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Capítulo: Novio apestoso 👩‍💻🤮👨‍💻 | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

Capítulo: Novio apestoso 👩‍💻🤮👨‍💻 | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

We’ll open with a quote
from the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. I’m getting better at French. “Being uttered
by certain mouths, the same truth
can bear a bad odor.” Send the litigants in. It doesn’t matter
that you had plans. If things are done,
they’re done. Especially when those things
disgust you. People don’t fight
for what they want. I do.
With or without smell. Good afternoon.
Welcome. -Good afternoon.
-How are you, ma’am? I’m good. Cindy, you’re the plaintiff. Tell us who Rafael is,
why you’re suing him, and what are your demands. Rafael was my boyfriend. I still am. He was my boyfriend,
he’s not anymore. Now he’s just a foul-smelling
fool standing next to me. I came here to get back
the money I spent on him. Well, the money I spent
because of him. I feel cheated. How much money
are you demanding? Almost 10,000 dollars. Okay, let’s say
it’s 10,000 dollars. -Exactly.
-Okay. Now, tell me what happened. Look, I was living in New York.
I have this website where I offer advice to men who are having trouble
with their girlfriends, or any kind of love issue. This is your website.
It’s called “Auxiliadora Cindy.
Regain control of your life.” People call me
and I charge them by the minute. He was one of my many clients. He called and told me
he was a virgin, and that he was unlucky in love. Okay. I talked to him
and gave him advice. But, as it turns out, he started
to call me more often, but this time, outside
of the professional setting. And I really liked him,
or at least his voice, because we hadn’t met yet. And he’d say nice things to me,
and I’d play along, you know? About a month later,
whenever he didn’t call me, I’d miss him. So, there was something
between you two. Right, and I would think, “Rafael didn’t call.
That’s weird.” He’d call me all the time. This went on for,
like, six months. The phone calls. So, he ended up asking me
to have online sex. He wanted to meet
and have online sex. -Sex through Skype and all that.
-Exactly. That’s when I had to tell him–
I’d never told him that I’m a trans girl. Well, you could have fooled me. You’re a transvestite? I’m transsexual. -You have a penis?
-For now. And you told him that. Yes, because we were going
to see each other online and he wanted to have sex. -I couldn’t hide it.
-Right. I had to tell him
I’m a trans girl. Besides, I don’t need
to deceive anyone. If you like it, good,
if you don’t, suit yourself. That’s true.
Good for you. Well, he hung up on me. I have to admit
that it was very upsetting. Sure, you two had a connection. I thought, “I lost him.
He won’t call again.” Two days later, he called, saying he didn’t care
about my sexual condition. He didn’t care. -I was elated.
-I can imagine. First, because he accepted me, and, second,
because he was “a virgin.” Who doesn’t want
a brand-new man? I thought I’d won the lottery. So, did you have
your online sexual session? And it felt great.
You don’t need to touch anybody. Then he told me he had–
No, his family found out and they didn’t understand. He told me,
“I can’t stay here anymore. Come over here,
I want to be with you.” Since we had been doing this
for a while, I told him, “Okay, let me meet them.” I sent him 5,000 dollars
from New York so he can start looking for…
-For an apartment here. An apartment, yes.
He’s a chef. And I thought,
“He won’t lose his job in Miami, and I can still do my thing
because it’s over the phone.” -You’re on the Internet.
-Exactly. So I went over there. I bought a ticket,
went to the airport… Imagine my excitement
when I arrived here. When I saw him,
I tried to kiss him… You can’t even imagine
the stink. He had bad breath? Like he had
a dead cat in his mouth. I was stunned. So, a peck on the lips
and hurry home. When I arrived there, I was still hoping
we could be together. That everything would be fine
if he brushed his teeth. -Right.
-I took a quick shower and got ready. He had showered first
and had gone to bed. When I got into bed, I thought,
“It’s all fine now.” When I lifted the sheets… It was like
there were seven dead cats. You’re kidding.
How’s that possible? I said, “What’s this, baby?
