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  1. If you are looking for a discount outdoor gear, you must be either an avid hiker or, a new enthusiast who is trying to get all the mandatory gear equipment before embarking on the adventure.

  2. You can also take a small piece of the pantyhose to wrap a chicken liver in to keep it on the hook when using it for catfish bait

  3. Fishing for catfish with chicken livers, use a small strip of the pantyhose to wrap around the liver on the hook and it will stay on when casting.

  4. I went thru a couple hundred comments and didn't see this suggestion for pantyhose, so thought i'd add on even though it is late 😉 i find pantyhose around burnt cookpot/bottle bottoms keeps the rest of my kit a bit cleaner til i get a chance to clean the outside mess from the fire/esbit tabs etc. you have to wash the hose after awhile or it don't help, but yeah. it is also handy for cleaning your pots if you wad it up. or i save those mesh net pieces from like oranges etc for cleaning up if not just using dirt etc. Anyway, nice cheap made kit 😉

  5. Honestly bud a lot of military men have been wearing em to keep warm, prevent blisters, or even protect against bugs for a long long time. You'll find lots of uses for em.

  6. I use pantyhose in the worst of tick season. I put it on and then long socks and tuck my pants into the socks.  I learned this from the blueberry pickers who are into the low bushes for hours on end.  Nobody is going to see these and I certainly don't want a tick or two of three.

  7. fan belts snapped = pantyhose, air filter clogging with dust = pantyhose, want to sleep without worrying spiders/scorpions or snakes going in your boots, you guessed it, pantyhose over them like a mosquito mesh bag.

  8. I saw the same pot at a thrift store today and felt it was the perfect size. I'd like to get it and add a handle, but I don't yet know how to design and attach it.

  9. just jumped in last year and trying to catch up. Interesting video. Where do I find silicone lip rings?

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