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Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to our Tips, Tricks, and Guide
video! In this video, we are going to show you Tips
and Tricks for Cecilion. If you have watched our Boot Camp for Cecilion, you will be seeing exactly the same contents for this Tips, Tricks, and Guide video. This Tips, Tricks, and Guide Video is for
those who are intimidated on watching long videos. But if you guys are interested on watching
the complete guide, just search for “Toym Traveller Boot Camp
Cecilion” on the search bar. Anyway, let’s proceed. Set first skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the damage higher. That means, you can deal more damage to the
target with this skill. Prioritize second skill less since his first
skill is what you need for continuous burst damage. Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. Cecilion’s passive skill is what you need
to increase your Maximum Mana. Every time your skills hit, it will add certain
points of mana to Cecilion. The amount may vary depending on Moonton’s
future updates. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how many enemies
were hit by a skill. This passive only considers if a skill released
hits an enemy. So if it hits an enemy no matter how many
enemies were hit, then 1 count for your passive is added to
your stack. For his first skill, it adds 2 stacks since
it deals 2 damage instances. For his second skill, it only adds 1 stack
since it deals 1 damage instance. For his ultimate skill, it adds a stack every
time a bolt hits a target. But take note that your passive skill has
a cool down, so you can only add a few stacks from your
ultimate because of this. Cecilion’s first skill is what you need to
deal massive area-of-effect damage to enemies. With the ability to use this skill as soon
as possible, you can spam this skill to hurt enemies even
more. Having a low cool down will help you obtain
more stacks of your passive skill. Just be aware that the more you use this skill
successively, the more Mana it will consume. Depending on your build, you can go trigger-happy
if you go for items with high Mana Regen. The Kurumi way is to use this skill only twice
in a row when harassing enemies, while making sure we get the last hits from
minions as much as possible. Getting the last hit will abuse the Demon
Shoes’ passive of regenerating your mana per kill. This is to ensure that we still have a decent
amount of Mana needed for sudden team fights. You can go trigger happy when it comes to
team fights as long as you have Mana. This skill hurts best when the enemies are
hit by the Giant Bat. So make sure to keep your distance from your
targets to reach this skill’s full potential. This skill has a really long range. You can easily chase escaping enemies with
this skill’s range. Cecilion’s second skill is what you need to
crowd-control enemies. With the ability to pull them towards the
center and immobilize them afterwards, this is really a great skill to delay their
escape from your wrath. The pull and immobilize can really help you
focus more of your skills towards the target. Just imagine if you were able to pull the
whole enemy team with your 2nd skill. That’s kind of a wishful thinking, but nothing
is impossible when you believe! Cecilion’s ultimate skill is what you need
to deal burst damage to enemies nearby. You might notice that his 1st and 2nd skill requires enemies to be far from Cecilion to be efficiently hit. Well, how will Cecilion gonna fight on close-ranged
combat? This is where your ultimate skill comes in
handy. The bolts from your ultimate skill will hit
the nearby target. The damage from this skill might not look
burst, but when every bolts hit a single enemy,
adding it up will probably hurt the enemy more than 50% of the target’s health. Not only it hurts them, it also heals you
as well. So if ever you get ganked by enemy heroes,
this skill can help you survive their wrath. Now let’s talk about his special skill with
Carmilla. This special skill is only available when
Carmilla is nearby. You will know that she is within your range
when there is a red link in between you two. Upon clicking this skill, this will make Carmilla
possess Cecilion by force. Carmilla won’t have any other choice but to
be inside Cecilion. On this possession state, Carmilla can only
cast a skill. This skill will make her dash towards the
specified direction and will grant her a shield. Enemies hit will receive certain amount of
Magic Damage. This is pretty helpful in team fights since
Cecilion can save Carmilla by letting her possess him. Also, Cecilion receives a shield which can
also save him in team fights. Well, if you see Carmilla killing the turtle
or a jungle buff monster, you can use this skill to let her possess
you while you take the last hit. But Roddick is not a bad rabbit, so never
ever do that to Carmilla, okay? I don’t know why Roddick included this tip
in the first place though. But here he goes stealing buff from another
lab rat. Bad rabbit indeed. Here we go again with our experiments. This time, along with our favorite Lab Rat,
Racky, we also have our guests Lab Rats to demonstrate
with us Cecilion’s skills, along with his combo with Carmilla. First, let’s focus on Cecilion’s skills. We have Lolita as our foe. We all know that most of Cecilion’s skills
are projectiles. Let’s try if Lolita will be able to block
