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Capítulo: Rento a mi hija por horas 👱‍♀️💵👨‍👩‍👧 | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

Capítulo: Rento a mi hija por horas 👱‍♀️💵👨‍👩‍👧 | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

We’re back and
ready for our next case. Let’s welcome it with this quote from African-American
novelist Gloa a ylylor.hMhMM “What sense is there in
being a parent in the present when we orphan the past?” Bring out the litigants. To me, this is a business. They’re making money off
my daughter illegally. Sometimes life deals
you a bad hand, but you still have to play it. Good afternoon and welcome. Eduard, you’re the plaintiff. Who’s Diandra,
why are you suing her, and what do you want
to settle this case? Diandra’s my
late brother’s wife. I’m here for you to declare me
Valeria’s “legimitate” father. Her what? I’m sorry, my… The child’s biological father. What child? Valeria. -My daughter.
-Her daughter. You want me to
declare you her legal father. And for custody of her
so I can take her to Dubai where I currently work
on a construction project. Now explain the facts to me. Diandra and I dated
seven years ago. I was up to a lot of
bad stuff back then. He went to jail. I was caught
trafficking marijuana from Mexico to California. I was busted with
30 pounds of marijuana. Oh boy! I was sentenced to
five years in jail, and in that time, I found God. I struck up a friendship
with the prison priest. When you got out… We lent him a hand. While I was in jail… She fell in love
with your brother. Yes, and they got married. But I was a little crazy
during that time too. Don’t play the victim. Hold on. Please calm her down. I already asked her to. With all that going on… I had problems with her
and my brother, but I didn’t do
anything about it. When I got out,
I had nowhere to go. So I went to my brother’s house. He had an efficiency in
the back, and I moved there. It was behind his house. My brother’s a trucker,
and one month later he was hauling gas
from New York to Florida. There was a lot of fog,
he got into an accident… And he died. And my brother died. She got really depressed,
as did I. Sure. We both felt like that,
and after some drinks, we hooked up and
started having sex again. Oh boy. I knew what I was
doing was wrong because she was
my brother’s wife. So I packed up and left. You disappeared. I packed my bags and took off. Leaving me alone
to fend for myself. Okay. You didn’t realize!
You found out! I never told you
because you took off. That’s how I found out. Some character who’s got
nothing to do with this. Sorry, ma’am.
Now you get why I left. Fine. How long were you gone? A year and a half.
The baby’s two. Okay. Then what? She told me to come back
because she’d had a baby. My niece, she told me. So I did, and I told her
I had a good job in Dubai, and I had to be gone
for three months. That’s when she said I couldn’t because my niece
was actually my daughter! Unbelievable. That’s what I’m saying. And that’s the child
you want custody of. Yes. Why do you want custody? I did some thinking
after she said that. She did resemble me,
so behind her back I took the baby to the hospital
to get a DNA test. I’ve got the evidence
right here. Bring it to me. Here’s what I need to know,
and make it quick. Stay here. Why do you want custody of her? What’s the problem?
You don’t know her. She’s renting her out! What? She’s making money
off my daughter. How could she rent her out? I’ve got checks
for $600 to $800. I brought them as evidence. For God’s sake, let me see them. She rents out her daughter. I don’t! So you want to
take her to Dubai. To provide her a better future. Know why I haven’t
called the police? I don’t want to… You don’t want her
psychologically traumatized. Okay.
Great. Return to your podium. Thanks very much. Let’s take a short break. When we return, you’ll respond. Are there witnesses? I brought one. Great. We’ll talk to them
after you respond. We’ll be back
after this short break. Stay tuned. She mistreats the baby? She asks her to call her Mom. Liar. Who’s your mommy? See? What’s my name? Look at that! That’s a danger to the child. It could be
considered child abuse. CASE CLOSED Eduard’s suing his
sister-in-law Diandra. He wants to be
declared the legal father of her child Valeria, and
also wants custody of her. He wants custody
because he alleges she’s renting out her daughter. I don’t know how, but he’s
given me checks she’s getting in the amounts of $500 to $600. The checks say, “baby rental.” I don’t know who’d write
that on a check, but anyway. That’s why he wants
custody of the baby and to take her to Dubai,
where he’s currently working on a three-year contract. How do you respond, Diandra? I admit he’s my daughter’s
biological father. But he’s not taking
my daughter away. If he wants to be the father,
he better step up and pay. I was very sad when
my husband died. My late husband helped me
when he went to jail. I didn’t plan on falling
in love with his brother. I was sad. The love of my
life was locked up. So you got with my brother? You were a criminal behind bars. You said you found God,
but you didn’t find anything! Really? I’ve got a better job than you. Hey, what you’ve got to explain is this whole
baby renting business. Let me tell you something. That’s enough for me to
consider giving him custody. This is serious. What’s this about
renting a baby? I was pregnant and alone. I met some people
who became friends and who now I consider family. One of the ladies was pregnant,
but she had a miscarriage, and she got depressed. To help with my studies.
