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Amazon’s 🔮NEW WORLD MMO Important Press Details & Future (Map Size, Expansions, PVP)

Amazon’s 🔮NEW WORLD MMO Important Press Details & Future (Map Size, Expansions, PVP)

Good morning or afternoon, hope you guys are
having a good night or day and now – we finally get the opportunity to talk about these extra
details that we received alongside all that gameplay footage and those news articles. If you’re interested in learning what
the complete first impressions of these articles were, I highly recommend giving them a read. Overall it was a big bag of mixed reviews,
there were some good parts and some bad. But alongside waiting to jump in for ourselves
to find out how it really is, today we’re also going to be taking some time
to talk about some more ways that New World can expand even more in the future, and it’ll
be in a way that doesn’t go against their current vision for the game but can still
work out for everyone. So let’s get started with some of the basic
details. First article up is the one over at none other
than And to start it off, as many of you have already
seen from the newly released footage, combat is currently in a state of being classified
as fast paced. And of course we know it’s not like Black
Desert fast paced or anything but fast paced in a sense of a RPG like The Witcher 3 or
Skyrim. There’s weight to every move you make and
it aims to use it’s skill system to provide a wide variety
of weapon choices and armor to customize your playstyle. As we’ve seen mention of already, multiple
weapon skill trees will be a thing as this article mentions and you will be able to multi-specialize
in not only different roles for your gear but you’ll also be able to swap to different
weapons at will. It looks like
this part is level based as well, like we saw in the interview footage. For unlocking your third weapon slot for example
you’ll need to reach the level of about 30. And on top of that, it’s been mentioned that
we can in fact expect more weapons in the future
to be added to the game, which will hopefully contain their own specific skill trees. Plus we actually haven’t seen all of the known
weapons yet in the footage, we’re still missing the gauntlets, the healing staff that’s been
mentioned in these articles, and our wonderful 2 handed spear weapons. There was also a lot of suspicion around a
greatsword weapon being implemented later on and honestly that is probably one I’d hold
out for as well. I’ll be honest though, if they do end up putting
greatswords in the game I do hope the model for them looks similar
to the greataxe, or even a bit bigger. And I know how people feel about oversized
greatswords along with weapons that are double the size of your character being swung over
your shoulder, but I mean come on… THEY JUST LOOK SO COOL. Moving on forward we get to jump into the
juicy part. For those of you wondering about the overall
map size of the island of Aternum, it looks like Amazon Game Studios has actually already
announced it. Now it wasn’t specified if this map size was
going to be implemented during launch or beta, or
later on. But it looks like they are saying that the
map size will be around 40km squared. Now for those of you who aren’t aware, that
is also in fact the size or very close to of Skyrim’s map. Coming in at a whopping
14.3 square miles, also known as 37 kilometers squared. This will act as a good baseline of comparison
as this right here is a concept picture of the old alpha map of New World. Which at first glance does not look to be
at that size of 40km squared in comparison. But there’s only one way we’ll find out for
sure… Oh, and it looks like on the pvp side of things
when it does come to actually opting in, that we now have confirmation that it can only
be done while in a safe zone. So at the very least for those of us that
were nervous that people would be flagging down in the
wild to get out of pvp battles or resource defending, it wont be happening. But they can always just walk out of town
without the flag on entirely so there’s still that. We’re also going to be talking about PVP in
a big part in a little bit but first, let’s touch up on some of these other details. First, it also looks like the media did not
get to test out the horde mode as amazon game studios is still making tweaks to it. We’ve still got
some time to go before beta begins but that is one mechanic that I would really hope to
see more than most of them so that players will have even more of that player-vs-environment
content to look forward to, and this along with the dynamic events and
whatever farming areas or bosses they may have in game, just might be enough to hold
us over until we start getting some more additions. I do suspect that early on there will be a
lot of feedback regarding the player-vs-environment and PVP from the population,
I feel that it’s inevitable at this point that the game will be under a very big microscope
at beta and launch. But hopefully they’ll be able to get the ball
rolling right out of the gate… They also said that each weapon has a total
of 30 different skill unlocks to choose from, which I would assume would include passives. Unless we’re going to have over 30 different
unique weapon skills to choose from. Which wouldn’t be so bad now that I think
about it… Sounds kind of crazy, but not bad. Next they dive into the complete progression
systems of New World. There are a total of 5 to be exact. We have… Weapon Mastery, Trade Skills, Faction Reputation,
Territory Standing, and a brand new one we have not heard of called the PVP Elder Game. At first I thought this last one was some
sort of typo but after reading it a bit more it totally seems like this may just be some
sort of pvp honor system. Now we’re going to dip into that one in a
little bit but first let’s talk about the crafting and gathering. For these specific skills we are offered more
than a dozen different trades and they expect this number to grow over time. And I’m sure some of you out there will most
definitely want a little bit of fishing adding to that list along with some animal husbandry
