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  1. I keep looking for white burglars caught on camera, but I'm not finding many. Can someone post some links for me?

  2. i say! Speaking through your camera is the dumbest shit ever!!!! Like stfu n call the cops n let them get cought!😂😂😂….. or say something when the cops get there!!! Wow!!!

  3. I love these videos where home owner speaks to the burglars thru the cam. I wish they had a machine gun fire recording, and watch the crooks hit the floor to escaping the "shots".

  4. The homeowners an idiot. Should have waited for the cops get there. the homeowner spooked them off and then got away. Good job!

  5. Difficult choice, but probably better to have them go through uninterrupted and have the police do the work. This guy pretty much let the burglars know to run before the cops come.

  6. It makes me angry knowing that news anchor was there while the robbery took place and didn’t do anything to stop them!

  7. i think if he would not have spooked them they would not have left the apartment and police wowuld have caught them and retrieved the items they stole how dumm could hye be, ui think it did prevent a shooting from nthese two burglarsd because they did have a gun and the other one maybe too, ur decision i guess

  8. Nasty fucking cunts I hope they die I prison I got burglad twice and it was ten years ago and still to this day I'm i fear off leaving my house……I hope to god they die in prison! I want my tv and playstation back…..

  9. The reason he scared them is because he don't want to risk his family coming home with this 2 guys inside. Police is useless if he told them they were black and armed they may not show up or they will but once they shoot somebody and they leave.

  10. I wish burglary brought a death sentence
    Because I wanted every thief every burglar murdered they are a Menace and a useless waste

  11. Q: "911, what was the texture of their hair?"
    A: "Nappy, definitely nappy. Kinda like the texture of curly fishing line-like pubes, only nappier."

  12. Nice of the home owner to give the burglars a head start before the cops arrive. Donkey if the day goes to the home owner

  13. The way the edited the damn reporter into the house. Who the hell came up with that idea, and what were you all high on when you agreed to it?

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