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Comparativo: HB20 x Polo (Tira Teima)

Comparativo: HB20 x Polo (Tira Teima)

today comprecar tv will answer in one
several requests from our internet users always said why you don’t film
tonight we will do it and cooler than a shoot we’re going to do the bouncing
of an important comparison you remember of the dispute of the hyundai hb20 with volkswagen
polo because well today is the day of the relay and it’s not anywhere we’re going to do
this on a drag track with complete safety and infrastructure did you know that Sorocaba
there is a drag track because well neither I knew it had and we found it here in
Sorocaba a very cool track 450 meters 200 acceleration 250 braking like you
are seeing lit up at night guys we’re talking about the Carnelós arena our new partner
that will help us there in many videos and starting with the one where we’re going to do
a bullshit as you know there was a interesting controversy regarding the measurement
here of the hyundai hb20 diamond plus that we didn’t even put drag racing because
divergence because well today we are going to do a test of the cars here on the track we already did
the measurement that you will see there in the video that we used there tork one our partner
and in this video today you will see all this bullshit here with us to check
tv again we are back here at tork one our partner here in the city of Campinas
that will help us to measure here again of the two cars remembering that
this one is the car we used there in the other video Volkswagen sent exactly
the same car this was another hb20 after all after all the inconsistency that we measured
it was at hb20 and today we are going to do the head-to-head here at tork one in Campinas [Music] we ended up
to remove the pole here from the tork dynamometer one and let’s go to the results one more time
look at the Tower all good Tower, beauty Jorge quiet Tower you already know on the other
video we made here of the comparison of the hb20 pole that we took measurements
there were a lot of cool things there you identified that the hb20 had a number
that couldn’t beat a larger number 2 kg more torque than stated
and power also power too but we will talk about the hb20 first
will talk here about the volkswagen polo first thing thing look people when we came back
here at tork one the Tower arrived here for me and said Jorge has a story to tell about
polo for you I spoke like this is the same car that volkswagen sent how did
is the Tower story is that car he had a change, right, a software update
both engine and gearshift, right? current complaint from staff who owns
polo this car he had an advance of very high ignition advance point very
loud so he made that noise of chestnut similar to a diesel engine, this was a
thing that bothered a lot even the tork one did it at the time on account
software itself to decrease a little that’s right, because as we put
more power in the cars had to take this away but now Volkswagen ended up launching
this update finally and changed many people say that consumption has greatly improved
but there is always that doubt in the air has changed or not the power so the doubt today
how were you going to do it? test actually so we wanted to check
if this update really brought or not changing the power in order to know
what you will see in practice there after guys as you are seeing I didn’t know
I discovered this here more than that this car is not the same again
oh yes yes yes it is in gasoline right be with gasoline but it won update
won software update from both engine and gearbox so he the one
car that we measured that despite the same vehicle is not the same calibration this
car has the new calibration calibration new this volkswagen software came out more
or less when it left approximately 60 days back guys this was after we
recorded the cars ok so despite to be the same unit as the volkswagen it is
with this software change now question this change in your personal view you
who is the guy the guy he is the engineering guy tork one but he is also responsible
calibration and fine-tuning of everything happens here so he has a lot of experience
this in your experience it can interfere in performance i believe i don’t believe
that does not interfere because the automaker will by law she cannot go out changing the power
of the car or you would have to do a new approval so it is they will not I believe the
Volkswagen would not change the power of that car they would fix only the problem
but in order to maintain the power not to face no problem as it has existed
problems with the car that came out with power that didn’t hit let’s not get into the controversy
let’s go back here to the subject of the exact polo without personal controversy i believe it will
maintain power and will not lose performance so just fine-tune the business
that we haven’t measured yet it could be that I be wrong too and we will talk
here and there what was the result that we there was here right here we had exactly
what we had in the previous pre measurement update 111 horses on the wheel 121.3 horses
in the engine with 20.7 that we have torque justifying here the name 200 fabrics 200 newton
of torque so here when we talk that this car has gasoline gasoline this
is hitting with measurement that we did from the other pole exactly matching the measurement
there from the red pole of the video passed by that you saw here this update does not
moved nothing we didn’t measure not what we measured that day we measured 110.8
but this little variation of fraction of horse is common because of the normal environment
atmospheric pressure temperature nothing of profound change nothing of change that
justify a difference in times right polo guys it’s a clock now it’s time
to put the hb20 in here to give you the verdict [Music] and you must be
curious to know what happened to this hb20 after all there in our other
video we found that the car had a little bit more torque and power than
the technical sheet said and who will give the verdict is the Tower looks at the responsibility in Tower
and then what happened to this one another hb20 this is another hb20 and to surprise
wow this one gave a little more than that the one we had measured on the other
time so it’s with more power and torque than what hyundai is talking about is
1 kgfm more than we had measured so compared to what is declared ok
giving almost 3 kgfm more of this specimen here let’s see the numbers here on the screen here that
we got here from result then Tower come on the wheel we measure 113 horses 113.4
and the engine here calculated by the loss of our dynamometer software 123.5 horsepower with
20.2 kgfm of torque for technical data that 17.5 has an expressive difference
a difference of almost 3 kgfm then so you can tell that hyundai is
selling something by delivering a little more of what is selling or you can’t nail
then you can’t nail it in the carmaker is usually measured in the dynamometer software
bench, so there is no such loss of the wheel transmission here is a power
estimated then what we have so more notion is wheel power and power