and taming, with the current system, I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the housing pets system so
why not just grow your own pets from babies, or mounts if that system gets implemented
later on. Now for faction reputation this one just simply
involves doing things for your faction, so probably
things like faction quests that we’ve heard about before hand in the settlement blog. Territory standing is the one that is simply
increased by just doing things in a region, whether it’s killing mobs, crafting items,
gathering, etc… All that adds up to your total territory standing
which is also the level that dictates when you can purchase a house. This also seems to be the one that you can
grind almost forever, as I did notice that in that gameplay footage we saw that one of
the media characters had a standing over level 300. Which sounds like it’s going to be a crazy
grind for those of you who like to go completionist out there, let’s just
cross fingers for achievements related to these standing levels and rewards to match
them as well. And finally, finally, finally. We have the infamous PVP Elder Game, although
they could’ve totally meant to say End-game. I’m not so sure to be honest. But this one sounds like it’s an early form
of some sort of honor system. This is where we start to get into the topic
of how those of you who are still craving the absolute chaos and blood-rushing adrenaline
of PVP can still be satisfied. For this currency it’s stated that progression
of it is only gained through participating in castle sieges, which will earn you character
experience, along with chances at higher and better loot. And while this will clearly be a big part
of endgame, they say that you don’t have to be at max level to participate
in these wars. They stress that any character can beat any
player if their skills or tactics are better. And of course this is where we’re about to
jump right in. Now like we’ve already talked about plenty
of times before, even if the aspect of open world PVP does not fit
into amazon game studio’s vision any longer. There are still features that players that
enjoy PVP do know and love. I’d like to direct your attention to World
of Warcraft as the simplest example. Back before Vanilla or most notably right
now in Classic World of Warcraft, most of the player vs player action consisted
of open world PVP. And it did include that for quite a little
while UNTIL, players got the main two features that arguably became the backbone of the game’s
player vs player content. And those are the arenas,
and the battlegrounds. Now I know what you’re thinking – how can
we have arenas and battlegrounds in an open world sandbox though? Well I’ll tell you how, think about Gloria
Victis, think about Life is Feudal, games like that which did fulfill both parts. They
too acted as open world sandboxes but both of them did in fact have instanced PVP scenarios. And for New World it could even be as simple
as this. Now I wouldn’t expect this to be coming early
in the launch or beta but I like to keep this type of feedback fresh so we can talk about
how to help drive the game in the right direction, Amazon Game Studios says they aim to be a
customer centric developer but they also do want to design a game that
has a chance of being added to the roster of the greats. And it will be our job as players to find
a way to meet them in the middle if not all the way. So for PVP, let’s say for the battleground
aspect, we get a queue system similar to games like Ascent: Infinite Realm. We get an interface window that we can open
to queue for either pvp battlegrounds or arenas, for battlegrounds maybe we can get around
25v25 players and at least 2 or 3 different maps to start with. Let’s say half the
size of the territory battles to be safe and it would be more than easy to fit multiple
games with at least 1000 players per server. Now for arenas, let’s say we get 1v1s, 3v3s,
and 5v5s, with the option of choosing between premade queues and random queues. That part is very important. And when the queue pops, players get teleported
into them from anywhere in the world, and we can have different maps with different
objectives, let’s say maybe 1 or 2 maps for each mode in arenas. And maybe in the battlegrounds in one of the
maps or modes we could even have the corrupted or other factions thrown into the mix as a
player vs environment factor to contend with. I have a strong belief that this kind of content
could easily hold players over for months, if not a full year. But there has to be a couple no-nos. The first one would be, if we’re going to
suggest instanced PVP, there can’t be any time gating. This kind of thing would fit into normal dungeons
if that were to become a thing in the future but of course it would make sense for raiding
and harder tier dungeons, in the sense that there’s limits on how many you can do per
day or week. But for battlegrounds and arenas, that kind
of stuff needs to be opened up all day. We’ve seen games try out the specific times
for PVP thing and it just doesn’t seem to work as well as the alternative. Sometimes people have issues with time zones
or maybe they have something more important to do at
that time whether in-game or out of game and they miss it. Then it turns into a thing where if that’s
a big part of what makes them enjoy the game, most of their gameplay experience for that
day has been swept up entirely. And to finish this off, this suggestion is
also coming from the fact that if we do indeed get some sort of honor point system, in the
game’s current state, not everyone will be able to make use of it. This article only mentions territory wars
which is something that we can already tell that everyone wont be able to participate
in at all times. And this would be a great supplement to that
and to alleviate the need to wait for people to opt into PVP just to get a fight going. And with a system
like this, pvp achievements and leaderboards would be a great addition that have rewards
given to the people that perform the best after each season if that is how they choose
