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Cheerleaders Season 2 Ep. 37 – Play Time!

Cheerleaders Season 2 Ep. 37 – Play Time!

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  1. Has anyone else realized once jenee left made started wearing her hair in a ponytail instead of down with her little poof

  2. I’m nit making excuses for Maddie but I think that she is upset because jenee left so that might be why she is being a brat

  3. Madi you and dance give me life also if I get a correction from my coach I will take them and not laugh I will take them and not laugh

  4. I am a dancer and I love it and Madi I love you so much and I understand I tell my friends to respect my coach all the time no big deal

  5. I am a gymnast so if I am on the bars and I get corrected I work on it not laugh about the problem I will fix the problem

  6. Even tho Maddi may have been disrespectful I don’t blame her! Her coaches need to show respect too and picking a student nose is not respectful. I love Eddie and Orby but it drives me insane when they say that was not respectful because they rarely are. When my coach calls me out or gets mad at me I feel terrible and I would feel even worse if they picked my nose afterward. It’s unfair to all the cheerleaders to be treated with disrespect if they are ALWAYS have to be respectful.

    And I know coaches are supposed to push you and be strict with you but that still doesn’t mean to disrespect your athletes.

  7. Orby would have made me walk out of the room if he had put his fingers up MY nose. It's disgusting and I really don't like people putting hands near my face like that.

  8. Yap after seeing this I'm gonna stop watching this show. That's horrible I would start crying and fucking leave, that's not ok.

  9. I'm confused but wasn't Maddie saying to respect John but how was she being the ringleader by saying that

  10. "Payton have you ever been attacked by a dolphin?"
    payton shakes head
    "You're about to. I will beat you"

    Lmao 😂

  11. Not going to lie I go like Maddie when the coach says something like that directly to me 😁 it makes you feel uncomfortable for most of the session and not in the mood to cheer 🙈

  12. KK looks like she's 16 or 17!!!! IM 13!! I thought she was at least 14 and they're saying she's 13 (gabi's age thing on her name in interviews like always changes😂)

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