of the engine estimated by the dynamometer but in compared to other cars that we
measure and beat as was the case with the polo right then we can say yes this car is
delivering more than stated a little more that the declared a little bit more than the declared
clarified doubt there for you guys and look Tower put the graph here
of the first hb20 that red one that we stayed for this and then Tower what happened
here in this graph so how can we observe here a difference of 3 horses
almost 3 and a half horses at the wheel that today’s is this one today is the
from above that that first red that we measured it gave 110 horses on the exact wheel
and this 113.4 and in torque we already had measured here 19.5 kgfm and today we measure 20.2
kgfm or almost 1 kgfm more torque from one copy to another now it will show
for us the graph of this measured car today for the volkswagen polo measured today this
graph here of the hb20 versus the measured pole today there is a lot of curiosity here to be explained
let’s start with the wheel power I I see here that I hb20 with power
wheel was better than the pole that’s right exactly let’s talk here about peak power
the hb20 had 3.4 more horses 2.4 more horses 111 of the hb20 polo 133.4
but the hb20 it gives the best power with higher turn exactly the pole can
reach a power just before that we see clearly in the curves for example
here with an engine, you see the curve hb20 it has a little hole here in the power
that goes up right then we see that the curve hb20 it comes it stabilizes here
then from about 3,900 approximately it starts to grow more while that of the polo
right it comes much more stable more full in this point here for example we put the cursor
gives one of approximately 8 horses in that rotation range here so even though we
is talking about maximum power right we see that the hb20 goes even a little bit
better than the pole up here but the power average pole here in this rotation range
is much higher and mainly mainly the torque here reaches around 6 kgfm
difference in this intermediate range also I see here that the peak torque they
are relatively close together has a difference small only that the pore reaches the maximum torque
before hb20 exactly and we see here on the green curve that it supports the touch more
maximum mainly in low and medium rotation the polo here does a lot better with the hb20 there
if we take the peak power here it is very similar so if we talk
only in number without looking at the graph ends up getting very tied the Tower thing in your opinion
when we put both cars in drag racing what will happen ok
hard to know here what will happen will also depend a lot on the way that
it is done there at the time of leaving because with these automatic cars we call there
the famous break burst, right? and speeds up what I call stalled
exactly that some call it stalled then it is by car to another or the way
to leave it varies a lot, right, so there are some cars for example that when you do the
break burst it stays there with a very rpm low about 2,000 rpm so the hour that
you leave the car leaves very dead so there are to pay attention to that there are some
cars you have to stay a while insisting the break burst for the rpm to rise higher for you
to get out more full because if you don’t get out this thing of standing still is very critical
right, look at the Tower, besides the person who it’s engineering and the tuning part
you also go to the drag championships with tork one products and everything else yes
including the fastest pole in Brazil is our sprint and such he knows what he
is talking about because it not only tunes but you also make a dash right yes yes yes yes
start driver so guys we saw here that in theory you can say that
in theory the pole tends to be better tends to be better in theory in theory and so based
I didn’t ride the hb20 either I did not do these drag tests with the hb20
but as a polo I know a lot I already I took polo for drag and it’s a car that
comes out very well and has a low average there good too so it’s a tough cart
to be beaten to leave standing there is difficult expert word and now we’re going to
check all this on the track clarified all technical questions at tork one as
we saw hyundai hb20 is delivering more power than the technical sheet said already
the volkswagen polo is working just like a clock in the measurement that even after
of the update he received now is time for us to see in practice how
this dispute will remain [Music] and so we we are concluding another very cool video
here to check out TV as an unpublished debut first time shooting at night and more
of what we use here the Carnelós arena drag track here in the city of Sorocaba
that gave all the support for us to be able to do the measurement here of the two cars and what is
the conclusion that we arrived good first we will talk about hb20 here as we do
saw we used two cars one first on another comparative and now the cop’s car
noting that this car here is delivering more power and more torque than hyundai
says there in the technical sheet it was quite clear this for us clarified this point hb20
versus pole in the measurement we did there at tork one we saw that the curves are
relatively close together we imagined that the pole could have a small advantage
but here on the track what we found that depends a lot on how the start is made
of the car here in our measurement from 0 to 100 meters the cars were very close had
moments that the polo was in front had moments that the hb20 was in front if you
ask for my opinion I will say here that the hb20 took a small advantage in
several passages that we did so it’s hard to nail which effectively
more in my impression the hb20 is walking more in that 0 to 100 meters now we can
redo this test from 0 to 200 meters from 0 at 300 meters you want to see this test
so I’m going to launch a challenge here to you if this video here reaches 100 thousand
visualizations we retake the test with the two cars but from 0 to 200 meters
and 0 to 300 meters and other cars that you want to see here now in this new arena in this
race track leave a comment send for us and even if you want to test
your car looks at the tip is there Carnelós arena in Sorocaba so you can test your
car with all the security and everything you need to get the most out of your vehicle
and now our tip for you liked the hyundai hb20 diamond plus take a walk
at Abrão Reze in the city of Sorocaba you will have the best deal and the best
service and if you liked the volkswagen polo is also very easy pass on volkswagen
Abrão Pray also in the city of Sorocaba you will make the best deal so
is the car you found most interesting that at Abrão Reze you always have the best
service and the best deal liked the video let there in your like want to see more
videos like that please your comment and if you haven’t signed up yet do that
after all these fun videos here only with me Jorge Augusto here on the channel
comprecar tv comprecar is ideal for those want to sell buy is ideal for anyone who wants
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Reader Comments

