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  1. Это мультик просто огонь уже смотрю 6 раз но хочу опять этот мультик для взрослых рекомендую этот мультик смотреть

  2. TEXT



    What color is the sky
    ¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
    You tell me that it's red
    ¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

    Where should I put my shoes
    ¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!
    You say put them on your head
    ¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

    You make me
    Un poco loco
    Un poquititito loco
    The way you keep me guessing

    I'm nodding and I'm yessing
    I'll count it as a blessing
    That I'm only
    Un poco loco

    The loco that you make me
    It is just un poco crazy
    The sense that you're not making
    The liberties you're taking
    Leaves my cabeza shaking
    You are just
    Un poco loco

    Un poquititi-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-to loco!

  3. This kid, Anthony Gonzales can SING!! I just saw this movie like 2 days ago and I’m amazed. He is so talented!!!

  4. We watched this entire movie in my spanish class all in spanish which isnt that suprising and it sounded real nice in spanish

  5. აბა ქართველები რამდენი ვართ დაალაიქეთ კომი

  6. My one year eight month old watches this movie everyday… it's the only movie that got her attention so far and un poko loco is her favorite song she even sing along but instead of " put it on my head" she says "kick him in his head" and my day is made… thank you coco best movie ever

  7. Spoiler alert

    I like how they were having a moment as great great grandfather and great great grandson, but they didn’t know it.

  8. As a lifelong guitar player and animation fan, it continues to amaze me the accuracy with which they animated this guitar playing. Even in the far away shots while Miguel is dancing around, if you pause you can see that he is fingering the correct chords. Not to mention the correct right-hand muting technique throughout. That almost NEVER happens in animation and I appreciate it so much.

  9. My school class went to Berlin last week
    A few friends and myself found a mexican restaurant called "Poco Loco" on Google maps which was round about 8kms away
    We had to eat there xD
    We walked to the restaurant and sang this song like 80 times while walking

  10. So a detail I only realized recently is look how hector dances in some parts he’s dancing as if he is dancing with a little girl this is what I love little hints and details like these that show you how a character is going to end up being Pixar is really great at stuff like this

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