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Break building masterclass. Total clearance break. Go pro snooker. Part 1

Break building masterclass.  Total clearance break. Go pro snooker. Part 1

Hello snooker fans! Welcome To Snooker PRO
CLUB Youtube channel. I’m Vilius Schulte-Ebbert EBSA snooker coach
and player. In this snooker practise video (Advance break
building) I will share my thoughts on shot selection, cue ball spin, cue ball speed and
cue action. Let’s begin! Cue ball below blue ball spot and there is
no easy way how to split red balls pack. In this situation I need to use lots of cue
power 4 cushion speed with the lots of right hand side. Slower and longer backswing will help you
be more accurate and have better timing. Soft crew shot just tiny bit below centre
cue ball with the little bit right hand side. Why I played with the soft crew shot? I have more margin of error in positional
play and there are no reds around black spot then with the top spin shot because of many
reds around. Soft crew shot a little bit below cue ball
centre. The biggest mistakes players make in these
shots that they leaving for themselves straight shots without any angle. Make sure that you leave yourself (higher
or below red) and you will have easy positional play for the next black ball. I always try to think at least 3 shots ahead. Thinking ahead will help you to think more
clearly, strategically and have better concentration. You will have better cue ball control, make
bigger breaks, and be much better match player. On my 4 shot I’am already thinking about
5, 6 shot. So I have to make sure that cue ball after
my 4 forth shot will be below black spot so I could play black ball and cannon some reds. 4 shot soft stun shot. Stun shot and canon the reds. No need to use more power in this shot, because
gentle touch will be enough to open more reds.

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  1. Nice way to explain by using that diagram of ball full ball 1/2 ball 3/4 and more.but please show also the contract point of ball that you use 1/2.. 3/4 ..4/3. Whatever you hit but you never showed the contract point please show it to better understand.

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