our first skill. As you can see, she wasn’t able to block the
Giant Bat. Probably because it’s flying above her. That’s our observation though. Now, let’s have Cecilion’s ultimate skill. As you can see, Lolita was able to block all
the bolts while her shield is up. That makes Lolita one of the counters for
Cecilion’s ultimate skill. Now let’s have Baxia. Baxia’s passive blocks some of the damage
from his enemies. Let’s see what will happen with our ultimate
skill. Well, as you can see, the bolts are tickling
Baxia. It’s like his regeneration rate is higher
than the damage we are dealing to him. Also, Baxia can reduce the enemy’s regeneration
rate with his skills. So therefore, Cecilion’s regeneration on his
ultimate skill will be affected as well. In short, Baxia is another tank to avoid when
using Cecilion’s ultimate skill. Now, let’s proceed testing his synergy with
Carmilla. Cecilion can cast the Moonlit Waltz to let
Carmilla possess him by force. We have Johnson here to test if both Carmilla
and I can ride with him with his ultimate skill. First, let’s check if Cecilion has a ticket
to ride Johnson. As you can see, he was able to ride Johnson
alone. Now how about when Carmilla possesses Cecilion? As you can see, Cecilion is banned from riding
Johnson with Carmilla. Too bad Johnson can’t crash these lovers towards
a wall out of jealousy. And as you can see, Carmilla suddenly became
invisible from the map. We can say that this is either a bug, or probably because Carmilla is just looking at the mirror. Next, let’s have Angela. Let’s see if the both of them can possess
me at the same time. As you can see, Angela was able to possess
me along with Carmilla inside me. This is Cecilion being a two-timer. This is not a good example for this incoming
Valentine’s day. Next, let’s check if what will happen to Carmilla
when Cecilion dies. As you can see, Carmilla was suddenly dropped
out from Cecilion’s body. Next, we have Hayabusa’s ultimate skill. Let’s check what will happen if we recall
Carmilla while Hayabusa is beating her with his ultimate
skill. As you can see, Hayabusa followed Carmilla
and transferred his ultimate skill to us instead. This is pretty scary to do since Hayabusa
could’ve killed us if we don’t have enough health. Let’s check if Carmilla ejects from us when
Hayabusa’s ultimate skill transfers to us. As you can see, Carmilla left us in the dark
with Hayabusa’s ultimate skill. I hope your Carmilla in real life doesn’t
leave you in agonizing pain this Valentine’s day. Next, we have Wan Wan. Let’s see if Wan Wan will still follow Carmilla
with her ultimate skill. As you can see, she is still shooting Carmilla
even if she is already inside us. The good thing is, those were just animations
and Carmilla didn’t receive any damage from it. How about if Carmilla ejects earlier from
us? As you can see, Wan Wan’s ultimate skill continued
damaging Carmilla, as soon as she got out from us. So if Wan Wan uses her ultimate on Carmilla, better tell Carmilla not to get out yet until Wan Wan’s ultimate is over. Next, we have Saber. Let’s see what will happen when Saber uses
his ultimate skill while we recall Carmilla. As you can see, Saber was left by Carmilla
in the air. This is what’s gonna happen to some humans
on Valentine’s day, to be left hanging. Next, we have Harley. Let’s check if we can save Carmilla from Harley’s
ultimate skill. As you can see, with the right timing, we
can save Carmilla from Harley’s ultimate skill. Next, we have Kaja. Let’s see if we can grab Carmilla away from
Kaja’s chains of love. As you can see, we were able to save Carmilla
from Kaja’s ultimate skill. Now, you might be wondering with Franco as
well. Last but not the least, we have our pro-hooker,
Rackatan. Let’s check if we can take Carmilla away from
Franco’s loving arms. As you can see, we were able to take Carmilla
away even if Franco was hugging her so tight. So we can therefore conclude that Cecilion
is either a faithful lover, or just a waifu-stealer. In terms of his combo, you can do a simple
combo with Cecilion. The combo will depend on the situation. But on most situations, we use this combo. First, we use our first skill to the target. With Ice Queen Wand, this will ensure that
they will have their movement speed reduced. Then, cast your second skill ahead of them
in case they are heading towards the escape route. Then, you can deal basic attacks to abuse the Calamity Reaper’s true damage if ever you bought that item. Then, use your ultimate skill to further slow
the enemy down. Then, spam your first skill to ensure their
agonizing death. You can use Flameshot if ever you have that
spell to deal a finishing blow, or to defend yourself from nearby enemies. Additional Tip: I know that some of you are sad seeing Carmilla and Cecilion together. Fret not, you will find the love of your life
soon, or maybe not. The important thing is, do what makes you
happy. And stay awesome, not toxic, okay? When we see toxic humans, we report. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Cecilion. This video just guides you on how to use Cecilion,
the Kurumi way. We would like to thank the Lab Rat squad for
helping us on our experiments. You can search for them in-game and ask for
skins. But for sure, they will block you if you do
that. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Cecilion. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents
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