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  1. I have a 1.3 gpa and sat 840 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I’ll be a senior this year 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Hi Alana, I am Sri, Indonesian, currently I am applying my PhD intake 2019 through Fulbright Scholarship that I have got,
    Do you think GRE and Ibt scores have a lot of impacts to succesful admision into cornell university?
    I will take my GRE test in JAkarta, next week beginning september. Please I need your answer..

  3. Hey Anna! College prospect from Ohio here. So, although I understand that all A's or at least an upward trend in grades is optimal, I received a B+ in AP Calculus last year as a junior in one trimester. I did, however, receive A's for the first and third trimesters in AP Calculus, all A's and two A-'s in all of my other courses throughout high school, and I will likely graduate first or second in my class. I also most likely scored at least a 4 on the AP Calculus examination. (I will know for sure in 3 days.)

    I am very stressed about how colleges, especially top colleges, will perceive this discrepancy in my grades. In particular, because getting a B in junior year is the exact opposite of an upward trend. Do you have any thoughts, regardless of whether they will be comforting to me?

  4. Hi Anna ! I really need your advice on applying to Cornell !
    So basically my problem is, just like you mentioned in this video, I was advised a year ago ( ATM I'm a student studying A levels which is kind of an AP equivalent here ,in Pakistan. And Im going to start my last year of highschool this coming August or August 2018) to give my SAT 1 as early as possible . So I took my first try in December 2017 and got a 1480/1600 on the new SAT , with 690 English and 790 math, like both my scores being in the 99 percentile mark . But my problem is that i, on my very first go prepared for the SAT for four months and literally used up every single resource and book I could get my hands on, all of the Barron's and Princeton's and kaplans and McGraw Hill and the official tests along side with some Dr Jo Chung tests and a few free tests online , even the practice PSAT tests and Khan academy ! So as you can see I really pushed hard to get a good score , but unfortunately even though I tried my SAT English score, specially the reading section was what brought me down . And now I'm stuck in this weird situation because I have always wanted to apply to Cornell and I know I have to prepare for the SAT-2 Math and the Physics or chemistry SAT subject test as soon as my exams are over so I can give the tests by October . But my question is given the situation I am in, and given the fact taht I hope to apply to Cornell in ED , should I retake my SAT-1? I still Believe maybe If I try once more maybe I could get a higher score . But I am completely indecisive on this one RN because then I have very little practice material left!
    Sorry for such a long message but ive worried about this for ages now and I hope you can help me in some way ! Thank you !

  5. Whats the difference between SAT and SAT subject test? And if i failed this two, can i retake the 2 tests?

  6. Did you get all A's in your quarter grades or just your final grades? I was just wondering because I had all A's for my final cumulative grades, but not for individual quarter grades.

  7. you said to ignore honors but a lot of people take honors and ap/ib at the same time. i have only heard that getting a B is ok to colleges because it shows that you challenged yourself.

  8. Hi I kind of disagree. It’s better to show you challenged yourself and if you get one or two B in an AP I better than not challenging yourself and taking just CP courses but of course try to get mostly A’s

  9. Can someone help me? I come from a very competitive school academically, in Cali. Its nuts. But I am a freshman with a first semester gpa of 3.5 and 2nd semester with a guess of 3.6-8. I planned out all my classes, so I will be taking 8 AP classes, 2 honors classes during high school. I am a Secretary of a club for Sophomore year and hopefully joining either the cheer team or dance team (it was won awards, hardest sport to get into at my school i think). I am also writing a book that hopefully will be published by junior year. I have a personal excuse (dont want to say online) for not doing sports this year. Do you think I could make it into ivy league? Anything I should change or work better on????

  10. That's wierd my school is so much different, so basically you have reg classes that give u 4 gpa pts if you get an A, 3 for a B and so on. Unfortunately there is no difference at my school in terms of GPA pts, taking one of these classes you get an additional .025 pts added to the score depending on the grade u get. For example an A in an honors or AP class would give u a 4.025 instead of 4. So what sucks is getting a b in an AP or honors class is worse than an A in a reg class because u would only get 3.025 pts as opposed to 4. The system kinda sucks but if u get mostly A's in these classes it will really boosted your GPA, like right now(I'm a senior btw) I have a 3.74 unweighted but a 4.76 weighted

  11. I understand her reasoning on the AP classes but I still have to disagree. College admissions officers, even those in tops schools would prefer a B in an AP class than an A in a regular class because in the end you challenged yourself by taking that AP class and that’s honestly what college admissions want in the end. They want to see you challenge yourself.