to track it. This is a system that seemed to overall work
pretty well in World of Warcraft’s early days but it’s also no secret that every mainstream
MMO on the market has some form of PVP in it. Heck, and even though it’s not fully fleshed
out. Even a story driven game like
Final Fantasy 14 has it’s own slice of it, it’s certainly something to consider and a
good way to still pool in those players that will be greatly missing that open world PVP
aspect… One more thing this article mentions is that
we actually might be seeing player numbers higher than a thousand when
the game goes into it’s full launch. Saying that they are planning ballpark wise
for not just between 1, but 1 and 2 thousand players… I wouldn’t put it past them being able to
reach those numbers at all considering how powerful their server tech must be. But if we get those numbers going I would
imagine we will for sure need to get a bigger map with some more territory to fit everyone
on it. Now after that, just to include a few more
details since the MMORPG article dived into the bulk of it, IGN also gave some details
about the game despite their impression of New World being rated less satisfactory than
the others. To start with, they do mention
that for lore, it appears the story of New World is going to be completely scattered
around the world. So this means for you lore hunters and all
of us interested in lore in general will probably be waiting a while for getting the full picture
of what the world of New World is really about. They then describe the quests as being in
a state very similar to town projects, go here and kill X amount of that, go there and
gather this, or talk to a new person, that sort of thing. One thing I’d like to point out though is
that although this current questing sounds like it’s still
in early stages or may not be up to par, that quest designer position that we talked about
that was listed on their job listings a few weeks ago, that listing is no longer there. Along with a few others. Which of course
leads us to believe that they’ve either been filled or maybe even on the off chance, removed. But this could mean that they could be already
planning to greatly improve or rework the questing system at a later date. Maybe even get an entirely new one for expansion
based content, which wouldn’t entirely be out of the realm of possibilities, it wouldn’t
be the first time we’ve seen a game make a huge breakthrough on player satisfaction when
it got to it’s first or second expansion. I still hear to this day how burning crusade
was without a doubt one of the best if not the best world of warcraft expansions, which
I never got to experience by the way. But that’s a long story. Also I’m still crossing my fingers for some
more types of dynamic events, including even mega-dynamic events with chains leading up
to them, like guild wars 2 was able to pull off. If you guys have
ever experienced the silverwastes or maps similar to it in that game, you’ll know what
I’m talking about. We could use global objectives in New World
that could even end up being territory based which could lead to getting maybe even the
entire playerbase involved. They also say that for the character creator
that they saw different hairstyles and face presets, but for them that it overall felt
a bit barren. I’m expecting a basic character creation solely
because I feel like they’re planning to focus more on the gameplay mechanics
before they start going as deep into the character building itself. But as always, if MMOs have proven anything,
that’s certainly a system that always needs some loving. Now PC Gamer’s Article dives into a few but
equally important mentions. The first was that when the topic was brought
up about mounts specifically, Amazon Game Studios told the press that there are none
currently but that they would be added if players
want them. Please allow me to say that I am all for mounts
in a game like this, and even though I totally get why some people would not want them, for
reasons like it might make it too quick of a experience to explore the world or maybe
they can make it too easy to get in and out of combat situations. But to that I would say, most of the sandboxes
that were ever loved on the market did actually have mounts in them. Take Darkfall, Mortal, of course Albion, and
hell, I believe even Ultima Online had mounts if I’m not mistaken. And I feel that they just add more of an experience
than they take away, unless they’re flying ones because at that point… Yeah I could totally see where the issue could
arise. PCGamer also brought up healing magic in combination
to fire, so we might be getting a comeback of those gauntlets or a brand new healing
staff in one of these upcoming phases. Amazon Game Studios also said that there’s
no reason to expect a delay in the release currently so it appears that
they are indeed going full steam ahead. However, the very very last detail to touch
on is that it has now been mentioned that there is a possibility of expansions being
planned later down the line along with the possibility
of naval combat. This is the most important part of this one
because an expansion could be exactly what this game needs to fill the gaps that the
playerbase might feel are missing. This could be where we get that expanded PVP
system, along with mounts, more areas to explore, a fully functioning
quest system, etc… No matter what happens during the launch of
this game, what I will say is that it doesn’t matter what the game starts out as. It’s where these games end up. If Amazon Game Studios can
turn this game over time – into one that either a sandbox lover or traditional MMORPG player
could enjoy, it’ll end up as a success in my book. Just be sure to remember that if the game
does not suit your needs right away on beta or launch, don’t forget
to keep looking back. Because when this game gets to it’s beginning,
if we help fight for it, it wont have to also mark it’s end. But with that folks, thank you all very much
for joining and I hope you have a good night or day. And farewell.

