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  1. The Coffee shown in this video is made by a company thats name is pronounced Roast-er-ree. As a funny story, when I first got this coffee I had to practice pronouncing the name for three days to get it right. When the day of filming came, I slipped back into my old southern self and pronounced it wrong even after three days practice!

  2. Save the bowl for mixing pancakes. Find an aluminum pot, take the two handles off the sides, cut an opening near the bottom big enough to stoke the fire. That way you can add wood without disassembling it. You would want to watch for coals and embers dropping from the opening if you decide to not make a door.

  3. The only reason the feather stick did not work as the feathers were to big if you had birch bark or tinder cloth it would have worked I am a British army Vetran and used to do stuf like this .exelent vidieo.
    Jamaican blue mountain coffe is as we say in the UK it's the dogs bollox's (It's good) ya man

  4. Hey there. Have you ever tried “ A Soldiers Cup “?
    During the war I understand the food truck would drive up to the front lines with coffee and oatmeal in the morning for the soldiers but, they only had one cup as part of their mess kit. So, the oatmeal went into the same cup as the coffee. Try it, it’s pretty good. Especially good quality flavoured coffee or with flavoured oatmeal packs. ☕️👍

  5. Hi Dave! I’m learning so much from your videos here in the N GA mountains. Thx so much for doing what you do the way you do it. Is that rack:grill setup available for purchase or do I have to weld my own?

  6. As always my friend, as always, like another viewer said " you make it so real and fun, I feel like I am right there with you" I probably shouldn't have used quotations as it wasn't exactly the way she said it, but what the heck. Hee hee I am so glad I found your video's. Never change Dave please, it's who you are and how you do it that I just so enjoy. As always God bless, your friend from Canada James.

  7. Hi Dave, I'm a new viewer, now a subscriber. I have enjoyed your videos so far, one with the spiders at the end kreeped me out. Love your southern accent, plus you not bad on the eyes. But did you have to make me so hungry? Keep up the good job. Oh I also love the way you call all the people who sends ya gifts, your friends. Not sure how i would send you anything?. Take care…. Hi to Nick. and your Dad, he was in the first one I watched. Later

  8. You know Dave, you could also lay wood on the outside of this setup you have, over the top of the grill elevated above it, and literally make a whole 2nd storey to this grill, to keep stuff warm or cook 6-12 inches above it. It would be in the way of the bottom layer of the main grill a bit but you can do it and that is really what counts LOL

  9. Tell me the truth, do you have just about the thickest southern accent of anyone??? Because my friend Meg lives down in MS and you put her beautiful southern belle accent to shame man, I love it all, LOL. I am going to send this to her now! Southern accents are my favourite.

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