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Best Short Chess Games 2 – Budapest gambit

Best Short Chess Games 2 – Budapest gambit

d4 Nf6 c4 e5 de5
Ng4 this is Budapest gambit Nc3 other moves are Nf3 and
Bf4 d6 one of ideas to sacrifice pawn for attack better was Ne5 ed6 Bd6 h3
this is weak better was Nf3 beautiful knight sacrifice and King is
out of his comfort zone Qh4 check Kf3
in case of Ke3 then Bf4 and you can see that white is losing so Kf3 Qg3 Ke4 and
Bf5 another piece sacrifice and there is no defense Kf5 and Qg6 mate and this
happened in game but on Kd5 then Qe5 mate and onKd4
also Qe5# I hope you liked this game subscribe to our channel and
see you soon

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  1. Nice video. This gambit is good to play against normal chess players but a professional knows this trick and he won't play h3 move instead he will develop his pieces first. 😊

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