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Cheap Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Review

Cheap Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Review

everybody I want to do a quick review of item that I have for my greenhouse my greenhouse is not heated so I can't do much about when it's too cold in my greenhouse but when it's too hot I can monitor it from inside and if I need to go outside and vent my greenhouse which is over here I can roll up the sides or open the little hatch in the front or in the back to a ventilate but this I got this thermometer indoor/outdoor with the remote and it's worked pretty good I've had it for probably a half a year now and this is the little remote that you can put inside it doesn't have a lot of distance to it but enough for me it takes two triple A batteries and they last pretty long time depends on the brand I'm sure but and then you can note on here that it gives you a indoor temperature which I'm outside right now but and then this would be the temperature for my greenhouse and I just took it out of there so a little bit of a difference now but you can see that you can change this from indoor to outdoor if I wanted to just see the outdoor temperature I usually keep it like this for some reason but yeah anyway this has given me a 69 degree that's why there's a difference it's not because its nest open and I did cap kind of calibrated us lift it inside near my thermostat and to make sure all the numbers matched up and they did so it works pretty accurately I think and you can also check to see the minimum that it got dented it has gotten down to am I sure how long it records that for so I don't know when he got down to 36 and a half degrees outside but anyway and there's maximum 103 that's probably from a long time ago but uh anyway I would just thought I would mention this it's a has The Weather Channel label on there but it's made by lacrosse technology and that's the model number I'm not sure if they even sell these models anymore I looked on Amazon it was about 14 dollars it's less than 20 dollars and I wouldn't have paid more than that anyway kind of cheap but uh it seems to work well for me so I don't know give it a shot if you want to keep track of how hot it is in your greenhouse or how cold it gets and that's it have a good week bye

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  1. Yes, great idea, I did see a couple different thermometers at WalMart for around $10, I thought I might pick up one of those, maybe next time I go there. I am curious how cold it actually gets out in the gh.

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