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The final verdict on the
alleged case of adjustment between the cyclist Kazakh Aleksandr Vinokúrov and the Russian
Aleksandr Kolobnev who had been indicated to have made an arrangement
economic in the classic Liege-Bastogne in the year 2010, event that the cyclist won
Kazakh. Vinokourov and Kolobnev were acquitted of fraud by a Belgian court
who appreciated the absence of evidence concrete that Aleksander Vinokúrov
current general manager of the Astana team I would have paid 150,000 euros
to Kolobnev to let him win the Belgian classic in its 2010 edition. The
Prosecutor requested fines for the 2 cyclists and penalties of 6 months of
prison for the alleged bribe without however the two defendants denied the
accusations and their lawyers litigated for his acquittal, which was finally
decreed now by the judge. Vinokurov and Kolobnev marched
getaways at the end of the classic Belgian of 2010 and together they collaborated to avoid
that a trio formed by the Belgian Philippe Gilbert, the Spanish
Alejandro Valverde and the Australian Cadel Evans. in the last kilometer the
Kazakh attacked and left behind his partner on the run to win the victory.
suspicions of adjustment began in the year 2011 when the magazine L’illustré
revealed that Kolobnev would have received Vinokúrov money and published a
message exchange by mail electronic between the 2 cyclists. The
renowned magazine assured that Vinokúrov I had entered that money into an account
Bank of Kolobnev. Kolobnev would have written by email to
Vinokúrov where I would have sent him a copy of your bank information and you
I would have indicated that he would erase it later, what Vinokúrov would have answered that
everything was done properly and you I would have written not to worry and
That would fulfill the agreement. Vinokúrov alleges that his email account
could have been hacked and admitted that spoke with Kolobnev during the race,
but denied there was fraud and also warned that talking is normal in a
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  1. pues yo acepto los 150mil euros. Mas lo que me gano por el segundo puesto ,termino ganando mas de lo que gano el del primer puesto eso se llama inteligencia financiera. jejeje

  2. Hola me gustaría saber a qué juéga la organización y la uci con todo esto . Este año la han pasado de escándalo en escándalo persiguiendo a los ciclistas como si fueran crimínales . Espero que la próxima temporada la Uci deje clara las reglas desde el principio y no resulte que en el giro , tour o vuelta terminen descalificando al ganador por llevar las medias más largas de lo permitido. Saludos desde Mexico

  3. Y ya ni hablamos del amaño en juegos olímpicos de Vino con Rigo Uran. "el deporte profesional es divertido pero una porquería"

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