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Hi everyone. Welcome to Easy Tennis. I’m Coach Emre. This drill will be a basis for your later improvements. Remember your last drill : Rallying by yourself. This one We will do the same drill But this time focus on that when the ball goes up your racket will go up, when the ball goes down your racket will go down the ball bouces and you hit the ball. And remember you should contact the ball beside and in front of you. Let’s start. The racket and the ball move in the same direction. When forehand is OK, try it with your backhand. Don’t forget your “follow through”. OK? Don’t do this. What I want is that you hit the ball and you follow through. When forehand and backhand OK, try two times forehand and two times backhand. Like this After that one time forehand one time backhand When doing this watch my feet little steps and drawing a circle. After that do all these in a particular area like a service box. Go into a service box and first again just forehand The ball shouldn’t go out of the service box But you can go. After that again for backhand After that again two times forehand two times backhand and then one time forehand one time backhand and at last try it with your partner When you do this with your partner try all these starting from just forehand you hit your forehand and back up and then your partner comes and hits forehand. And after your partner hits his stroke or her stroke don’t lose a second for going to the ball. and one forehand one backhand and the same in a particular area again. To recab, contact the ball beside and in front of you. you should turn sideways for righties, turn right and contact the ball beside and in front of your feet bent your knees a little the racket should follow the ball and don’t forget to follow through. OK? Hit the ball and follow through. That’s all for this video. If you like my video, please click the like button and subscribe to my channel if you already haven’t. See you!

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  1. Emre sen bunu neden Türkçe anlatmıyorsun ? yada devamında birde Türkçesini ayrıca anlatmayı düşünmüyormusun.?

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