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  1. It would have been so funny if Trigger walked past them telling Rodney: Alright ,Dave😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. "Because then you would have known where I was hiding!" 😅😅 Makes me howl every time! Nothing will ever come close to how perfect Only Fools was and still is. David Jason will always be my idol, one of best actors to ever grace British TV. Sad to see so many of the cast passing away, but rest assured their legacy will live on through Only Fools. 💯💯

  3. I met sir david when i was working at the RAF club in london, i was walking through the library whilst he was doing whatever he was, i asked him can i shake your hand sir and he shook mine and gave me that DEL boy smile (: what an honour, and i felt like a plonker!!!!

  4. The cost of bekhams expenses were £23567.23 its all on companies house scandalous. Over 1 million a year was spent on keeping all these cretins happy with food transport and other sundries

  5. so sad…Would have been lovely to end it on

    "I don't want to draw any attention to myself"

    *Trigger walks by

    "Alright Dave"

  6. Good enough for Beckham, good enough for me. Them still at £4.50?, have you got em with an XL front flap for an expat in Melbourne? —- let me have a couple before BREXIT, cos it sounds like the enfkgtire UK will have to shut down when and if you finally, finally get out.

  7. Feels weird hearing Lyndhurst doing his ‘Rodney voice’ after I’ve heard him acting with his ‘normal voice’

  8. This is great. Would love to see them do another sketch but I think it's probably done now. Greatest sitcom that's ever been made! RIP to all those legends from this show that have left us.

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