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Can the $150 Caiman Pressure Smoker Make Great Barbecue Indoors? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Can the $150 Caiman Pressure Smoker Make Great Barbecue Indoors? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Hey, guys. Welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets. Today, we’re testing the
Caiman Pressure Cooker that is also a smoker. For those of you who don’t
have any outdoor space or don’t have a smoker, you
can make barbecue at home. Imagine that. So, today we’re gonna test
two different types of cuts. We’re doing ribs and, of course, the king of barbecue, brisket. And we’re gonna be testing
this with some oak wood chips. So, not only does this
pressure cook and smoke, you have all these different functions like steam, slow cook. You can also cold smoke,
which is really awesome. You can put a piece of fish in there. You can also time it
and you can pre-set it to all that nice stuff that all pressure cookers normally do. Alright. So, it looks like there’s
a lock and a unlock button, of course, because you
want this to be locked when you’re pressuring. There’s a classic pressure valve that you can let out
the pressure or steam, and then when you lift it up, inside, there’s two racks so you
can do a double layer. Because this is quite small, you can’t really put a
whole piece of meat in. You would have to sort of cut
it up and sort of layer it, and this is because there
is a coil in the middle where you place your actual wood chips so that it creates that smoke. And then what you do is you add water so that that acts as your moisture so that your meat does not dry out. So, if this works, this is
the Insta Pot of smokers. The price point is
slightly higher at $168. I know Insta Pots you can
get it for like $99, $100, but if it can smoke, that’s an added function
that you can’t get anywhere. So, it’s actually very worth it. If it works, of course. So, starting with the ribs, I’m gonna use this as a guideline just because I have to cut up the ribs so that it fits on these two racks. Today, we’re just doing salt and pepper. I know everyone has their
favorite barbecue recipe, but we really wanna test out the smoke and that’s the whole point of it. So, we are going super old
school with just salt and pepper. Okay, so I’m just gonna add
one and a half cups of water. And this is just what the manual said, so I’m just going with that. So, I poured it in and it’s
literally right below the grate. The meat is not touching any water. Okay, perfect. We are adding oak chips today. The manual doesn’t say anything
about soaking the chips, so we’re just gonna add
it straight in there. And it only requires three to five chips, which is not that much at all. The little lid goes on and
then we’re just gonna… And then we’re gonna lock it. Make sure that this is on pressure and then we’ll go into functionalities. Okay, so we’re gonna smoke today, so smoke and you can see it cold or hot. There’s two functions. We’re doing hot. You press smoke one more time and then this is where you put your timer. So, moving on to brisket. I am super excited for
this because if this works, I have so many recipes that I wanna try. Going back into this. So, the one kind of
annoying thing about this is that you have to cut up the brisket. I feel like brisket should
be whole, but it’s fine. So, I know you barbecue
fanatics are cringing right now as I slice this piece of meat. I kinda cringed a little too,
but this is just how it works. We wanna season heavily
on the salt and pepper because in traditional barbecue, the bark is one of the
most important things. We wanna make sure that
the pepper milds out and can really mimic that super
traditional barbecue flavor. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
season on all four sides, and this is one of the positives ’cause you get bark on all sides. Okay. I have one little guy left and
I do really want it to fit. So, I’m just gonna cut this
up to kinda maneuver it around to make it fit, and it will. So, brisket is in. I’m a little bit concerned just because some of the
brisket is touching each other, and honestly, you want as much surface area as possible for the smoke to circulate. The lid goes on, and one thing to mention
is that this is not a dome, which means that is has less
surface area to circulate. Just a minor concern. The lid goes on. Locking it. Smoke. I’m doing hot at 50
minutes, same as the ribs, so we can take it out at the same time. Okay, start. Now that’s it. Guys, it’s been 50 minutes
and my barbecue is ready. I thought about it during the 50 minutes and I feel like it’s not
gonna be charred at all. I feel like it’s just gonna
look gray, but you know what? You never know, so let’s check. Alright, starting with the ribs, I’m gonna let off the steam
first and then we will open it. There we go. Oh, wow. Okay, so it did get a little color. It smells incredibly smoky. Some of the meat has
pulled away from the bone, which means and indicates
that it is tender. Pepper looks gorgeous on
the meat, and actually, it’s not gray, so I am
pleasantly surprised. There’s still a little bit
of water left in the bottom and you can see some of
the oil from the ribs. These look good, okay. Before I taste this, which
I really want to right now, but we’re gonna get the brisket first and then we’ll taste together. Brisket, now this is
the real game changer. If this works, incredible. Okay, so not that beautiful dark bark, but it smells really smoky and there is a little bit of color. You know what? It’s all about the flavor. Looks like, to me, that
it could’ve been cooked a little bit longer, but
we’ll cut it up and see. Actually, this is looking a
little gray, as I predicted. And, okay, so this is what happened. The moisture from the brisket came out and now the water and
the fat level in this guy is a little bit high. So, what ended up happening was these bottom pieces of
brisket is now sitting in water. So, that concerns me. I’m a little bit disappointed. Okay, now it’s my favorite time, tasting. I’m gonna start with the ribs, which actually look very nice and (sniffs) the smell is wonderful and smoky. It’s really smoky, and
actually, the pepper, I still get a bite, but it’s nice. It’s pleasant, it’s not too much. Mmm, mmm, mmmm. Not bad. I would say, for not having a real smoker, this is a really good product. Listen, it’s not the
prettiest rib out there, but the flavor’s all there,
it’s tender, it’s smoky. Mhm, mmm. I am really happy about that. Moving on to brisket, which I am a little
bit more skeptical over because it looks kind of gray. Half of it was sitting in liquid. So, I’ll just start with
the little piece over here. It’s definitely not tender enough. The meat didn’t break down. Definitely could’ve used
a little bit more time. Yeah, it’s a little dry. It’s definitely dry. It needs to go a lot longer. You can tell it’s just… It’s really really tight, which means that it just
needs a little bit more time. Traditionally, brisket,
it just falls apart. So, just sayin, but we gotta taste it. And I’m gonna taste it,
give it a fighting chance. Definitely needs time, more time. Tough piece of meat. So, I think that with the
brisket, there’s a few things. The ribs, we followed a
recipe that was in the manual. There was no recipe for a brisket, but I think right off the
bat, it needs more time. And also, maybe just using the second rack instead of using the two racks just so that the bottom pieces
aren’t swimming in liquid. You know what? This is the first test we’ve done. I think the second round we
just go a little bit longer and just on the second rack, maybe a little less meat in there, and we could have a
good product, you know? I think that it could
have a fighting chance. It does work. We’ve done it with the ribs, and this was a recipe given in the manual and we know that it works. Does it replace your outdoor smoker? Maybe not quite so much, but it is an indoor
pressure cooking smoker, which I’ve never heard of. So, this is I think a
really great product. Tender, smoky ribs in less than 50 minutes that taste like barbecue. We got it here. I’m sure you could do
it with chicken, salmon, whatever you wanna cook. I think that the smoky aspect of it is really coming through,
and I think for that, it is a really good product. Mind you, this not only
smokes, but it pressure cooks, it steams, it slow cooks. So, it does all the
functions that you want in any Insta Pot. It just has that added
attachment of smoking. So, I just think that for
$168, it is really worth it. Today’s video was brought
to you by our sponsor, American Express, with
the Pay It Plan It feature giving you choices for how to
make payments big or small.

