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CHESTER BEGIN! | Extracurricular Activities #49

CHESTER BEGIN! | Extracurricular Activities #49

hello everyone my name is Decker link de train unprofessional and welcome back to extra code yellow sliced on the last one we finished all the updates for the three characters we have done so far that is Herald that is Spencer that is Darius and as of 1.43 there have been no updates so far so that means that we are on to the next route which is Chester the third member of this trio that we see on the front here um I'm not particularly enthused about this one but let's fucking check it out shall we all right our name which this time around we already the last person we used was James Buchanan the next one is Abraham Lincoln when that most people fucking know thing is is that if I use Abraham or a bits it is a little odd and if the the option is a little too fucking it just it's too right if you don't know good mythical morning rhett and Link link his name is not actually link his name is little his name is not actually I think it's what his name's Charles or something but his middle name is Lincoln so it goes by the link Abraham Lincoln link goodness call myself link I'm Decker Lake just it fits I'm sorry it just works too well so Chester gets link I like how the belly is a B so we're gonna skip forward see if there's anything new or interesting so this is the the new it's got the new music for the tennis courts it's awesome I'm not taking the time to oh yeah well I mean let's reach Chester's thing Chester Hayes age 24 male 6 1 to 30 beau morph bio Chester is a college senior now and has been on the team for several years he is a bit oh fish at times and has a knack for angering the coach his intentions are never bad and things often go against him but despite that he's often upbeat and acts carefree so this time we're choosing Chester how about Chester hey Chester how about we practice a bit together let's have spence pair off with coach for a change sure thing man Oh it'll be good to warm up with someone who isn't out who isn't out to run me all over the court how about we head over to the Far Court and get a volley going you're looking good by the way link seems you've been staying in shape while on break yeah I didn't want to slack off so I'd be ready to start playing again we have some tough competition this year I know what you mean I was lazy over the break though couldn't keep motivated maybe I can join you whenever your solo and it'll help in that sense sure going solo mean what sure thing Chester could be fun cool I can keep an eye on you too and make sure I don't let you get ahead of me get ahead of you I don't think I'm gonna be there anytime soon you're way bigger than me you know it keep working at it and maybe one day you'll almost match me anyway you're ready to start I figure we can start out slow then play a quick set of your game all right I'm down for that all right just a basic back and forth is all he wants to do right now so it should be easy enough seems like he's off his game right now his form is all messed up and down he goes he's stumbling all over all over his feet it's the size comes with a bit of clumsiness maybe I should correct him on what he's doing wrong I mean I want to come across as a douche but we're just trying to help we're just trying to help Chester you holding your racket wrong and I'm following through all the way that's why your shots are going to bed out of whack don't worry about that focus on yourself I'm fine oh he's not taking criticism well oh damn doesn't take well the people correcting him I always forget that damn it starting off strong shit seems like it made an impact regardless he's already studied to do better you should have a good game going soon more powerful than I am but I'm about I think I'm quicker on my feet all I have to do is run him all over the court and that's exactly what he didn't want oh man it feels good to be moving again I hope you're ready to play for real now because I'm pumped good then let's get started and see if you can hold up against me what's that think you can handle all of this bring it on Linc you're gonna take the first server let me have it you go ahead man yes first sir really you sure you want to risk that you asked I didn't expect you want me sir first I wanted you to go home it's probably best if I sir first anyway considering how powerful this service may be I can wear it down a little first all right I'll make the first serve god damn it okay then I'm ready so it's all you here we go then love-love first serve so I imagine that's a tennis thing swak uh-huh man that was a good game I still ended up running all over the place trying to return your shots I have some kind of strategy here otherwise you just power house the ball right back at me you read about that but I was hoping that I wasn't going to be running everywhere it looks like coach is having a bit of rough time himself looks like Spence isn't even working that hard and coach is out of breath I don't think coach did anything over the winter break either and Spencers punishing him for it shouldn't punishment be coming from Haifa higher up low it's like you're taking a bit of a beating there coach well what do you mean I'm doing just fine he can't even catch his breath while talking to me spits oh really worked him over it seems how about we changed things up a little bit into a doubles match one set I'll give you a chance to cool it'll give you a chance to cool off of it oh and who these teams gonna be I'm go go it's Chester I'm dumb me Chester all the way Power Team super us 18 me and Chester against you and Spencer we might as well stick together since we've been warming up together yeah you know where the real power is that so let's teach these ladies how it's done and it's settled looks like it'll be me and Chester against coach and Spencer you guys better be ready to lose cuz we're not going down we lost didn't we so close man we almost had them that last one you did pretty good there mm we need but we need to work together as a team to really give them a run for it next time yeah we weren't really coordinated considering we ran into each other a few times next time though that was a good game you two there's a lot of work to be done all around but