in Madison’s face. She hated people with vivid imagination. Miss Drake tried
to sleep but Madison’s energetic attitude had left her wide awake. So she
went for a walk to clear her mind. She didn’t get very far until she was
disturbed by the booming voice of Mr. Kembell. He called Miss Drake over and told her she’ll get promoted if she successfully
rebuilt Jarlaheim. Miss Drake was thrilled at the chance for more power.
But Mr. Kembell droned on and on, and she began to feel sleepy. So she snuck away
and headed home leaving Mr. Kembell talking to himself. A shadowy figure was
waiting for Miss Drake by her house. The figure stepped into the light and the
gaunt face of Mr. Sands was illuminated.” “ don’t want him to visit you.” “I don’t want him to know where I live..” “He warned her not to fall into the same
traps of greed as he did, or else she’ll end up a tormented soul just like him.
Ms. Drake screamed rushing inside the house and slamming the door shut.
She realized then that Marley Summers’ prophecy was true. She was visited by
three very different people and each one made her think about who she was, and the
way she treats others.” “To be fair, I would also scream and slam the door behind me if Mr. Sands came over.” When Ms. Drake awoke from an unrested slumber in the frosty morning, the first thing she did was head to her office and tear up the
blueprints to rebuild Jarlaheim. She was even tempted to run around the streets
of Jarlaheim, announcing her love for the town and its people. But her cold heart
hadn’t warmed up enough just yet. “We love characters that work on themselves and realize their faults.” “Can you sing us the song again?” “Joy to Jorvik, the Yule Goats have come!
They’re causing a lot of chaos, the people are chasing them down into the snowy portals ’round, and Aideen, and horses and nature sing! And Aideen, and horses and nature sing! Happy Holidays you guys! And Happy New Year! I hope your 2020 is as amazing as your 2019!

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