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Black Mesa LP Blind PART 42: Extracurricular Measures — Chapter 12

Black Mesa LP Blind PART 42: Extracurricular Measures — Chapter 12

Hello everyone! Long time since last update. It’s Bisqwit here. SDA Marathon happened and Simon’s Quest retranslation happened, but now I have a moment of time to do a few more episodes of the LP. So what’s happening here that I am at the final moments of the Surface Tension chapter… EXCEPT that I downloaded an addon which extends the chapter for a few more maps! The add-on I am playing is called “Surface Tension Uncut”, and this is release candidate 3 that I am playing. This is still a blind longplay, so anything can happen. As a consequence, I had to replay a bit of the end of the last chapter, because this is already in the new map. And it turns out it’s not going as well as it did the last time. How was this so much more difficult than the last time? I don’t get it.
I’m barely alive… Where is the driver? I really don’t have the hitpoints to spare… We got (some) lights. A battle scene opens! Looks like I need actual strategy. Oh, I am in this part again. At least I got a chance to preserve a few more hitpoints… I am referring awfully lot to lag in my LP series, but it’s true. Even this part was lagging more than is healthy. It made aiming difficult. But it was not by far the worst lag I’ve seen. Allright. I am not nearly dead this time. It was a bit dark to see, but I accidentally threw a satchel. “Spinnaz Inc
EST 1928 – East London” Interesting how this door appears to be completely sound proof. Hey, hitpoint machines… Okay, looks like time will come later for me to use them.
I thought the soldiers and the aliens were busy fighting each others. Where are all the enemies, really? Ah, there we go… Lag, lots of lag. Familiar story.
Just in case you wonder why is the alien moving so erratically. Oh… This thing.
The … pimple in earth. What are these, really?
I remember them from Half-Life, but I never quite understood what they represent. I have been rightly accused of being door-blind in my LP. Let’s find all doors and ensure we explore them thoroughly. First, a moment of calm is the right time to refill HP. Pardon the slow moment, but I think I am going to need this. If I can figure out the fastest way to use them.
Apparently you need to touch the can to drink it. But how do you touch it, if the can does not come out from the machine? You need to pick it up, and even then it’s actually just floating in front of you. You need to drop it and walk over it, to drink it. This genuinely surprised and scared me! Wow. I did not expect a zombie at this moment. A bit beveragely challenged, but I am fully healthy now. Let’s find out how long that situation lasts! It didn’t last long. I like these Black Mesa sky textures. Okay, this zombie didn’t get a surprise round. Another Russian soldier.
Or is that Russian? He definitely looks Slavic, but not so pronouncedly Russian as the one I first commented about in some past episode. Time to move on. We see more fortresses… Nicely sniped. With a shotgun.
Do not google ‘shotgun sniper’. I wonder how many new sky-spheres the Uncut addon adds. That looks like the place where I must go next. Red light, you see. There’s something floating inside… But you can’t quite see what is in there. Hello, camera. Bye bye, camera. A weapon pickup always reminds me of a weapon I have not really utilized for a long time. “Why is Thor, the god of thunder, trying to enter my building?” – Adam Savage, Mythbusters.
These vents are quite unrealistically silent to crawl in. A welcome party… I got snarks! Is this the first time I get snarks? I cannot remember. Nice, for this once someone actually hears my crawling in the vents! So where are the soldiers, actually? What is the most cautious way to progress? I guess there’s only one way to go. I just keep wondering what’s behind that fan. Ah, there we go. Now that I have snarks… Is this the right time to use them? No going back. I don’t remember seeing a sky up there before falling, though. Let’s try these snarks. Man, they’re killing the snarks way too quickly. Maybe I need to send a whole swarm at once. Nah, this isn’t working well. Okay, I did manage to kill at least someone with a snark… So this is the room with the floating bits…
Why is there a particle effect in this room?
It is just a garage! Oh, I can control these car lifts.
Just like a bit earlier. I wonder if there’s some fun physics stuff you can do with them. There we go… Looks like the scripted sequence is stronger than the physics. Now if I were genre-savvy, I wouldn’t touch this. Then again, maybe I am doing it, because I am genre-savvy, and curious of the outcome. (Click to see what I am talking about.) That was not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be, though. That’s quite explosive-laden room. Was that a trap?
I wasn’t even singed. Look, this barret is still here. The previous one I observed disappeared before my eyes within seconds from the corporal being killed. For some reason, this is not disappearing.
Also, It has a green horse head insignia.
I wonder what that stands for. So they blew some explosive with the attempt at killing me, and then suddenly it’s all quiet? Did they die in an attempt to kill me? Why is it so quiet! Interesting lighting on the HEV charger. I am kind of waiting for the nasty smoke effect to clear before going further. Oh, look. That’s where I must go. It must have opened at the same time when the explosion blew the door. So I need to jump out from this window? This isn’t going to easy, probably. Ayup, failed. Who shot me? I don’t see anyone… This is quite a distance to jump. Can I somehow get speed up for jumping? Blah. It is rather tedious to have to move this platform each time down and up. Bumped into the elevated edge this time. Why is there such an obstacle? Allright! A huge gun… Is there someone to shoot at? There is a radio transmission, but I cannot hear a word of it. It was /something/ like this:
“No, simplify my ass. It’s whole operations – foobar. We’re done here. Fuxam wasting time. We can scout get out in the open. In bafcias. – I think I’ve got something here. – Revalue median instructions points. – Roger that. – Let’s go!” Someone is hungry..? Looks like I am going to get a chance to use this gun. Maybe I need to blast the door open first! And then, quickly refill… While suffering atrocious lag. NEXT UP:
Part 42: Pimples in the Warfield Click here to subscribe for updates! Did not go well… My vision was all too blurred to know where exactly I am shooting, and the lag did not help. But at least now I know what to expect.

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