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Bushcraft Kids – Outdoor & Survival Skills Trip

Bushcraft Kids – Outdoor & Survival Skills Trip

okay well I think I got myself in over my head on this one guys good some survival trips before minimal gear trips lots of interesting things slow those stuff desert hikes but it'd be honest I'm a little scared on this one and a swamp boy okay well I'm gonna go this way first and see what those guys are going and we'll double back don't get lost back there okay oh good I love each other hollering you guys are each other to walk down the point okay oh you got your whistle on your knife all right you lost us whistle right then like usually yourself we get lost – awesome we're going over there are keep up with these guys please Tucker myself do it all the time text to my camera you'll say hi I guess would would you get fine now I do not like even touching my leg was over they are ok they think they're all back in camp ok we discovered a great new tracking technique here seems to be working very well the unknown Marco Polo tracking technique just goes to prove that Kelly's learned new skill I thought I learned Marco Polo I can keep up like 25 different things dude I have to be there that's so far you guys find my hydration pack hunter dude Oh hunter found a shirt so what are you guys doing over there oh yeah take your shelter let's go over there to what those guys are doing looks like they got something going on looks like they've argued so you guys got going on over here stuff a little shelter it's in that black pack excellent are you doing that all natural natural cordage what do you what is a slow low yeah pretty tight are you helping him you get that going on pretty good there looks like so you you guys might actually recognize Devin he's a little bit older and wiser now my hair's gone and his hairs gone it's kind of a necessity though for your trade right boss boss I'm gonna do it's gonna do you've been just perfect in work house so quite everyone thinks that my shelters there's like your shelter nice and shady yeah it's all mine that's gonna vary so yeah I am go to sleep under there were you guys in a word obviously maybe man vs. wild better oh you saw that one where he goes to the hotel no they made a joke about it on him anyways there was this guy in personating a man versus wild or something like that it was on this comedy show and he was in that it was in dark and he had the night-vision camera but you couldn't see anything then when the directors turns on the light that turns out using the hotel instead of the Holderness he was joking about sensations just one mile away Jemmy they start streaming don't realize how old you are until you now with a bunch of five seven ten year olds right I'm stuck myself awesome you can make stuff out of those take them back within I'll show you something here's the mission guys you guys go find as many of those shotgun shells as you can okay Ashley will show you I'll give each group one of the chocolates okay that sounds like a good idea welcome John we what do we do when we get lost uh just yell I'll be right here don't go very far yeah do the Marco Polo trick or giddyup there some shotgun shells you got a red one you boy you're the one one's bigger than the other one so we can make us a little container out of that yeah and what we could do is put stuff like yeah what is that look your stuff one what can we use our fluffy stuff for fire exactly but we want to keep a dry dough so we can stick that in the yellow what I tell them know what you're doing don't you stick that yell on and then what do you do nice you got yourself a little baby let's give you some in there some pretty rocks your town or some shells or something like that sounds pretty smart mean just put in your pocket huh all right Devin so what do you got got a fish spear see your fine handiwork you know hun I'm a carpenter carpenter Oh bushcraft carpenter yeah it's pretty cool fish spear actually so it looks like you just split the split stick and sharpen each point put some wedges in there and then I tied – yeah widget I natural cordage yeah natural that true all natural no string for you sweetie yeah buddy made a fishing screw – let me see that thing show me show me what you got nice nice keeping it simple yeah it's a walking stick – okay okay guys so it's fire time okay let's get this show on the road again we're gonna make a fire starter using cotton balls in Vaseline what you'll want to do is take your Vaseline and then just smush it into the cotton ball really really good get it everywhere on it smush it in really good really good bit more we're doing putting fast for me and on cotton balls with it awesome awesome so you guys ready to start the fire now all right and use this little side and you want to go close to the edge of it okay and then just go like that nice and hard nice and hard like that doing the Ross rifle barrel means to practice nice and smooth EEMA right there I did no good John they do it because he's the only one that you get it it just takes practice took me a lot of practice to get it to yes you guys first time first time that's not your first time you did this before saloon yesterday did I show you how to do this yesterday oh yeah so you should be able to get this one you want one more good try one we're good try oh look at that shine next okay come on over so pull this close close to the end on that nice and good run that down okay you came and put your finger and we're guided he just ate six oh yeah did you practice just wanting to go for it I'm good for it all that's all right you're doing some good spar a cotton ball must be defective you culty darn order right at it nice success alright job guys let it burn out all right dude you did a good job actually make the roll fight yeah Dakota's gonna do it the old school way without cotton balls but we're still gonna give him a striker oh the ten dudes and now the test of all tests okay so the code is going to start a fire the fire still way with all natural materials the kids have all gathered some stuff do you wanna show us what what everybody found there you start with yeah some cotton there's some weird cotton stuff and like some countries right there some dry grass and dry grass looks like some pine needles another good stuff yeah some pine needles that's a good tender so if you want to go ahead and build your layout and show us oh yeah I just start with a good base of all that fluff just go ahead and get that laid out where you're going to be able to get a good spark to it and if you take your dry grass and just go ahead and kind of put that on top and that loose nice and loose then on top of it and allow yourself enough area to be able to get to the cotton still good Josh you kind of keep it compacted because it's gonna go pretty quick it's really dry so just kind of stash all right on the top of it yeah pretty much you want kind of kind of closed and condensed like this because it's going to go up really fast when it does so what you want to do is almost like a little cavity right there so you'll be able to strike the cotton it's going to light it's going to like that and then yeah you can go ahead six more because that's just going to go really quick once the lights so if you can just get that cotton to light all that stuff's going to go really really quick just static stashed all right and then that last bundle of pine needles like right and then I can go ahead and take your little kindling sticks and just kind of loosely set those over there yeah that's one of the tricks with fire is its if you just kind of do everything kind of crazy instead of trying to borrow it on the ice and perfect and everything just kind of lay everything on there all crazy fire likes craziness so it'll allow a lot of oxygen in there just get it to ignite release right now okay here we go is that easy one sec good fire going see it all spreads nice you guys all did really good with your fire today you got a fire governor you got a fire going going going I think I was the only kid that actually did it oh I'm sure they forgot one going everybody else did pretty good all right did you guys all have fun too there yeah that's a pretty big yeah what all did you learn what all did you do today a better car from your private joke yeah we had a lot of fun today um everybody had a good time right a lot of a lot of exploring you gonna put out the fire okay well and we'll wrap up by showing how to properly put out a fire because we don't want to burn down the wood – do you guys want to be here for next time Wow was in the line of fire here okay well we got a lot of dirt and rocks on the fire but we need to make sure it's all right so guys we need to put some water on there make sure she's all the way out and then we'll clean up camp all right oh yeah a trash picked her up her speaking of traffic or uppers what's the last thing we got to do guys okay everybody let's make sure we get all of our stuff picked up and don't leave anything behind all right I did you have fun fun and I'm fine then you have fun like firing it up fun yeah but we um I'm one question for you want our coat on thank you yes he is nice and also we make here put that fire out and be mama like nigga truth okay bye I'll see you tomorrow

