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Change the oil and the oil filter POLO 5 1.6 TDI 🛢

Change the oil and the oil filter POLO 5 1.6 TDI 🛢

Turn your engine off, pull up the hand brake, pull on the bonnet release lever and open the bonnet. Take off the engine cover. Open the oil fill plug. This will increase the oil flow when performing an oil change. In order to drain your vehicle, you must first lift the front section of your car. This will enable you to access the drain nut. Lift the front of your vehicle and put in the two axle stands. We strongly suggest watching the tutorial “Raising your vehicle safely” before carrying out this step. If the front plastic crankcase is present, you should now remove it to have full access to the drain nut. To do this, take a Multi-Bit screwdriver and a 25mm Torx socket. Unscrew the screws and once removed, slide of the crankcase backwards to free the holding spurs. Don’t forget to place a used oil collector beneath. You can learn how to make one by watching another of our videos: “How to make a collector for liquids”. Unscrew the drain nut with a 19mm spanner. Start the process with the wrench and finishing off by hand. Be careful on the last few turns of the screw, the oil may suddenly squirt out. Anticipate this by placing a container underneath to collect the oil. Let the oil run out for ten minutes or so. On V-A-G group vehicles, the o-ring doesn’t come apart from the drain nut. We recommend replacing the old nut with a new one every time you drain the oil. Reassemble by hand, then finish off using the 19mm spanner. When you change the oil on your car you must also replace the oil filter. To collect the oil from inside, place a container underneath the filter. In order to access the oil filter, it is necessary to remove the turbo command solenoid valve. To do this, start by removing the electric connector, levering the plastic tab with a thin flathead screwdriver. Then pull on the tab. Remove the holding screw from the holding lead on the solenoid valve using a 30mm Torx screwdriver. Finally release the solenoid valve so that it doesn’t get in the way when removing the filter. You can now access the oil filter. Using a socket wrench, a long extender and a 32 mm socket, free the oil filter by turning it anticlockwise, until it starts to turn easily. Finish off the process by hand. When it has been released, leave it to drip for a few moments and turn it upwards to avoid spilling any oil. Remove the filter, levering it off with a flathead screwdriver. Using a thin flathead screwdriver, remove the the rubber o-ring which is located on the flange washer. Replace it with the one provided in the box of the new filter. Repeat the operation for the other two o-rings located on the filter guide rod. Compare the new filter with the old one to ensure that they are identical. Insert the new filter into the flange until you hear the “click” that says it has been locked into place. Re-screw the filter in place until it makes contact. To tighten it up, use a socket wrench, an extender and a 32mm socket, adding a final quarter turn. Careful! With this kind of oil filter the new joint can be excessively thick, making the actual tightening process more complicated. As a result you have to ensure that the flange washer is flat against the metal engine frame. Put the solenoid valve back, screwing the holding lead to begin with, and finish by connecting the electric connector. Put the protective crankcase back in place. Now you have to put the oil back into the motor. You have to be very careful and precise when doing this part of the job. Firstly lower your car back to the ground and check the oil level. This is something that can only be done when the vehicle is flat. Now add the oil into the engine. Begin by putting 90% of the suggested amount, this will leave you a large enough margin to adjust the level of oil appropriately. You can find the exact amount of oil suggested for your car in the description of the tutorial. Put the engine cover back on, clipping it into the four corners. Close the oil fill plug, Start the engine and let the car run for five seconds. This will fill the oil filter. Remove the oil gauge and wipe it down. Plunge it back into its sheath, remove it again and check the oil level. The optimal level is near the maximum, but be careful to never go over it! Based on the level indicated on the gauge, readjust to obtain the optimum amount. Operation completed!

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    Performing an oil change and replacing the oil filter on a DIESEL VOLKSWAGEN POLO 5.

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    Needed parts :

    – Motor oil :

    – Oil filter :

    – Drain seal :

    Needed tools

    – 💣🤖🏆 The complete toolbox recommended by UseTool ES to repair your POLO 5 : 🏆🤖💣

    – Multi-Bit Screwdriver

    – 25mm Torx socket 25

    – 19mm Spanner

    – Liquid collector

    – 30mm Torx socket

    – Flat head screwdriver

    – 32mm Socket

    – Socket wrench + extension

    – Piece of tissue

    – Funnel

    – Measuring cup (optional)

    🔝💪 Safely lift your POLO 5 with the hydraulic jack : and axle stands : recommended by UseTool EN : 💪🔝

    – Hydraulic jack

    – Axle stand

    – Wooden peg

    🚗📢💡 RESSOURCES 💡📢🚗

    Usetool's warnings

    Don't perform this operation when the engine is still hot, as you could seriously burn yourself.

    Be very meticulous when filling the engine with oil, especially on a Diesel engine. Never go over the maximum level indicated.

    Usetool's infos

    Tightening the new filter by hand is enough to set it in place.

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