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Best GPS Sport Watches 2018 – Top 5 List!

Best GPS Sport Watches 2018 – Top 5 List!

Every year, I bring you a top 5 list of the
best GPS Sport Watches to get, and this year is not strange for this habit, so if you don’t
want to miss any list, or any other honest review and tech related video, make sure to
subscribe and hit that bell to join the notification squad. Here is my 2018 Best GPS Sport Watches List. Number 5 is the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist
HR, this was the second on my list last year, now its the last since there are new competitive
devices. but if you’re looking for an accurate HRM,
this is the most accurate you can find on any GPS watch. And beside of the sleek round design, the
device is packed with ton of features, you can actually track a huge number of 80 different
sport activities including running, swimming, cycling, hiking, strength, and the list goes
to 80. You can also create custom training plans
on the web portal, which is great! Another useful feature is the heat map, you
can actually see on the map which place is more popular by Spartan users to do certain
sports. You get also smartphone notifications on your
wrist, you’ll be able to read messages, see incoming calls and more. The device is actually on sale, and you can
check the link below for the updated prices. Number 4 is the Garmin Fenix 5 Serie, there
is the 5S aimed for smaller wrists and women, the 5 and 5X that got the whole package, the
5X is bigger in size, and it’s mainly aimed for outdoor navigators, so if you’re a serious
outdoor explorer than the 5X is for you. The Fenix 5 series come with an improved design
compared to the Fenix 3 and 3HR, and a quick release feature for easily swapping bands. For activity tracking, you get the HRM, water
proofness for tracking swimming sessions, the GPS and plenty of diverse activities and
VO2 MAX measurements, along with smartphone notification such as messages, calendar alerts
and more. So if you want a complete fitness tracking
package from features to battery life to design, this is definitely the one to get, specially
for the serious athletes and trainers. Number 3 is the Samsung Gear Sport, if you’re
an Android user, this is the ultimate combination between smartwatch functionalities and fitness
tracking. The design is well made giving the feel of
a smartwatch, so you can wear it everywhere in the office or when going out, while the
fitness features are almost complete for a GPS sport watch. You got the usual metrics tracking, like steps,
calories, and sleep, and other sport activities like swimming, cycling and hiking, and all
that via automatic activity detection. Although sleep tracking is not the most accurate,
all the other metrics like heart rate are well accurate. A useful feature is the ability to directly
add calories from the watch, without needing a smartphone The smartwatch features makes it a compelling
choice for many users, features like storing music on the watch or using Spotify, or sending
and receiving sms and calls, with of course all the usual notifications, and the cherry
on top is the ability to use Samsung pay from your wrist, thanks to the integrated NFC. The SW experience is the smoothest on this
list thanks to Tizen OS and the easier navigation with the rotating bezel. So if you’re an Android user, and maybe
also like samsung, well look no further than the Gear Sport Watch. Links for this watch are in the description. Number 2 is the Fitbit Ionic, this is a blending
of smartwatch and fitness tracker capabilities from Fitbit, and they have pretty succeeded
with it, expect maybe design, but if you’re a fan of this square shape, you will not regret
getting it. On the fitness department the iOnic can track
the usual metrics like steps, distances, sleep and burned calories, and also a good list
of sport activities, the device runs Fitbit OS, which mean you can use third party apps
to make fitness tracking more enjoyable, and also to even control your home lights using
the Philips hue app. Also the integration of Fitbit Coach app to
the watch is great to follow custom exercise and trainings directly from your wrist. All the metric are reliable and accurate,
which you well expect from fitbit The Ionic also comes with NFC onboard, with
which you can make payment directly from your wrist. So if you dig this square design, the fitbit
features are one of the best and most accurate on the market. And the first one the list is the Garmin Forerunner
645 Music, this device is Garmin’s way to catch up to the competition when it comes
to entertainment services on the watch. This device has an improved and lightweight
design, and the usual precise and reliable features found also on other Garmin devices,
but introduces some new services like Playing music from your wrist to a bluetooth headset
using the 4GB of internal storage, and NFC paying using Garmin Pay, which is by the way
not yet supported on most of the banks. For activity tracking, you literally get all
the activities you could think of, all the basic ones, along with some advanced sports
like Yoga, paddle boarding, elliptical and more. So this watch hit all the pillars of a fitness
trackers, tons of activities to track, the most precise on the list, a great design that
is discreet enough to wear it everywhere, and adds some services like supporting onboard
music, podcasts, audiobooks and NFC Payment. Streaming directly from music services like
Deezer and spotify is not yet supported. So this was my list of the 5 best GPS Sport
watches you can get for this year, depending on your choice, from the design, to features
to your preferred platform, you can hit the links below to get yours ! Hope you enjoyed this video, leave a thumbs
up if you did, and subscribe for more to come, thank you for watching, and catch you guys
in the next one.

