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An Average Day in PUBG

An Average Day in PUBG

Hey fellas, how’s it going? How’s that punch going (A little help) sorry. (Sneaky Boi) *Notices other sneaky boi* Hey, dude nice fucking stealth (Thank you) I don’t think he heard you. (Boom Headshot) Don’t worry there. I’ll get him for you (Why Thank you! You’re too kind) (Surprise Headshot) It explains itself oof You dun goofed Poof OTZ shows why you should always check your kills Spook kill I have no fucking clue how I just screwed you man Goomba Shotgunned? Go away Hanzo, your ult is shit Told you That was a pretty good shot, man. I don’t know who you are, but that fucking scared me :C Mcree OP Sorry ((((ORAMI????)))) I’ve been on this hill for five years already He’s been shooting at me the entire time How much ammo does he have. How does this guy still have a shot on me? I don’t fucking know. How does this guy still have a shot on me? Please, End it! Just fucking kill me already! Got that rapscallion Thank you, thank you! This, this!!! is the perfect spot to heal **kill** myself Hmmm ((Gappy=shooty???)) Yup. Looks like Mcree got nerfed Fak u and Fak u!!! Broom Broom time You get the gist. Roadkill Destroy the objective!>:C *******Dead meme intensifies******* Mcree got buffed again. Dumb Dumb gonna get shot in the Bum Bum I got you now. Oh, I got you now! ((((Areyousureaboutthat?)))) Yup Responsible Driving PEwpepwepwpew Bang bang Okay now how the fuck do I get that? Congratulations. You win the game Excuse me what the fuck Every time someone’s asked me if this game is worth buying I’ve always recommended it But it’s just things like this that really gets at me How would that fucking car hit me through the fucking care package this game is so fucking broken. I am so fucking sick. I mean it’s not that bad. Hey buddy you parachuted really badly Do you have a weapon? You don’t have a weapon? Yep, I told you fuck Listen listen. I’m thinking we could make an alliance (orly). You’re starting to really piss me off maen. *lots of shooty* Aww so close (not even close baby) Hey dude, there’s someone in this compound you might not want to walk in There it is right there Pew Welp. Rip in pepperoni, friend. x2 *pew pew pew* *more shooting and missing* haha no ammo Badass mode engaged swing swong Thanks for the distraction man Hey, buddy, you dont have a weapon yet, I could give you one I’ve got two No thanks. What does this always happen. Why dis. Listen! Listen! (((LINDA))) Ha, I just dropped your weapon you fucking asshole *ded* Fuckin hell What’d find? Op, theres the other guy Hang on. (K?) Pew Aw, i missed. (Try again) What makes that noise? A dissapointed OTZ does. get gud He’s got a sniper rifle! – we’re good. Oh shit, shes gonna get that car! Did he get on the back? (Yep) Then he got an Idea. An awful idea C:

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  1. The average day in PUBG usually consists of eating Mac and cheese in the dark,smashing some guys skull in with a pan and getting banned for breathing next to a streamer

  2. Поцаны го поставил много лайков чтобы иностранцы думали что это чо то прикольное 6:03 типо чтобы они думали что я Чо-то сказал заумное

  3. Dont worry otz theres a new feature of ledge grab like parkour you wont need to worry about the shitty climbing on roofs about getting that care packagae also I subbed 🤗

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