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Amazon’s 🏹NEW WORLD MMO EXPANDED ALPHA FOOTAGE Dropped (PVP Gameplay, Combat Analysis, Mechanics)

Amazon’s 🏹NEW WORLD MMO EXPANDED ALPHA FOOTAGE Dropped (PVP Gameplay, Combat Analysis, Mechanics)

Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all. It looks like we are back in the season of
giving because Papa Amazon themselves have collaborated with GameStar to bestow upon
us even more gameplay footage for Amazon’s very own New World MMO. Now earlier today Gamestar uploaded a video
interview with a miss Leya Jank-owski who seems to represent the infamous article site, which if you don’t recognize is in fact the article that specifically dived
into some of the twitch integration, the horde mode, and the streamer army features
of new world. Now during this interview they show off some
brand new footage that is a continuation of that 10 seconds of siege gameplay that Amazon
Game Studios showed us during the last dev blog. Fear not people, for it looks like they have
not forsaken us for the entire month after all. Now I will say though that the gameplay does
not include audio as the interview is still going on in the background and it’s only about
2 minutes of footage that I was able to carve out of this video. But it’s definitely better than nothing, this
gives us a clearer picture of how the combat system and siege system is going to work in-game. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and
get started. [break]
I made sure to slow it down so we could savor all the juicy details on this one, it starts
off with this spanish inquisitor version of Thor showing us how it feels to put the smack
down on a group of people with a magically imbued warhammer. Now right away
we’ve already got to pause, starting off at the bottom right it does in fact look like
we do have skills and abilities we are able to use for our weapon. That leads me to believe that we must have
some sort of skill tree that we can level up and choose these different
abilities, and this feature does get touched on more in the recent MMORPG article that
also came out this morning regarding New World. Stating that apparently, in terms of a weapon
like the one handed axe, you could either decide to specialize in the melee based
tree, or you could use it as a throwing axe and choose the ranged based one instead. This is a great concept that I really hope
they expand on because it will allow us as the players to come up with all sorts of new
and unique builds. Adding onto that in the bottom
we can also see that apparently their player level is around level 50 and I could only
surmise that the glow means they might have some points to spend on something. It also looks like that warhammer in question
is tier 5 from what I’m seeing by that roman numeral icon there, which does mean that the
tier system of the alpha will be making a comeback. So like we talked about in the previous territory
video, we’ll more than likely have to start off with lower level benches
and have them get upgraded through town projects that the whole settlement can contribute to. And at the same time we’ll have to work our
way crafting through the tiers to reach this point of endgame. We also see
a couple empty slots which seem like they could be used for either consumables or maybe
even some secondary skills of some kind. I’m really hoping that we get access to food
and drinks that can buff our characters, because in both player-vs-environment
and player-vs-player content that would add a feeling of preparation that may enhance
the experience overall. We also see in the top right what’s known
as Battle Tokens which we did talk about a little while back when we found out information
about the siege warfare during the PVP blog. Specifically saying that during the siege
battles, both sides will be able to earn points to spend on both upgrading and gear. For defenders it could be something like consumables
or upgraded wall defenses, and for the attackers it could be something like siege engines and
towers. This seems to be further supported by the
siege parts tooltip that we see right below that. And luckily, even though it’s expected for
most games to have this. On the left side we can see that there is
in fact a working party system which hopefully means when it comes to grinding in PVE, we’ll
be able to group up with our friends and guildmates to maximize efficiency. To continue on this in this small interaction
we can see these players fighting on what looks like a capture point, so those of you
who speculated that the siege system would be capture the point based, it looks like
that will end up being a big big part of it. We then see several people attempting to rush
through the gates when someone activates what appears to be a magical war shout. At first I thought someone was casting magic
on them until the animation ended, but there’s all sorts of chaos going on right here. We get to see a little bit of the 1 handed
sword action from this player while they have shockwaves from the warhammer and arrow and
musket fire going on all around them, and apparently the person who did that war shout
looks to be holding a one handed axe like we talked about. One thing I wanted to bring up is that this
fire that we’re seeing is kind of difficult to pinpoint as being magic based, we already
know that there are fire staves in the game but for some reason I feel like this might
be coming from a siege engine. And since the direction of it appears to be
coming from up on top of the gate, without being able to see it I can only guess that
the engine dropping the fire is a boiling oil pot mixed with some lovely cinder to add
a toast effect to their enemies. By the way I’m
still loving the look of these magically imbued weapons. I can’t wait until we can all together experience
the crafting systems of this game along with the combat. Now this next part is completely fresh and
one that I was super excited to see. The reason for this is because I don’t know
if you folks know this about me, but I’m a big spear guy. When a game gives you the opportunity to pick
up a 1handed or two handed spear, the roleplaying spartan within me immediately
gets awakened. And one part I’m glad to see here is right
off the bat where this wonderful character leonidas tosses that spear and it appears
right back on their character model. The reason for this because it would’ve been