You just showered. What’s this stink?”
-What did he say? -That it was an illness.
-It’s Sjögren’s Syndrome. No, it’s Dead Cat Syndrome. “Jorgën Syndrome” my foot. It’s the Dead Cat disease. I call him the Skunk Prince. I love him, but he stinks.
So, the Skunk Prince. So, there’s no way
to control this. He had just taken a shower. He’s a skunk. But is it such a horrible smell?
Can’t you…? Can’t love help you endure it? -When you like someone–
-I have evidence, ma’am. -Would you care to smell it?
-Where is it? Right here. Bring it over here. -I want you to smell it.
-Well, I’ll try, honey. I’m not in love with him.
It’ll be harder for me. I put it inside two containers.
Two. Smell that. You stole my underwear. You see? I’m not touching that. Holy Mother of God. -What does it smell like?
-No… Would you keep a boyfriend
like this? -No.
-Then I want my money back. Okay, great. You want him to give you
the money you spent to get here. The 5,000 dollars I sent him
to Miami for the rent, and the 5,000 I lost when I sold
everything in New York. He never told you about this? If I could tell him
that I’m a tranny, why couldn’t he tell me he
suffered from Dead Cat disease? -You’re right.
-He lied to me. Great. How do you respond, Rafael? Hello, ma’am. Tell me about your illness.
What is it about? I suffer
from Sjögren’s Syndrome. It affects the sweat glands
by drying them up, which causes bad odor
in the mouth and penis. Now, I don’t stink that bad– Excuse me,
this thing here is deadly. Yes, that smells terrible. It’s as if he had s—- himself. It only happens when I am
with her because I get nervous. I’m in love, ma’am. Hold on. This must have happened before. If this is a condition you have,
and you’re a virgin– Why are you a virgin? That’s why he’s a virgin. He should become a priest
with that stink. Be honest, Rafael. I respect women.
And I’ve never had the chance. Besides,
let me tell you something. We’ll see who lied to whom. I met her as a client, and, on the other side, I found
a sweet voice that accepted me. I used to be bullied in school,
they called me Dirty Harry. I didn’t choose
to have this condition. I just got it,
and it’s hard to live with it. But you need to realize
that, in this particular case, you failed to give her
the chance to know the truth. That’s not true,
I did give her the chance. -Let me say one more thing–
-After a recess. Don’t go anywhere.
We’ll be right back. You should be ashamed
of yourself. Silence. CASE CLOSED
WITH MRS. ANA MARÍA POLO There’s this news article.
If I may. What’s Woody Woodpecker saying? Hold on. -What are you going to do?
-I want to donate him my penis. What will you do
without a penis? I don’t want a feathered penis,
Woody Woodpecker.Case ClosedCindy is suing
her ex-boyfriend Rafael and demands 10,000 dollars. 5,000 she spent moving
from New York to Miami and 5,000 for damages,
for lying to her, for keeping the truth from her. Turns out, this man suffers
from an autoimmune condition that causes his mouth
and penis to smell horribly. And she can’t stand that. She can’t stand it. Kiss him on the cheek. -I was deceived too.
-Kiss him on the cheek. I’m not going to do that. The evidence
is more than enough. -Enough!
-Let me tell you my story. She lied to me, too. She didn’t tell me
she was a transsexual until after I had fallen
for her voice, her sweetness, her kindness. She really increased
my self-esteem. I’ve gone through a lot, ma’am. She decided to tell me
she was a transsexual after I was already in love.
-And now you think you’re gay? That’s another issue. I didn’t speak to her
for two days. I don’t know
if I like women or men, and I get so nervous
when I’m with her, that it–
-It makes you stink more. -Yes, that’s what happens.
-That’s why I get even farther away from him.
-You get farther away. -There’s a solution, ma’am.
-You both have witnesses? You both do. Get the plaintiff’s witness,
Roberto. Tell me something. Is there a medical way
to control the stink? Look, doctor,
the stink wasn’t so bad before. I know it’s horrible now,
but, before I met Cindy, I had never loved or been
physically attracted to anyone like I am to her. You don’t know what it’s like
to have a girlfriend with a bigger,
better-smelling penis. It must be traumatic. It really must be. All right. What’s your name? Good afternoon.
I’m Regina. And I think Rafael is a liar. I met him at a party,
