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  1. Is there a way to get your Ranger template?
    Love how she looks!
    And Gratz on geting codes you can give away, love to se your channel doing good!
    Best BDO content creator!

  2. Life is not worth living without amusement, but amusement isn't that amusing when you're too broke to buy an outfit for your character for your amusement.

  3. Wow, and i put alot of efford in to get tri gevaar and now everyone gets it for free, kinda feels bad but otherside its cool tho lol

  4. I guess it’s time to dust off and bust out my 62 lahn with mostly tri gear and come out of my “break” of 8 months from the game….

    Also if you feel unlucky I have failed tri tungrad eating 43 times in a row and a 50% chance at tri 12 times in a row so……

  5. This is perfect. Hope we get that TRI event. Gears will go to my Guardian instead of having to constantly swap betweens characters.

  6. i hope we get that tri event( i dont need the weapons but the rest well be super nice to have tell i can get the normal ones)

  7. Until I see sales happening on weight, inventory slot, functional costumes, or even the premium tent. I won’t be spending a single dime in this game mark my words. Feels like this game is taking it’s fans for idiots with their « « sales » ». (Eu server)

  8. what about musa ? why they even nerf musa insted buff . i hope the balance they speak about wont disappoint me agian . musa got to have more SUPER ARMOR special on awek ! enough with musa midd/low pvp class for 3 years .they have to wake up .

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