Reader Comments

  1. I've Fitbit IONIC and GARMIN Forerunner 935 which is accurate as any other Garmin as Garmin fenix 5. NO POSSIBILITY !!! Garmin wins hands down towards every others smartwatches. Fitbit Ionic has ABSOLUTLY No accurance towards Garmin. It loses about 1.5 Km every 10 Km (15%) at the end of each my running workout and it can't be ABSOLUTLY defined "BEST GPS" sportwatch at 2nd place……. again…..ABSOLUTLY !!!!
    Even running with my smartphone with runtastic or any other APP tracker, Fitbit IONIC loses hundred of meters and kilometers towards tracking app by phone. I've bought IONIC on spetember 2017 and I've used it to may 2018. On March 2018 I've bought also GARMIN Forerunner 935 which is as fenix 5 but lighter (49 grams), and all my workouts had begun to be accurate. Since June 2018 I've stopped to use and wear Fitbit IONIC.
    Even the Fitbit forum Knows that IONIC is not accurate as GPS tracker
    This is my Post on FITBIT forum

    "Distance count DRAMATICALLY WRONG !!!!
    Apologise only able to reply in English. Other users have been reporting the same issue, however @Fitbit seam unable to resolve this. This issue was first reported in October.
    You can export the .tcx file from the dashboard into the following website to verify GPS is working.
    It appears to be a defect with the distance calculation which @Fitbit has implemented in the ionic.
    See the posts in"

    NO WORDS !!!

  2. The Garmin 5 in 4th place ? Fitbit in 2nd ? No Apple Watch ? dude do you even know how to breathe on your own without assistance ? I suggest you find another way to make money , this is definitely not for you

  3. None of them but the forerunner 935, if you are a serious runner/triathlete. Light , has it all and best battery out of all.

  4. Dude, the list should look like this:
    1. GARMIN Fenix 5X or 5X Plus
    2. SUUNTO Spartan
    3. Apple watch 3
    4. Fitbit
    5. Samsung

  5. Garmin says you can't change the battery in these watches. I know people their watches are dead after two years! THIS IS SHAME and this is GARBAGE PRODUCTION. Expensive garbage…


    Dont buy garmin!!

    the sensors will die and then they will charge you for repair.

    i spent 750 on a piece of junk.

    goodluck with garmin altimeter, barometer, temperature sensors…

  7. I have owned the Garmin, Fitbit, and Suunto. Suunto is still the best. I don't like the square face of the Fitbit. Ugly design. The User Interface on the Garmin is not that good. The maps are not the best to use and interfacing with your laptop or app are not that good, either. If you want a really good GPS watch, the Suunto is still #1.

  8. Fitbit "water resistance" is a joke. Owned two, they get foggy after a while. Designed to last about two yeas, no more.

  9. I almost spat my drink out when I heard the words “Fitbit ionic”…….Those 2 words just dropped this review into the dustbin!

  10. Do you have any practical experience with any of these products? Or do you just compile a bunch of stock/ad clips and blow off hot air?

  11. Good video.
    Avantgard Exchange also having an amazing collection of digital and analog watches. A quality watch designed to last. Stop Watch, Back Light, Shock Resistant, LED display, Chronograph, Complete Calendar, Water Resistant, Alarm. With excellent quality and lower prices. For a shop visit us.

  12. You are confused. impossible that the samsung is better than the garmin or suunto. It shows that you do not play sports and I use those gps

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  14. Haha what a joke! Does the “Fitbit ionic” even have GPS? I thought you needed your phone for that and other features to even work? Fenix 5 in 4th place? What the hell do you do for a living, because it clearly isn't using sport watches!

  15. Where is Polar? The first producer of sport watches with heart rate monitoring? I have used Garmin, Suunto but Polar is the best of them from my experience. OK new Polar Vantage V and M was not announced in date of publishing of this video but the Polar V800 is quite old model and it's in my opinion the best GPS sport watch on the market.

  16. Hard to take the list seriously. If you are looking for deep review in order to make the best choice, search for dcrainmaker.

  17. That you have considered Fitbit Ionic as one of your list, simply tells us you haven't tested it at all. Its the worst inacurate GPS and pulse watch on the marked. Please do some test before you recommend any watches. Just saying!

  18. You are joking right? Fitbit outclass suunto and garmin? If you talking about fancy look, maybe yes. And you didn't even mention about polar watches.

  19. Agreed with all the other comments. He really has no idea what he is talking about. Fenix 5S series has been out for a while now with music and garmin pay. If you throw the 645 as number 1…….

  20. 🚨 Very personal ranking! that I find totally wrong. The elements taken into account to differentiate the watches are not objective and very succinct. Do not rely on this ranking, to choose your new watch ⌚️sportive connected !!!

  21. Buddy boy… the only HUNEST REVIEW can be ONLY if you have PERSONALLY owned(or had your family member or a CLOSE friend owned) the watches/devices that you are talking about/COVERING/REVIEWING. Other wise….its not an HUNEST REVIEW,but the review by OTHER PPLs opinions(wich in a lot of cases – you cant know the Golden frase?? TRUST YOURSELF)

  22. Fenix 5 on bottom and the cheap 645 at first spot? Doing videos without any idea of WTF u talk about is not the way to get subs…

  23. Forget this clown D.C.Rainmaker has the best info on all tech athletic gear. No one comes close to him.

  24. when you put a Samsung android watch before the Fenix 5 , you lose all credibility . I suggest you learn about smart watches before doing a video about smart watches .

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