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  1. Loved the video guys!!! Been trying to increase our survival skills, looks like we found the right mentors!!! Just subscribed.   please check out our "water survival" video as well as our "dove season, opening day" video.  You WILL laugh guaranteed.  Keep up the great work!!!

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  3. John that was awesome… I took kids out on a two camping trip with the help from my dad and oldest brother. Some of this kids had never some many new things . Like darkness they lived in Oklahoma City in apartments. A lake was like the ocean to them.. the owls, coyote, even a big fish we caught scared them…. What a blast we had… Hats off to you for showing the great outdoors…..

  4. Awesome video, it can nicely complement the strategies and watertight plans provided by Trankors Survival Secret. You'll become the man with the "know" in times of need…

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  6. Hi mate
    That vid was pucker…. those experiences are priceless and those children looked like they were having fun….cushty

  7. This is just awesome, showing kids some bushcraft stuff. In Germany theres only the boy scouts, but there all uniforms and so on. I was planning on doing sth. like that to, but it does require some balls, to go out into the forest with some kids 😀

  8. My 2 year old woke up (2am) she watched it with me and loved 🙂 want to try the flint with later. She's already a little outdoors explorer

  9. that was great keep up the good work and teach the little ones well i would love to see the m in more videos

  10. Way to go friend! You spent time with the kids and they all looked like they had such a great time. You're a good uncle! Would that the world had more uncles like you, we'll done uncle John, well done indeed!

  11. I really needed a smile today and the ending did it. The whole video was great I loved it. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Now its time for me to get outside and have some fun of my own.

  12. You should be scared your out numbered.
    Everybody should take kids to the woods, swamp, they need the experiences too. Good for you. Good times they will never forget it.

  13. John you may have found the cure for childhood obesity. It is awesome to see kids outside having a good time. Peace, Md

  14. Awesome video Uncle John! It's easy to feel sort of old but then when you see the life and fresh perspectives youth bring to nature, it feels pretty nice. A little vitamin "I" helps too.. : o)
    Your son Devon's primitive skills are very impressive, sounds like his tribal skills need a bit polishing though.. : o) Just kidding, He's becoming into a fine man my friend..
    I had to watch the ending a couple times. That was just way too adorable.. : o)
    Thanks again John and take care! : o)

  15. Thanks Crocket. Yeah, they sure were having a great time out there, and they weren't at all bashful about vocalizing it. It's when things get too quiet that I start getting worried 😉

  16. It was a blast Brother! Looks like we have a few future bushcrafters in the bunch there, eh? Thanks for coming along for the adventure buddy 🙂

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