everyone played great looks like dozer and Darius or just now finishing up their game as well so I think that's gonna be all for practice today great work today everyone I'm gonna call it a day and we'll meet up again on Wednesday you're all dismissed it was fun practicing you with the day leg we'll have to keep working together so we'll be at Regionals of regionals for doubles this year anyway I'll see you in class tomorrow well practice is over so I guess it'll be time for me to head home it ended right on time so I'll be able to catch the bus if I hurry I dropped my fucking here bud phew I caught the bus right before it took off without me it's a short bus ride but the walk home walk it's about 20 minutes and after practice I certainly don't want to walk uh here's my stop okay I don't think there's a skip ahead well we need to read this again day to Tuesday no no no no no Tuesday Tuesday oh it's the old room I would I don't want to I don't want to stiff to coach you stiff the coach here but I'm just the suggester out so sorry coach I do see if I can finally go you feel yes I'm sorry coach I'm sorry Spence miss at the library so we go to the gym where I assume dozer and Chester would be I think I'll check the gym to see if there's any of them there someone needs to keep a check on those guys while they were there yeah there's Chester doing the bench press with those are as a spotter and at least those two were working together as for Darius I don't see him right now hey guys hey Ling come to Georgia for a workout sighs not today just checking out on you guys since coach said you might be here oh why weren't you in class goddamn it I'm trying to figure out how to distinguish the the deeper voices of dozer and Chester in this chair this fucking chair dude he's trying to talk to me while pushing the weights up he should know better than that bus ran late today so I put me behind getting to class focus on your breathing Chester you don't hurt yourself that was my les rep anyway it suffered those that did knock out these reps now you sure you don't want to join us for a bit math was canceled today so you don't have another class today actually yeah I do have my gym clothes in my bag so I might as well join them actually I think it will join you I can't let I can't let you bulk up while I sit aside and do nothing alright good sport head to locker room and get changed real quick while those are finishes this set I was in here right now oh boy you're looking good in a bet that's darius darius i'm gonna have chester spot may just uh coz of chester was bought me today there you are darius went back went off a dozer to spot for him so that leaves two of us I've already finished my bench press so you need to do the same all right then let me need to stretch for a minute and all set I'll be sent I don't limber up a little I get hurt myself don't you ever embarrass myself like that that was the way down here for you well it was just set for Chester so I knew well I don't want to be a little bit like I'm not I can't but I don't want to be responsible and say bad yeah we all need all the weights no more on there you sure I should add more me it doesn't we're really pushing ourselves with this weight sure I can handle it oh fuck no dammit that was wrong that was the wrong as I laid down I put my hands on the weight bar I start second thoughts about the weight careful there link don't strain yourself else the sessions gonna be hitting pretty fast no need to drive showoff I guess that's too much weight I've taken off some of the weights so that'll give a shot yeah this is enough take it nice and slow now remember they're gonna breathe while you're doing this looking good just keep up this pace he's standing pretty close to my head looking down from me where I was laying in my back me it was getting to be a little too close my concentration started to wane with my eyes wandering his body I don't think that's good for now you all right you started to start it off good off good but lost approve oh yeah I'm fine he was focused on me while her working out so he didn't notice where my attention shifted let's move on to the next exercise alright let's see what else we've gotten mine for today good idea let's get down to work these muscles aren't gonna get bigger on their own oh man that felt great my muscles are really bulging out right now y'all think my bicep is you just grabbed my hand and placed it on his arm he really wants to show off how fat he is compliment the man yes feel like you got a workout today I don't think mine got quite the same workout as yours did his muscles feel really firm when he flexes them fuckin fuckin swinging hair I don't think I'll ever be able to match him on the other hand I won't have to match his if I could just feel his whenever I want don't worry about it you've got a ways to go to catch up with me but keep at it maybe you'll be there one day anyway you want to grab some lunch I'm starving we can just hit up the campus cafeteria that sounds good to me great let's head to the log is it get changed first so how do you think you did with the paper coach status turn in today I don't think it did too bad on it I read most of the book and stayed up late working on the assignment so you did well more than I did I just looked up the cliff notes and threw together something I don't think I'll get a very good score on this one they're not slack off in class cuz you know he'll make you pay for it on the courts I know and I don't look forward to running all day I turned my back to him while he continued to talk and started to change out of my workout clothes out of all the times we had been to the gym and practice together we've never really been to the locker room together you know I'm kind of surprised the Darius isn't here stalking us he must still be out there with dozer making him do all the work while he just washes I'm sure you're right about that hey check this out go god damn Chester what's wrong you know your clothes on cuz I haven't finished changing yet dude come on what's the matter I wanted to show you something Jesus turned away quickly I can feel my face burning didn't expect to turn around to see all that I'm just getting dressed first they each show me I'd final what some clothes on give me a sec I don't know what the big deal is I'm