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Cameron Johnson: ACC Basketball's Top Performances

Cameron Johnson:  ACC Basketball's Top Performances

Johnson is and six or seven four three all good shots I mean you scored 22 points and only take 9 shots doesn't get much better than that North Carolina Tar Heels ranked 8th in the nation have made the approximately 80 mile drive down to winston-salem where the way Deacon's away in smaller team toby white celebrating his 19th birthday today [Applause] and it can't just attack [Applause] white jersey well five white jerseys are there and who comes up with basketball and you know cam johns how does that you can't you know you can't get out fought like babe Brandon Robinson gives it up and there's three more for Johnson it's 15 zip Johnson [Applause] she was a great player Clemson and Ruth play Tekken to keep playing get this lead and you know don't get three happy but the rather large defense there from play tech and quickly and Johnson today in his five to five from the field four four four four three none so far in this half of Bookman almost after those with five turnovers and Johnson uses perfect afternoon Cavaliers their best shot side John Paul Jones Arena [Applause] today here in winston-salem loose ball scooped up by Brooks in his Johnson [Applause] she is to today damn Johnson fighters [Applause] twenty-five points today for cam Johnson he's big gun big on that they don't want to get him off and for as far as guys concerned of the Dean Dome unbelievable Johnson he's now 10 to 12 27 points in between his two schools Camp Johnson has made more three-pointers than all the forth our heels and UNC history

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