I’m in school. In exchange for what? Taking care of the baby. They pay you to
take care of your baby? That makes no sense. How could they pay you…? They’re helping me. Why would someone pay you to
take care of your own daughter? It’s not like that. They’re helping me
so I can get ahead. In exchange for what? So the baby can be with me. Okay. How often do they
take care of the baby? Every day. She only sees her twice a month. So they’ve got her
the whole time and you see her twice a month. Yes. So they’re like
substitute parents. Sort of. I work nights at a restaurant
and study during the day so I don’t have
much time with her. And in addition to that,
they pay you. They help pay my bills. Bring out the
defendant’s witnesses. -Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, ma’am. Your name? -Andres.
-Esther. Who are you two? This is my wife, and
we’re Diandra’s friends. We take care of the baby. And you pay to take care of her. Well, we don’t pay for that. We give her money so
she can finish school and so she can make
something of herself. But why? So she can get ahead
and get her baby back. But… Are you two philanthropists? Saints?
Fallen angels? I was really
depressed at the time, and her baby helped cheer me up. My wife was pregnant at
the same time as Diandra, but she lost the baby. She developed an infection,
and now we can’t have more kids. So you feel this baby’s
filling the void of your loss. Something like that. Yes, but we don’t
see her as our baby. We love her, but we
know she’s the mother. So you don’t want to adopt her. I’ve got video evidence of
her mistreating my daughter. Who’s got the video? I gave it to Production. She mistreats the baby? She asks her to call her Mom. Liar. Let’s take a look. Who am I? Look at that. Who am I?
Call me Mom. See? What’s my name? Look, she doesn’t
want to go to her. You can’t see anything there. She’s not mistreating her. But she’s confusing her. A person who isn’t her mother
is demanding she call her Mom. Like I said, my wife
suffers from depression and sometimes she
has bad episodes. But she’s a good person. Is the baby here? Yes. Tell her to come out
with the baby. Look at that little princess. Does Valeria walk? Hi, Valeria! How are you? Mama. Where’s Mama? Look at her pointing. Where’s Mom? Mama. No, she doesn’t know you. Come to Mommy. She’s just nervous. You go over there. You stand over here. Hi, Valeria.
Come with me. Come with me. You don’t want to? Doctor, is she your daughter? I think so. She’s nervous. Roberto, take her outside. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what’s going on. Something doesn’t add up. She doesn’t want
to go with Roberto. Leave her with the doctor. Please sit down. Dr. Hernandez, that child
doesn’t identify with anyone in the courtroom. Not at all. Only with you. Which is troubling. I’m no one to her. This child has no
emotional ties to anyone. The person she ought to have
a connection with is her mom, but she hasn’t formed
that bond with her daughter. for both the child and them. But I can’t give her
to this man, a stranger. He doesn’t know that child
and she doesn’t know him. Yes, but you said it. She hasn’t formed any emotional
connection with anyone. It’s time she start.
It’s very important. With me then.
I’m her mother. You had your chance,
and look what you did.f co. But if you approach her,
will she know you? Well, she was pointing at me. I don’t know if it’s
illegal to rent out a baby. It ought to be. At the very least, the mother
is being negligent. I agree. She’s treating her
daughter like property. Are there any police
officers back there? He could tell me
if this is a crime. Major Fuente, can
babies be rented out? No. One doesn’t know to
whom they’re renting. It’s child endangerment and
can be considered child abuse. It’s psychological abuse
for the child. But they’re not strangers. Got it. My ruling. I declare Eduardo Valeria’s
legal and biological father. We’ll determine how much
child support will be paid based on what he
and the mother’s income. It won’t be retroactive
to her birth because she denied the fact
he was the biological father and named her late husband
on the birth certificate. Since he didn’t know, I can’t force him to pay
retroactive to her birth because she lied to him
and he didn’t know. But from now on, he
will pay child support. Plus, I’m giving the child
to Major Fuente so he can take her
to Child Services. No, ma’am! So they can investigate what’s
happening with this child. I think everyone here’s
goa rew loose, and to me, the child’s best
interest is what matters most. It’s final.
Case closed. Be kind, be careful,
get educated, give respect to get respect,
and may God help us. See you next time.
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