so annoying to have to go and retrieve our spears and pikes each time we throw them. Sometimes it’s very likely for someone like
me to miss too, so I’d rather not be climbing a tree after every fight just to try and retrieve
my weapon. Now if you notice on the bottom
right when they did this it did in fact trigger a cooldown which looks like we will be getting
access to spear skills as well. There’s also another one that has a cooldown
on the far right, except these skills don’t seem to have their icons currently. I can only assume that
these are placeholders right now and that they are still working on the finishing touches
of all the weapons. But I’m just super glad that we’ll have access
to this specific tool when the game releases. And a nifty thing to look at too is when they
seamlessly proceeded to switch weapons, their skillbar changed completely, but the cooldowns
remained the same. Which means that in both PVE and PVP it’s
going to be very important to manage your cooldowns wisely
and even more important to make sure the weapons you choose are going to be a good combination
for your playstyle. The last thing you want is wasting a cooldown
on a skill that either missed entirely or you didn’t really need. We also then see their character’s
sword mastery skill increase right after they proceed to go to town on this ancient guardian,
and the area they appear to be in looks like it is in fact a temple of the ancients. I’m going to be very interested to see what
kind of bosses or types of monsters they will have to throw at us from all the opposing
factions, and also it does look like we were correct earlier, these extra slots on the
bottom right seem to be solely tied to consumables. The very last piece of footage we get relates
to some high level combat which is a fantastic thing to see this early, now of course we
already know what the icons in the bottom right are, and it looks like this is in fact
confirmation that the 1 handed axe can be both used as a throwing weapon and melee. But one thing I’d like to draw your attention
to is one, it does look like we will get access to different types of potions there, as well
as still being able to place our campfire out in the wilderness, most likely to be
used as a re-spawn. But two, notice that this axe is in fact a
tier 5 weapon but if you compare the difference between the greathammer we saw earlier that
was grey, and this one, it appears that we have a blue graded weapon on our hands. Now this can only
mean that the game must have different types of rarities throughout the tiers so if we
start off crafting tier 1 or 2 weapons, even if we get to tier 3, we might still be able
to craft different grades of tier 1 and 2 weapons. Things like green grade, blue grade, maybe
even all the way up to purple. And if amazon is open to suggestions about
this, if they ever do implement instanced dungeons and raids or just more player vs
environment content in general, one thing I’d really love to see is of course achievements,
but also gear that looks noticeably different the rarer
it gets, so if you were to earn an endgame piece of gear from a high level dungeon that
ended up being rare or legendary grade, it should look visually better than something
you would get in a normal dungeon. It would also be pretty cool to see different
difficulties of content, stuff that players that fit into the casual category can enjoy,
and players that prefer a more hardcore experience, with achievements and gear to match both of
those. I’m also still going to advocate for
honor point vendors for players that enjoy player vs player to enjoy, and if that ever
does become a thing whether it’s through the faction system or something else, I would
love to see PVP gear that looks visually different than it’s player vs environment counterpart. But that’s only food for thought. Just like how I am now even more interested
to learn about the opposing factions like the angry earth dryad prowler we are seen
fighting in this clip. The scenery of this area looks incredible
and I’m glad to see that the level cap is not 50 but in fact level 60. That’ll be a good place for the game to start
with. It also looks like blocking does consume your
stamina and it does look like dodging does the same, even though skills do not. One thing that was really cool to see as well
is that the mobs themselves actually have skills of
their own, I just hope that means we’re going to get a good challenge when it comes to the
player-vs-environment aspect. That always feels like one of the important
parts of having good environmental content in
almost any game. The last one we get is a quick show of all
the carnage that we’ll be getting in these battles which is looking really good from
where I’m sitting right now. Compared to all the sandbox experiences we’ve
gotten over the years, I would love to see something like this
but on a massive scale, this is truly starting to feel like a game that has a really good
baseline and unlimited potential, as long as they take care of it and do this the right
way. And after seeing this beautiful showcase of
the musket and seeing these people go to town on this gate, I am incredibly indecisive now
on if I will be choosing to go with a melee weapon or ranged one. And to add onto that, how about you guys let
me know in the comments below, from what you’ve seen, what weapon do you think you’d most
enjoy or would most likely fit your playstyle. Any and all reasoning for them I would absolutely
love to read through them. And with that folks that is all the gameplay
footage that we have to go over currently but I’m sure there will be more to come so
be sure to stay tuned. And as always, thank you all very much for
watching and i hope you have a good night or day, and farewell.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmm, is this why we only got 10 seconds of footage in the dev diary? This has to be part of the plan, the matching t-shirts, the extended footage, that makes me wonder when that footage was taken and if it actually was part of the reason the dev diary ended up getting delayed… Maybe they needed to fly people in to record at their studio or multiple media sites were inbound to get coverage? And then maybe they were under NDA until now and that's why most of the articles and this footage all dropped at once… 🤔🤔🤔 well in the meantime, let's jump into this!