and he took advantage of the fact
that I was a little tipsy to try to have sex with me. We started off with oral sex,
but we couldn’t get anywhere because I started to puke
due to the smell. -He knows how he smells.
-We were in a bathroom. So, it actually has nothing
to do with nerves or anything, he’s always been stinky. He chose to hide it from her. Are you here to judge me
or to solve this case? Okay, let’s hear
Rafael’s witness. You’re lying. -Who’s lying?
-She is. -Why?
-Because we were in the bathroom when we had oral sex.
Bathrooms smell! No, Rafael.
Not like that. -Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon. -What’s your name?
-I’m Iván. I’m Rafa’s best friend. One of the few friends
he has left. I think they’re trying
to rob him. But I have a solution. You do? There’s this news article.
If I may. What’s Woody Woodpecker saying? Hold on. What are you going to do?
Buy him deodorant? “First penis transplant
is a success.” Even if he gets a new penis,
it will still stink. His stink comes
from within, from his– -It comes from inside.
-Right. It’s not his penis,
it’s his immune system. I looked into it,
I’ve done research. This is the solution. I want to donate him my penis. What will you do
without a penis? I don’t want a feathered penis,
Woody Woodpecker. I want a man’s penis. Okay, let’s forget about this. I don’t want a bird’s penis. Okay. Ask Dr. Ania Benítez and psychologist
Dr. Madeline Hernández to come
into the room immediately. I’m willing to use his penis.
I don’t have a proem with it. -I love her.
-This is not about your penis! If they’re such good friends,
they can marry each other. This is not about your penis,
it’s about your stink. He doesn’t understand that. Maybe he’s in love with him. I don’t know. -I do.
-Well, I don’t. -Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon. Dr. Benítez, let’s talk
about this syndrome, Sjögren’s Syndrome.
-Dead Cat Syndrome. Sjögren’s. Sjögren’s Syndrome,
like you said, is a chronic
autoimmune disease characterized by dryness
due to the destruction of, mainly,
the moisture-producing glands. When these glands are destroyed, the body doesn’t produce tears
nor saliva. When this happens, there’s
a proliferation of the bacteria that we all have in our mouths,
which causes bad odor. There is
a palliative treatment– -So, you can improve his stink?
-Of course. If we can address
the dryness problem, he wouldn’t generate that smell. So, he needs to moisten– That’s right. And apart from that,
if the bacteria proliferates, he needs to have
his teeth checked more often. Ma’am, I lost my family for–
Look at me, ma’am. I’m suffering here, and I need
you to solve my problem. Dr. Hernandez, this man keeps
saying that, when there’s love, you have to look past
the stink and everything else. No, you can’t ignore it.
It’s vital. When you’re starting
a relationship, hygiene is very important. Making yourself likable
for the other person, and not just your physique,
but also your body odor, is very important.
-Tell me something. Is it hard for him
to talk about this with the women he likes? -Yes, it’s–
-I mean, how could he And I know
it’s a difficult process. His chances
of finding a partner– I spent six months
believing she was a woman. And I’m the one
who wasn’t honest? He keeps saying
she should ignore the stink because he was–
-Because I’m a transsexual. But he didn’t say a word
about improving his condition. He wants to be accepted
just as he is, stinky, and he thinks that love
can cover his bad odor. You need to find a woman
with no sense of smell. You need to find a girl
that can’t smell a thing. I fell in love with her
and she fell in love with me. I didn’t fall in love
with his stink. She fell out of love
when she smelled you. If he did something about it,
would you give him a shot? He’d need to die and be reborn. You see
how she treats me, ma’am? I’ve reached a verdict. Since he failed to tell her
about his condition, but, still, persuaded her
to move in with him unaware, I think she’s right and I rule that she gets
what she’s asking for. He has to pay 10,000 in 30 days. That’s that!
Case closed! Be polite, pay attention
to your surroundings, go to school,
be respectful, and may God protect us all.
See you next time. Thank you.CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK
[email protected]