really completely naked he's for him to say I was just glad I hadn't gotten my shorts back on I was just glad I had gotten my shorts back on before it turned into him it took a lot of willpower died not to stare at him for longer than I did there now I'm dressed uh-oh man your face is really red are you really that embarrassed oh no I'm not embarrassed yeah well whatever you wanted to show me it looks like a card oh yeah check this out yeah it's easy to change topics with them it's not just any card it's one of the rarest character cards from the Masters of magic trading card game why do you have it with you I just got it from a booster pack up in this morning I thought it was something cool to show you that I'm big on trading cards but if it's something you like to do that's cool oh why did you have you never played it in Paden you know I actually haven't how can that be whoa we'll fix that soon enough I'll teach you one of these days how to play and set you up with a starter deck you don't really have to do that but I want to it'll be fun I'll get it together and if you're not busy this weekend you can come to my place we'll play you got it okay okay I'll give it a shot fun fact I'm recently trying to actually figure out Magic the Gathering like I the only people around me that play are like super good at the games I'm like it's really fucking intimidating all right I'll give it a shot really great it's gonna be so awesome just wait you'll have fun let's go grab some lunch now that we could talk more once we have food okay okay but the game broke for a second man I always get so hungry after a good workout let's see what's on the menu today I'm gonna get lied today give me a turkey sandwich and some fruit that it's always good Chester what is it you don't have to get me any food I can get it myself what do you mean this is all for me there's no food honest ray to feed me all day and still have left over that's why it's a bit of a belly on I'm despite all the muscle II as my bad should we be eating this much right after a workout Warren general I always have a big post-workout meal keeps me energized throughout the day you both pay for your food and find a table to sit at but Chester is already eating before even sits I have pretty good food here but I can make you even better stuff you can cook that's not often I come across a guy that can cook and actually be proud of it yeah God I know how to cook if you want to live alone right you live alone yeah well kind of I live in the apartments here on campus and I have a roommate but he's almost never around he pays his share the bills but spends most of his time in class or at work I almost saw weight to the place to myself it sounds peaceful they could be pretty nice sometimes but it does get lonely it didn't hang out around campus during the day if I have nothing else to do I have to work tonight though so I'll be heading home fairly soon to get ready what do you normally do on campus I'm either at the gym or hanging an hour around to the Student Lounge I played cards with a few people a few people there you should hang out with me sometime I'm sure you'd get along with the guys I play with maybe I'll take you up on that in the future I don't do much outside of the playing tennis another reason for you to come by this weekend then that way I can show you how to play masters of magic I'll play take you up on that offer I have a hard time passing up a free meal – damn right who passes up free food despite how much I'm enjoying this I need to head out so I can get ready for work and let it and then get moving I'll see you tomorrow see you later I suppose I'm gonna head back to the shelter now since there's nothing else for me to do on campus and that's the end of the day huh what's going on Oh Chester is just in this jock strap again and he's so big oh we're awake it's the dirty dream we all it happens every time and getting down oh well where's just a dream if only I didn't have to wake up just yet maybe I could have seen a bit more or knows that maybe I'll be lucky oh oh [Laughter] Jesus he's got that nerdy jock cuteness going on – I better clean you're gonna get take quick shower and get the fuck out Jesus all right yeah we're ready we're gonna I know it's a little bit of a short episode but we'll start with this on the next one thank you all very much for watching and it's all then ladies and gentlemen I have been to train them professional speak for the boys say until next time fare thee well fare thee well I know it's a little short I'm sorry but I gotta do what I gotta do I'm sorry I gotta do what I gotta go fucking do it you know I'm sayin it's just gotta gotta fuckin roll with the punches every once in a while you gotta fuckin do it you know bye-bye everyone

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  1. 13:50 "Oh, so that's the Booster Pack he wanted us to see." XD

    Dayum, I'm with Link, glad he put on shrots, or he'd see you getting turned on. 😉

    Poor Naïve Chester, doesn't realize his own sexiness.

  2. These character storylines get too real at times… one has a secret double life, one has depression, one's a sexual addict, one has drinking issues, one's had past abuse.

  3. I finally got around to downloading this game and I have to say that I love this game so much! And I wouldn't have found this game if I didn't find your spencer run, other than that I got so consumed into the game that I spent a whole week completing the 3 routes that actually interested me and those were spencer, chester, and dozer, and let me tell you … the chester route is actually really fun, and even though dozer's route is slow to start with, it was way worth it. I can't wait to see not only the rest of your chester run but also the dozer run. It took me by surprise a hand full of times. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more. 🙂

  4. Yes finally chester my 2nd favorite character can't wait until you get to the well i'll just wait until you get there for the textual surprise that chester will tell you also have fun not thinking weird after seeing the chester dream.

  5. Chester is a weeaboo…or you could say a MOOtaku

    That's why he's my 2nd favorite…coz anime bull is almost best bull…but Harold is seriously the best character

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