Reader Comments

  1. 6:17 That's the sort of thing with using pressure cookers… the manufacturer recommends a minimum water level, but with foods which will release a lot of moisture, there is no need to go there.

    When I make flat beans, I just slice them on the mandoline, wash and drain them thoroughly, sweat half a large onion (for 500gr of beans) in the pressure cooker, dump the sliced beans on top and pressurize with salt, pepper and a good dash of vinegar.
    Red cabbage, same thing: layer of cabbage (1/4 cabbage, washed, drained), two apples (washed and sliced; no need to peel), 75 grams of sugar and another layer of cabbage (again: 1/4 cabbage; in a standard, 4L pressure cooker it takes two batches to process a red cabbage).
    Note: allow to cool or stick the whole thing under a running, cold water tap until the pressure equalizes before opening. DO NOT attemp to let off the steam when cooking red cabbage this way (unless you want to clean red cabbage off your ceiling, of course).

  2. I definitely think this can be really good. Just broil or grill it real quick afterward. Kind of like how you have to deal with Sous vide.

  3. I know it’s not exactly “food” but I’d love to see your comparison of the kitchen aid syphon brewer vs a regular coffee brewer.

  4. I had one of these a couple years back, might not have been the same brand but similar machine. It was great for smoking ribs in 45 minutes and doing similar tasks. But after a few months, just outside of the warrenty, it stopped smoking. Dunno what caused it, but I'm always careful with my electronics. Might have just been a bum unit, but was nice while it lasted.

