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Black ball+colour balls. Go pro snooker.

Black ball+colour balls. Go pro snooker.

This is the 2 part of Colour clearance with
the extra black. Having ability to finishing frames it is crucial
to win more frames and matches. In this video we will show you the way how
to get position for the yellow ball when the cue ball is slightly higher black ball spot
and you shooting black ball to the left corner pocket. Cue ball slightly higher black ball spot and
the best way to get to the yellow ball is to use 2 cushions, slightly below cue ball
centre with the touch of left hand side. Try to play little bit faster than medium
pace. 1 shot I played slightly to slow and now I
have long yellow ball to play it. The most important thing here is to pot the
ball. I need very good cue action and timing to
play it with the precision. Maximum crew back shot and position for the
green. Cue ball speed faster than medium pace. I wanted to be lower with the cue ball than
I’m right now, but still I’m in the good position. The only problem I see here I have to play
it slowly which is not very good in such a distance and thin angle. Anyway slower pace will help me to control
cue ball well and make good position for the brown ball. I’m dead straight for the brown ball. I can only play crew back shot and make position
slightly higher than blue ball spot. Don’t try to play too hard, you will miss
position and more chance to miss the pot. Maximum smooth backswing, and nice straight
cue delivery. Straight blue ball position. 4 shot I played slightly too hard. I can’t get closer to the pink ball from
this position. It shows how good positional angles are important
for the break building. Anyway, from this position I decide to play
2 points below cue ball centre, because for the right hand player on the right sight of
the table it is easier to reach the table and more comfortable. Stun shot for the black and position for the
right corner pocket. Make sure to pot the ball and play it smoothly. Simple black, play it pocket speed and pot.

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