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Best Soccer Celebrations | Anwar Jibawi

Best Soccer Celebrations | Anwar Jibawi

And Rodriguez passes it to Cruz, Cruz kicks the ball. He gets it in. Oh my God, what a wonderful goal by Cruz for the Royals. He’s worked really hard this year. Cruz needs a pat on the back for that. What is he doing? It appears he’s blocking the other team. What a rebel. The Aces are one nil, Angelo passes the ball to Cruz, Cruz cornered on the side of the field, and kicks the ball and scores. An unbelievable goal by Cruz! The strongest player by far. Whoa, what’s going on? Whoa! What a clever celebration. Aces are down by two, they’re gonna have to pull something out of their bag of tricks, Alfredo with a kick, it’s in… What a spectacular goal. What is happening now? It appears he’s walking down the runway. Oh, so hot! Cruz passes to Spagati, Spagati to Cruz. What is he gonna do? Oh, my God! Through the legs! Through the legs! Through the… what’s happening now? Where did he get that bag from? Is he leaving? Is he going… is he going through security? [beep beep beep beep!] It’s a security check, ladies and gentlemen! Where’s he going? The game’s not over! We won’t be able to finish without… Now boarding flight number 15. Did he just board the plane? He’s taking off! He has left this planet! He’s going to another stratosphere. The galaxy can’t even contain him. 3-1 Royals. The Aces are gonna have to fight back pretty hard if they want to stay in this game. Risotto takes it down the side of the field, he gets cornered by the Royals, he kicks the ball out to Cisneros. Cisneros takes it, oh he gets it in, and so fast, the Royals were not expecting such a fierce comeback. Oh, oh my God, is he pregnant? I’ve never seen anything like this. This is a miracle! A birth on the field! It’s a boy! It’s a boy! Specular footwork by Aldo as he makes his way down the field in a mad rush. He gets to the net, and, wow, Cruz shoves over his own teammate. Goal! Why would he do such a callous thing? I can’t believe my own eyes. He’s burying his own teammate. Cruz has not realized that the game is still under way and he is still celebrating from his last goal. He passes, and Cisneros scores. Oh, my God, how romantic. I’m so sorry for kicking you in there. This is so incredible. We all hope he covers the bill, ladies and gentlemen. And we’re off. Cruz picks up the ball. He’s dribbling down the field. This is not allowed. But I don’t care. I want to see the celebration. Tensions are high. What is he going to do now? Oh, my, this is the most spectacular celebration I have ever seen, hands down. So, so good.

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  1. Hey guys, I know it's Football is some countries, Futbol in others and Soccer in the United States (where I'm from). I unfortunately can't put all of them in my title! I appreciate the love and thanks for watching my videos!

  2. Goals for celebrations why can’t the team who is winning just tell the other team who is losing too look at the score board

  3. Comentator: cruise picks up the ball,he's tribbling down the field,it's not allowed,but I don't care, I wanna see the celebrations
    I died by laughing at the moment

  4. You make good videos but this video offenses me because I am a soccer player playing for a varsity team I i don't like when people mock soccer because it isn't easy doing what we do and is super hard sorry but this video offenses me

  5. The football is puma and the two kits look like man city’s and dortmund’s kits and they are both made by puma. Coincidence

  6. Are we going to ignore the fact that this guy complete copied and robbed key and peeles “McCringleberry”??? I like your comedy man! But you gotta give props to key and peele for coming out with this idea first!! Inly thing you did was change the sport! 😵

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