  12. Yooo! In 9th grade, I got 4 Bs thru out the year, but I went to the best high school in california! IT WAS SO DIFFICULT YALL HAVE NO IDEA IMAGINE STAYING UP UNTIL 3 AM EVERYDAY JUST TO GET A C ON THE TEST UGH. But I moved to a new district for 10th grade due to a house fire, and I was just done with super smart school. And I'm getting stellar grades that I deserve! And it's still hard, but nothing compared to my old school. My new school is ranked 300 in cali. As a 10th grader now, I KNOW FOR A FACT I will have a 4.0 gpa for the rest of my years. I'm a professional ice skater (but I haven't done national competitions) and I pianist who got many many state recognitions. I'm probably gonna take at max 5 APs (prob 4) in hs and I'M REALLY BAD AT STANDARDIZED TESTS IT REALLY SUCKS and I can't afford tutoring cuz it all goes to my ice skating lessons. I bought an psat book with my own money I made teaching piano to study. I SUCKED LOL I REALLY TRIED THO. And looking at it, I'm probably gonna SUCK at the sat and act :/ I will start mun, fbla, and will be JSA president at my school and I know that for a fact. I'm korean. And I'm a mix of a nerd and a hoe lol. Btw as I said, I'm a piano teacher and I have taught and volunteered at my local ice rink to teach special skaters since 7th grade. WHAT ARE MY CHANCES AT CORNELL AND OTHER GOOD UCS AND IVIES? I'M DESPERATE.

  13. I'm not from the states, and I wasn't really planning on studying there until recently. In my country, your GPA isn't really important, you just have to do well in the university entrance exam. So I wasn't studying hard at all during my freshman year, my GPA was about 3.51. Now, however, I really want to go to Stanford. I know it's really hard to get accepted, but I know I can do well if I work hard. For the SAT/ACT exams, I think I'll get a pretty high grade. Do you think I stand a chance? Also, do you think being able to speak other languages help? I'm planning on taking French 3 next year, which would make my level B1.

  14. Do colleges tend to look at unweighted gpas more than weighted gpas? I like my weighted gpa but my unweighted one is scary and I’m getting really nervous about it

  15. Wait you can take the SAT or ACT as a freshman?
    I'm a freshman and I'm just learning about this..
    I was planning to take it later like junior/senior. What should I do during freshman year other than keep my grades up, act/sat prep, and extra curricular activities?

  16. what prep books did you use and which ones do you think helped you alot for the sat and sat subject tests? can you please list them?

  17. Hi:)! I have a question: If I take the AP bio in 12th grade but I want the SAT bio subject test score to be on my college application, how would I do this? Since by the time I finished learning the AP bio course it would already pass the application deadline.

  18. My school doesnt allow me to take calc or trig bc we have to take a college course on algebra for an associates… do you think i can self study trig for the math 2 sat subject test? Are their courses online i can take during the summer?

  19. I'm hoping to apply early decision to Cornell this fall and I'm so anxious. I really don't want to get my hopes up because of how unpredictable admissions is. I've been binge watching videos like these for weeks now. Somehow they're so comforting, reassuring and super interesting!

  20. I have a question. I did horrendous freshman year with a 2.38 and 2.48. And that was because I moved into the new district A MONTH before high school started. Sophomore ore year I did better. 3.33 and 3.38. I'm going to be a junior and projected a 4.0. My high school is top 15 in nation which is New Trier. What is a top tier college do you think I can get into? I got fourth in the nation this may in science olympiad and same with the state competition. My ACT is around 27 and SAT 1200.

  21. if you apply early decision to cornell are you allowed to submit the tests after you submit your application? ive already taken the subject tests i wanted to but didnt do as well as i wanted

  22. Hi! Do you have any tips about college essays like what they should be about and how should i write them? Thanks and great video

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