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Building a Viking House in the Forest: Timber Frame | Bushcraft Project (PART 2)

Building a Viking House in the Forest: Timber Frame | Bushcraft Project (PART 2)

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  1. Ive wanted to try to make something like this for a while, any tips of a good place to make it? Or tools to use?

  2. i would imagine burning the ends also keeps the termites at bay as well and pardon the pun "Would" lol

  3. Such fun and beautiful build.
    I saw a minor detail of using green dowels and cutting them flush. If you can replace them with dry dowels and as the green beams dry they will make a permanent joint.
    Keep up the great work and fantastic videos.

  4. I usually wear wollen gloves doing bushcraft during colder seasons, leather just get's wet and cold, whilst woll is still warm even if soaked.

  5. Quisiera saber como hacen con los insectos arañas escarabajos y eso para que no hagan nidos en la cabaña… Desde ya muchas gracias Saludos desde Argentina

  6. Наши дома в те времена строили уже технологичней и крепче

  7. Having worked with green wood a bit some thirty years ago I have an observation to make. I see you cut the joint pegs or dowels off flush with the poles they are fixing. It may be prudent to cut them a little proud so that when the wood shrinks as it dries they can be hardened up again by driving in a little more.
    Cheers for a ruddy good show I envy you and wish I was fit enough to get in the woods again.

  8. arent those green dowels going to shrinkwhen they dry??? ive done plugs for holes once with semi green oak, 2 out of 4 came loose and that wasnt freshly cut wood. I always use dry wood for dowels etc since then.

  9. HOW MANY DAYS IN IS THIS? LESS THE CAMERA TIME? What could me and one friend get done in 2 nights at the lake at a time? Thanks!!

  10. Agora bateu aquela saudade senvergonha de estar lá na chácara caçando pescando….só curtindo a natureza…

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