  1. HB20 pode se sair melhor, mas acho que o Polo, num todo, é melhor. Hyundai boa foi a do HB20 2013/14, i30, Elantra, etc. A de hoje deixa muito a desejar!

  2. Comparativo bastante esperado! Eu acho que o HB20 será um pouco mais rápido que o Polo, mas ambas as mecânicas são excelentes, estão entre as melhores do segmento. Como produto, prefiro o Polo, que, aliás, é meu carro, exatamente da mesma versão e cor do modelo do vídeo. O HB20 tem seus pontos positivos, mas eu acho que pecou na segurança, vide o teste no Latin Ncap.

  3. Essa comparação é muito injusta. Polo muito superior. Painel 100% digital, freio a disco nas 4 rodas, rodas 17", mecânica confiável (já consolidada) , maior e mais largo (quese um Hatch médio), mais espaço interno, painel em Black piano com tela 8" integrada, nota máxima em segurança , melhor qualidade construtiva, melhor comportamento dinâmico e bem mais bonito. A comparação deveria ser com novo i20 europeu.

  4. Parabéns, Jorge. Desenvolve um trabalho com seriedade e profissionalismo. Seu canal é sucesso.
    Bem, como o polo andou praticamente igual ao HB20 na gasolina, acredito que no Etanol possa se destacar melhor abrindo vantagem.


  5. Bela avalição do canal. Porém esqueceram do trivial quando o assunto é medições de 0-100. A relação Peso/potência e Peso/Torque. Nenhum momento foi mencionado os pesos dos carros. A vantagem do hb20 provavelmente veio por ele ser bem mais leve que o polo. Como Pode esquecerem disso? Não entendi.

  6. Além da potência e torque do motor, tem de ver como o câmbio transfere esses elementos ao solo arrastando o peso real do carro junto com o grip de cada marca de pneus.

  7. Muito bom, só a arrancada que poderia ser um pouco mais longa. A diferença entre os dois na pista foi equivalente aos números de dinamômetro, ou seja, quase nada.