Reader Comments

  1. Finally, here's all the juicy details we missed during the press releases and some topics that have opened up a brand new discussion. (Today's Update) There's been a little of new information released through recent articles past this recording that AGS is open to changing the game up based on player-feedback when the beta/launch arrives, but there ARE other ways this system can work if this is now their new vision of the game. It's best to explore all options on this one whether it's old system or new system.

    To start, we need to take a trip back to the early 2000s. Some of these suggestions can be risky and require a lot of TLC (constant balancing changes, monitoring results for both PVP and PVE, etc)
    and most importantly – they will require time.

    But nevertheless, let's jump right into the possibilities. Let me know what you folks think about all the new details we've received!

  2. here's my thing, I'm an avid pvper and loved all games that offered it for years (WoW TBC-MOP), ESO Cyrodill, GW2 World PVP and Arenas, and in the entire time I've followed this game I rarely ever see people suggesting battlegrounds and arenas. Why is that? Do we really need to loot the other person to be able to enjoy PVP properly? That part is lost on me.

  3. I read the IGN article this morning and I mean if they revert back AGAIN to the old system after all this talk and stress, they will just end up brushing off both sides of the playerbase in one go and leave their game in an even more crippled spot. I would actually not play if they did that for at least 6 months. I can't devote time to a game just to see it drastically change a month down the line.

  4. I have never minded optional PVP and I used to play star wars galaxies. But what I do mind is installing a game 2 months after release and dying out of the starting zone. I hope they bring pvp zones or battlegrounds/arenas if they do want more pvp m' lord.

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  7. The whole vision of this game was to be different and unique from all the rest, not to be the same with battlegrounds and arena. Im sure it would be great, but its the same old same old. Why is the consensus that open world pvp is non existent have i missed something? I know its opt in but doesnt mean that open world wars still cant take place? Informative video though thank you 🙂

  8. So many are desperate for an MMO that can hold interest, I hope they don't mess it up. P2W, character build imbalance, etc…

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    Got recommended KiraTv because you watched hjs video. Dudes a fucking child.
    He got angry at every criticism and correction i/others made on his new world video.

  11. MMO developers really take advantage of our hopeful mindsets. We are so desperate to recapture that golden era feeling that we impose so many hopeful ideas into a game that probably wont even rekindle a part of the happiness. I hope these Amazon boys know what they are getting into. Also great video!

