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Close cue ball control practise routine – (9reds total clearance) Part 1

Close cue ball control practise routine – (9reds total clearance) Part 1

In this practise video we will learn how to
control cue ball in the close distance especially around black and pink area. The best snooker players in the world are
making consistently winning, century, maximum breaks all the time because they masters of
close cue ball control. Skills are to coming overnight, so you must
practise it all the time to become good at this. 1 shot Simple roll off shot, centre cue ball
0,5 cushion speed. It is very crucial to plan very single shot
ahead. Position looks very easy for the break. But be careful, because lots of positional
mistakes are made in those kind of situations like losing cue ball control, missing pots,
lack of concentration. In snooker every single shot is important
remember that! Play with the top spin cannon red and position
for the black ball. Another cannon shot is coming. Cannon shots are not easy, because you need
to be extremely precise with your cue ball. If something goes wrong you out of position
and of course you lose a chance to make winning, big breaks and win the frame from the one
visit. Be very precise and keep your concentration
levels high. Play soft stun shot slightly below cue ball
centre, 1,5 cushion speed. Stun shot 1,25 cushion speed. Right now I have 4 open reds where I can play
position for, so if you have a choice try to leave yourself as many options as possible,
because it will make your breaks much easier. Amateur players making lots of positional
mistakes when they play for one red, because margin of error is much bigger. Crew back shot, 1,75 cushion speed. Position for the pink ball top spin shot,
1,25 cushion speed

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