  5. Wonder if you could use a heat gun to put a bit of char on the outside of the meat. Besides normal stuff they are intended for, they can do smores and hot dogs easily and quickly. Best to get one with an adjustable temp dial. Got mine from Grizzly.

  6. Love how you guys are hiding the fact that the videos are sponsored until the very end. As well as the fact you do not properly disclose any relation ships that staff/producers/sponsors have with the product being tested.

    While not as egregious as when people deliberately manipulate scientific studies. You still need to properly follow disclosure or you risk losing all credibility.

  7. She admits that she made an error in execution on video and still publishes it. Your concept for the content is so close, but it seems like you don't give a damn. Thumbs down…

  8. sorry, but those ribs look like the crappy ones you get at crappy BBQ place and I'd stick with a good outdoor smoker for the brisket or just go to Texas and get the best barbecue on the planet.

  9. Can you review the product . “braver ? “
    It seems so good . But it’s expensive I don’t want to buy it and it doesn’t work

  10. Honest question here. If you use it for several smoking cooks in a row, with the normal clean, is there residual smoke flavor coming through on a later recipe you want light and fresh?

  11. I would get my searzall out and sear both of those meats to a dark burgundy color, as for the water soaked pieces? DOGGY FOOD !!

  12. Just imagine this show hosted by a really nice looking blonde with an Italian accent, oh my god, this would have been just the best show ever….Cooking gadget and Italian accent go hand in hand…

  13. I just wished this girl would do some research before each of these products. It's like she just shows up on set and skims the manual and starts filming.

  14. Oster Smoker Roaster Oven, 16-Quart, Red Smoke (CKSTROSMK18) cannot cut the time since it is not pressure cooker + smoker like this one but does good job and only $50, set it on 275F for one slab of rib in 2 hrs. I use timer, so I can leave it in my screened porch in the morning, have smoked rib for dinner.

  15.        Looks like the same thing for under $80  at Amazon

  16. Don't enven think about trying to cold smoke anything soft like cheese. She said it is small but it is smaller than that. Bottom line it is not worth the money.

  17. people hating on her when she openly admitted that she put in too much meat and liquid and needed to cook the brisket for longer …

  18. I absolutely love your channel. You clearly know exactly what you're doing which makes these tests reliable. And the videos are 100% clean of BS. Perfect job!

  19. This looks identical to the Gourmia Pressure Smoker…are they actually the same product with diff labels? Did you try the slow cooker function?

  20. 2bf that brisket had no chance howerver she tried, the cut was all wrong. You gotta try redeem yourselves. Gg

  21. I'm a simple man, I see a woman with two big pieces of meat in her hand, I click. Especially when they're Asian 😉

  22. I have few pressure cookers, so instead of buying this, maybe I can find that wood chip chamber and add it to my existing pressure cooker. It may work. 🙂

  23. If you have two rack in there, why not try one rack and not cut the brisket in strips? Wrap the whole brisket around. User error and not thinking… When you cut the brisket into strip you have more meat surface area where juices escape. Try it and let me know.

  24. I wish they have one that has a pressure cooker combo feature. That would make this one the top pressure cooker on the market! I'd be glad to put down $60 to $100 extra for one.

  25. I bought this unit, Gourmia makes it. $84 on Amazon. It smokes very well. It fills your kitchen with smoke smell. Hot or cold smoking. It over smoked everything so I cut the time in half. I won't do cheese again. Taste was too strong. Maybe at 5 min it would be ok. Did ribs. Turned out good.
    The gourmia manual is useless. Comes with silicone cup but no explanation. It fits on the bottom plug for when you wash it. Pot is not submersible. Use it only for smoking and my instant pot for all else.

  26. The brisket hat a huge fat cap. Cut the amount of water and increase the cooking time. Looks like it will work well for pastrami.

  27. also brisket minimum 4-6 hours on hot and a fast which is not good imo. brisket takes 10-15 hours…this girl knows nothing about bbq. chefs dont make good que…

  28. This isn't a review, it's a "here's what happens when you follow instructions vs freestyle it". I think it would have been better to include a comparison vs other ways to smoke meat: traditional smoking, or cooking in the oven low+slow and then using a smoking gun (which I've seen a lot of reviews saying works really well even as a compromise and seems like a better, less expensive, less huge option for someone that is in a smaller space and doesn't need to smoke all the time).

  29. WAY TO EXPENSIVE for way to little it's not big enough for anything serious you can get a real smoker for less or even make one for less than half the price this is really sad and it shows she's being paid to give this garbage good reviews this is straight trash here

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