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Anti Lelet-Apn Smartfren 4g Gsm Tercepat Terbaru Anti Fup ?

Anti Lelet-Apn Smartfren 4g Gsm Tercepat Terbaru Anti Fup ?

ok, assalamuuallaikum meet again with bangtechno here how are you guys,from sabang to marauke I hope you are always healthy and lots of luck, Aamiin and in this edition of our encounter bang techno share info on the latest and great smartfren APN settings but for friends see this channel there is no harm in subscribing first and active sign bell if you already subscribe,thank you very much dont go anywhere,keep stay tune we see who wants to pass the following if you have entered in the hp settings then choose cellular network Next you add the name of the access point or add new apn,guys next,for name you can fill like this guys if already save it next for APN,you fill like this guys if already you can save it just empty the proxy just empty the port just empty the user for password you can empty next for server you fill like this,guys if already,you can save it just empty mmsc just empty proxy mms just empty port mms for mcc don’t ever change just leave it like on your cellphone for mnc don’t ever change next for type of authentication you fill PAP for type of APN fill like this if already,you can save it next for protocol APN you fill IPv4 protocol roaming you fill IPv4 ok already,and others dont ever fill guys if already,save it we active it,and network changed ok have changed next to network speed test,guys we see together and if there are problem later you can write in the comentar collumn convey in good words ok for ping 24 ms download speed 12,6 mbps,upload speed 2,5 mbps guys and i try to play pubg mobile you can screenshot summary in the screen i am try to playing pubg mobile and you can clik my channel you ca scroll move down my video maybe there are suitable for you ok enter to the battle to shorten the time so I choose this mode ok very smooth ok that’s all of the video settings from me,guys especially for smartfren thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe like and share to your friends and the end of the word see you later in the next video,wasalamualikum warohmatullohi wabarakatu

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