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Arinomi Athletic Park in Chiba, Japan

Arinomi Athletic Park in Chiba, Japan

现在我们在ARINOMI户外运动公园。 这是地图 1、2、3、4……11、12 我想去小树屋 一起来吧 你发现我们啦 要坚持别放弃啊 好的 爱子过来快帮帮我 好可怕,要是掉下来就摔死了 现在我们在山顶… 富士山顶 好冷啊 准备 我是马里奥 hey,马里奥,我爱你哦 这里展示的是他们所用的缆绳 我被关在里边了 怎么出去啊(卖萌状:好伤脑筋啊) 现在你俩觉得ARINOMI公园好玩吗? 好玩 超级好玩 你的家乡的户外公园是什么样的呢?

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  1. "And to your left is our very own Ninja Warrior training ground. It is recommended to start children young."

  2. It looks like so much fun! Do Japanese kids spontaneously play with new kids at a park like this, or stay with people they know? I only saw the school kids I taught.

  3. l love the way you play with Aiko & Shin instead of looking after them from a distance. You’re such a cool dad! 😎

  4. We took our kids here after pear picking (nashigari) and they had a great time. We started hunting for athletic parks everywhere we went in Japan. The kids really learn what their limits are, problem solving skills, and how to evaluate risk.

  5. amazing ….lucky they have the opportunity to live their childhood with lots of fun activities around and not clinging to phones all day long..

  6. I wish my place had something like that. I would ask my mom all the time! But kids here only care about the computer now that they think they don’t need to build something like that 😓

  7. 市川市動植物園の近くにあるアスレチックですね。子供の頃はよく遊びに行ってました。

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