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College Kids Get Roasted By High School Kids (ft. Elliot Choy)

College Kids Get Roasted By High School Kids (ft. Elliot Choy)

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  1. bruh i watched these two separately not knowing they had anything to do with each other and turned out they’re cousins

  2. Elliot said Hi & it was an instant double tap for me and then i had to double-tap again because the video skipped 10 seconds

  3. Arpi Bro I gotta be honest. When I discovered your channel a couple months ago I clicked on your day in a life at Stanford video, because I thought you were some pretty asian girl. Turns out you weren't and I was genuinely surprised and disappointed at the same time… But… Then I saw your uniqie ass personality and was like damn this dude is straight up real ass fuck…. Reminds me of me on my most lazy days at my dorm 😂😂😂. Thank You for being such an inspriation for those who wanna keep things real here in life and on YouTube my bee.

  4. FUCK! if they are cousins.. Does that mean all the Asian college YouTubers are connected…. Just like how all asian YouTubers know one another and are in their own Corner on the YouTube spectrum safe away from drama or controversy?… I'm talking about JustKiddingFilms and Wonfgfuuuuuu. Bart and Joe (Unco Same and Unco Chin) are my gods boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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