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Break building masterclass. Total clearance break. Go Pro snooker. Part 3

Break building masterclass.  Total clearance break. Go Pro snooker. Part 3

Hello snooker fans! Welcome To Snooker PRO
CLUB Youtube channel. In this snooker practise video (Advance break
building) I will share my thoughts on shot selection, cue ball spin, cue ball speed and
cue action I had very bad kick on 14 shot (bad cue ball
contact). So I wasn’t able to canon red ball. I need to play difficult black with lots of
left hand side crew back and hopefully make position for the next red. Cushions shots are not easy to play. Make sure that you always aiming well. 16 shot play as soft as possible and make
position for the black. Play black ball top spin with the little bit
left hand side and make position for the yellow ball. Comfort is issue in this shot for right hand
player because it’s hard to reach. If you don’t feel comfortable don’t play
it. Play only when you feel comfortable and ready. Lots of top spin and make position for the
green ball. Play as soft as possible little bit higher
cue ball centre. Amateur players usually play this type shot
to hard. Make sure that cue delivery is nice and smooth
without any jerky movement. Crew back shot and leave yourself cue ball
higher blue ball spot. Simple roll shot with the top spin. Just make sure you make good angle for the
pink ball. In this shot is much better to play stun shot
then with top spin. Easier cue ball control. Stun shot black with the lots of cue power
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Snooker PRO CLUB channel!

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