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  1. Estos trans dando consejos de lo que no es lo suyo…
    Ven cómo se disparan los divorcios? Ya saben una de las causas…

  2. Hicieron un caso similar de una mujer, ¿Por qué a la mujer no se le rieron en la cara cómo a él? Que sociedad de mierda

  3. No me gusta cómo discriminan a este hombre, el demandado. Cada vez que hay un trans o algo de eso, como que se le nubla el juicio, doctora.
    Sobre el fallo… Entiendo…

  4. No lo puedo creer este es un capítulo de hace 4 años cuando pones el más popular allí sale este capítulo está como en formato de diferente como que no es el mismo video 😮😮

  5. Yo pienso que si el no sabía que ella era transexual (y aun conservaba el pene) y ella no sabía que él tenía ese olor, pues quedaron parches. Si el no tuviera ese enfermedad la podría demandar a ella por engañarlo sobre su género. Creo que siemplente se debieron separar nadie pagarle a nadie, los dos hicieron mal y a mi parecer, la doctora se equivocó en este caso.

  6. que desepcion la doctora polo hablando asi de una enfermedad tan triste y dificil de sobrellevar….menos mal que ella misma dice EDUQUESE LO MAS QUE PUEDA….que mala desicion….. cada vez me gusta menos este programa…

  7. Una de las críticas que ha recibido Caso cerrado desde sus comienzos tiene que ver con la veracidad de los casos presentados en el programa.
    El 4 de enero de 2008, Ana María Polo concedió una entrevista donde declaró lo siguiente: "todos los casos son reales; sin embargo, a veces se
    usan personas diferentes cuando los litigantes sienten vergüenza de aparecer en un programa de televisión." ~ Wikipedia en español.

  8. Dicen que el sentido común és el menos común de todos los sentidos.
    ¿Cómo va a tener pareja alguien, que no cuida su persona para la convivéncia?
    No puede esperar que alguien esté a su lado.
    Póngale remedio Hombre!

  9. Si encuentra trabajo en un zoo, tal vez las mofetas salgan huyendo de su lado.
    Pobre hombre!
    A este paso sólo le queda hacer vida de anacoreta.

  10. Pues la doctora es una mentirosa, dice que no se dio cuenta que el tipo era transexual, por Dios Santo si yo solo cuando escuché su voz, sin ver a la persona sabía que era un hombre. Por mucha cirugía y hormonas que usen siempre se les nota. Una cosa es respetarlos y otra hacerse el pendejo para que no se ofendan. Aaaah pero el si puede ser ofensivo con el pobre hombre y nadie dice nada. Incluso la doctora cómo al final el transexual es de su gremio entonces a el si le permite ser ofensivo con el pobre que esta enfermo.

  11. Esta vieja dice al último
    “respete para que lo respeten" y es la primera en faltarle al respeto no tenía por qué llamarlo apestoso, por qué es una enfermedad.

  12. La gente discrimina sin compasión como si en el mundo no hubiera de todo respeto ante todo pobre man es una enfermedad el no tiene culpa

  13. perdón, se que no es para burlarse, pero es este el caso qye mas risa me ha dado, me rei como hace mucho no lo hacía.
    mi nueva adicción, CASO CERRADO. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. antes era un pecado ahora hay que tolerarlos que triste nuestra Sociedad a llegado…..gracias polo por continuar contaminando nuestra sociedad

  15. Conel devido respeto Sra usted no quiere entender lo q a veces le dicen las personas q van a su panel yo se q ahora la mujer es una mentirosa q se vale de su lengua de vibora para hacer daño al hombre le dan mucha creavilidad a sus mentiras

  16. La Dr polo se paso de verga esta bien pendeja por que no entiende que el chico tiene una enfermedad like si estas deacuerdo

  17. Que caso más ridículo y falso 🤣🤣. Si el hombre tuviera eso, a través de la ropa se le oliera y ya en el estudio lo hubiesen notado. Además, cualquier juez que se respete no entretiene este tipo de caso, porque la verdad es que aquí no hay caso legal que valga. Si la fulana trans quiso arriesgarse en entretener una relación así, y gastarse 5,000 en un hombre que no conocía personalmente todavía, es su error. Ninguna corte va a otorgar nada. Y la gente aquí creyendo esa vaina.

  18. Hola equipo de caso cerrado ,quiero comentarle que fui despedido hoy de mi trabajo injustificadamente después de horas y horas de trabajo pesado ,me despidieron quisiera saber una solución o saber que puedo hacer ya que se atienen a que yo soy ilegal en el país y se burlan por que dicen que yo no puedo hacer nada necesito saber si pueden ayudar a un caso como el mío de ante mano muchas gracias!! Saludos

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