  8. Polo na Gasolina tem 116cv e é mais pesado. O Polo no Etanol vai pra 128cv e talvez assim os números fossem melhores no Dinamômetro e nao teria perdido pro HB20 na arrancada.

  9. Não tem nem o que achar. Ficou claro que em duas largadas em que os dois saíram no mesmo tempo, que foi a primeira e a terceira, o HB20 chegou na frente com folga, em se tratando de 100 metros. Na segunda largada em que se nota claramente que o Polo largou antes, mesmo assim o HB20 encostou e cruzou igual na faixa.

  10. vídeo muito bom, adorei a explicação, q depende da aceleração a diferença entre melhor desempenho ao pisar no freio e no acelerador.

    seria legal fazer a contagem das varias arrancadas e qual foi o placar!

    parabéns por agora ter uma pista para avaliação.

    seria um diferencial no canal fazer os testes dos faróis a noite!

    agora é esperar novos videos dos arrancadões!

  11. Sério to amando todos os vídeos que vcs postam e estou muito feliz que esse canal esteja crescendo e dando certo tudo de bom!!

  12. Potência não é tudo ,só criança pensa assim. O Conjunto e tecnologia Vw está a frente do HB20.
    Amo e tenho Ford ,mais Grupo Vw merece respeito

  13. Jorge, ótima iniciativa! Acho que, pra ficar perfeito mesmo, seria legal se soubéssemos as velocidades dos carros no momento em que passam do ponto de início da frenagem, além de um tira-teima, mesmo que em câmera lenta, pra ver quem chegou antes. No caso deste vídeo, por exemplo, não foi tão fácil assim ver quem se saiu melhor! Hehe

  14. Olá, Jorge!

    Sei que essa pergunta não tem ligação direta com o vídeo mas você poderia tirar uma dúvida sobre o Polo?

    O Polo continua com os problemas de construção que ele tinha? De vazamento do liquido de arrefecimento, problemas de peças mal encaixadas, e uma série de outros problemas que o carro tinha?

  15. hb20 é mais leve e tem pneus de bicicleta, se pegar o polo CL basico que tem r15 ou 16 ele ai andar mais, sem falar nas curvas por conta da plataforma

  16. Que belíssimo trabalho, descobri seu canal por acaso, agora estou mau acostumado, pois quero ver sempre suas avaliações e comparativos, continue assim, para melhor, que irá sim desbancar muita avaliação porcaria que tem no YouTube, abraço e fuiiiiii.

  17. Vídeo bastante elucidativo, embora eu ache que ninguém tenha real necessidade de viver acelerando assim. Em tempo, o HB20 tá com um desempenho surpreendente. Por que este carro tinha de ter essa aparência tão feia???

  18. Pra quem vai usar o carro preço de entrada e completo, seguro ipva e valor das manutenções é muito mais importante……

  19. Excelente idéia da Comprecar de fazer esses testes na pista. Sou fã da forma de trabalhar de vocês. Minha opinião é que todas as matérias que serão feitas comparativos de carros, também deveria rolar essa arrancada.

  20. Jorge o comprecartv poderia fazer um vídeo falando do HB20 sobre segurança até agora não sabemos dos níveis de segurança real do carro valeu jorge

  21. Os idólatras de polo jamais vão aceitar uma derrota. Não adianta mostrar que o 1.0 tsi de frigobar é manco, que o acabamento é de kinderovo, que a mecânica é dieselgate. Vão dizer que qualquer derrota é injusta porque tem um painel de caixa eletrônico, que é alemão da mesma marca da Kombi e que vale muito porque pagaram uma etiqueta de audi num gol da União europeia. Ora,Deixem os caras em paz e felizes com a cristaleira deles porque já já nós mecânicos estaremos sorrindo de braços abertos! 🤣🤣🤣

  22. opa queremos ver sim , testes como por exemplo, onix turbo x hb20 — golf 1.4 tsi x civic touring 1.5 turbo, entre outros pra gente poder ver o comportamento entre eles, outra legal jorginho seria colocar o civic si contra outro carro pra gente ver a pegáda de um manual perto de algum aut, ok? parabéns pelas reportágens, cáda vez melhór

  23. Já dirigi os dois e tive a nítida sensação que o HB20 anda mais, ele é mais leve, parece ter melhor aerodinâmica e o câmbio é mais competente

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