  12. This game was ruined they removed pvp and player looting its no longer a sandbox and the alpha is literally dead now activity wise, the vast majority of alpha forum posts are saying Amazon ruined the game with the recent WoW care bear theme park changes

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  14. I honestly don't care that much if it's full loot pvp or not. The real issue here though is that the game started as a survival pvp game. Now they've suddenly changed route and going for more of an mmorpg pve direction with optional pvp. Now that in itself wouldn't really be much of an issue, apart from the fact that people who've tried the recent closed alpha, says that it's pretty much identical to the old game except the previous pvp system is removed.

    So if its the same old pvp survival game, but without the pvp survival, then how will it cater to pve players? There's no dungeons, raids etc. It's basically the old game but with the core part that made people play it removed. When you compare the pve aspects of the game to any other mmorpg it gets pretty clear that it's lacking a substantial amount of content. I just don't see how pve players will play this game more than a few days and then be bored of it, and since much of the original playerbase is unhappy with the removal of its core pvp features, it seems like neither pvp players or pve players will be content with the game.

    Just seems like an overall stupid business decision.

  15. Hey! Thanks for the update! I am very interested in this MMO. I will have to poke around online to find more info on the horde invasions. That is just wild!

  16. It’s up to the customer/player to meet amazon in the middle… or all the way..

    Or you can just make a game that’s fun to play.

  17. Great video. For the Mount part I'd also recommend thinking about the implementation. Of course you can make up mounts that can fly and have 300% movement speed and ruin the vast size of a landscape. But it's also simply possible to make them 30-50% faster and only usable on ground. Against PvP it's simple to just use a timer so you can't mount up after engaging pvp.

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  25. Right now i think i will go with this game and then Mount and Blade when it goes out of EA in 2021.
    Also waiting for AoC. Dont feel like i want to pay 50eur for mount and blade right now.

    My comment is comment nr. 100 😊

    Ohh and BattleGrounds is a bad idea, they worked so hard to do the pvp in open world with sieges and so on, if battlegrounds gets into the game, what is the point about sieges as you can just que up for a BG and do pvp there. I am sorry but you are so wrong about BG's!
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    Bait and switch. Simple.

    So someone please tell me how is this game going to set itself apart now? Really, I need to make an appointment now to kill you?

    You advertised hard core pvp content. Now your buckling to the folks that obviously can't read or knew they could change the game to their liking by crying. There's plenty of pve games out there that actually have dungeon, lore and raids pic one.

  29. I'm pretty sure this will just be yet another "Meh". I hope someone will bring some balls into the MMO genre and stop bowing down to the snowflakes that are scared to get killed by other players and make everything as easy as possible. People want something new, people want adult and hardcore games like Tarkov. Show some balls.

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  33. Personally, I do NOT want any sort of scaling of gear/levels/stats. It really kills the whole progression part of PvP. Now I may not be huge on PvP, but that's only because the quality of PvP in games, MMORPG especially, have diminished in my opinion. 2 of my most enjoyed PvP experiences were World of Warcraft through around Cata, then I just lost interest in it as it lost it's original appeal from the days of Classic and Dark Age of Camelot. To this day, no game has even come close to matching DAOCs pvp. They may mimic the RvRvR theme, but they were never done properly, I'm looking at you ESO and GW2, your PvP is shit.

    BTW Wrath was the best WoW expansion, hands down. As a player who got one of those rare closed beta invites (I mean those old ones that only were given out to actual beta testers who reported bugs and shit which were very hard to get unlike now when you can pay for these things.) to World of Warcraft and played it through Cata without a lapse in subscription, Wrath was the best. I sunk the most hours into that content, and still find myself going back to it all of the time when I do take a break from FFXIV and ARK to play it for a week or so here and there. BC and Classic were great, but Wrath holds the Icecrown.

  34. Whats the point of equalized gear? I mean gear is the hole point of the MMO. You grind, you earn your shit, you wreck nabs like a god with your geared character + skills that you gather meanwhile.
    If you people want everything to be equal play Tekken or some shit like this.

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