  2. I'll most likely go for the sword and board style, like I did in Dark souls and For Honor. If the game let me, I'll swapp to greatsword-shield (and cosplay artorias, lol)

  3. There just isn't enough in-game footage to showcase this game. We have like 15 seconds of gameplay and then a bunch of "this is what the game will be like:".

  4. Now the game does not make sense because skills do not count, there will be one big zerg 50vs50 plus you have nothing to lose. PvP does not make sense because no one will pay off entering pvp mode. This game is for people who like only instances, gathering and other boring crap, not real PvP. Sorry for my bad English..

  5. The game kinda gives me a "Secret World" vibe but without the overlapping skills from the misc weapons. I'd LOVE to see something about the misc magic options. Only thing I've seen so far is some healing and one guy getting rooted by an ice-block around his feet.

    That being said, I'll take mage-staff>2Hsword/hammer>throwing axe – I've always been either a healer in groups or a solo ranged puller. That's one of the things I loved so much about Rift and TSW. Sneak into position, snipe 1-2mobs, smack them as they rush me and then goto town with mass damage. If I can heal myself in the process, all the better 🙂

  6. Almost everything in this video that he seems surprised about was in Alpha. Throwing spears, consumables, levels of weaps, sieges, etc etc. You should talk to someone who's played the game extensively then make these, instead of guessing. 😛

  7. Ser Medieval at this time frame
    You can find out more about the fire we see here by hitting up the link below
    I hope this helps.

  8. This looks awesome, but for gods sake every game butcher sword and shield combat. The fact that he puts his shield on the side while attacking with his sword is killing me. NO ONE EVER PUTS AWAY THEIR SHIELD FOR ATTACKS. No one sword and board fight style is unique and it has its own fighthing style while attackimg you should always prepared for deffence. And thats a interesting way to use a kite shield tbh.

  9. better if we can use 2 weapon same time like 2 swords or 2 axes and more skills then 3 …. this game looks nice but i think its boring because they forget some of important thinks for this game … many quests many items i think its only for pvp i hope this game have some skins like sparta, greech, vikings and some more … then the game can be very nice

  10. i miss some skills arrow hail, multi shoot, directed arrow and play with 2 weapons like 2 axes 2 swords, long sword and some other weapons

  11. I am similar to you Ser Medieval, these type of games bring out the inner Greek mythology/Spartan in me. I like spears but I would like to do it like an Achilles style, spear and shield!!

  12. Fell in love with sekiro so would love if there's a weapon that can emulate that playstyle (obviously no katanas due to the nature of the game rip). Other than that probably just go for the great-sword and get some mad spacing going.

  13. I've always really enjoyed traps, auto-turrets, and drones/pets. I'm very curious if they'll have anything for that play style. If not.. It really depends on what sorts of magic there are, but if that's poop-esk I'll roll with a rifle or a spear depending.

  14. Only slots for 3 abilities… That's way too low for an RPG. Hope the game comes out as an actually finished product, since I refuse to waste money on "Early Access" games.

  15. OMG!!! Is this based off the japanime Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense; VR Game New World Online??? It’s definitely looks like it. I’ve been hoping they would do an actual game version of the anime series from Hulu. If this game is based off the concept of that series and the fact I seen a Stag in this video that looked like a boss just like the one in the series is too coincidental! The fact that they had coins in the game and major events is too similar. And the siege looked like the 1st event held in the anime. I’m very excited for this and am hoping to find out more about it. I’m look forward to more to come!!

  16. As and early alpha player, and getting access to current alpha, they really ruined the fucking game.

    First off, skills an abilities based on weapons used to be given to you. You had light attack (left click) heavy attack (right click) block (I think it was like ctrl key? been awhile) and then your three skills, Q, R, and F…. you would automatically have these in the previous open world PvP version of the game. Now you have to unlock them in a stupid ass skill tree…. yawn. If they are going to have a skill tree, they should have come up with new skills and abilities instead of taking what you already had previously and making that into a skill tree. Players of "new" new world will feel as if the PvE aspect will be lacking. Which will be hilarious because its the PvE crowd that cried like babies about "we don't want open world PvP because people will gank us" without knowing how that system worked.

    The open world PvP system they had worked. No one could be a "ganker" of lower levels. WHY? Well firstly a player with Tier 5 weapons did NOT have a huge advantage over a player with Tier 1, the advantage was smaller. Thus, if you as a "gamer" were skilled enough, you could kill a higher level, knowing when to dodge, when to attack, properly utilizing your stamina. Which quick cut away from the PvP system, they took away stamina (at least in this alpha) for attacking. If it stays that way, the game will suck, because while blocking and dodging eats your stamina, attacking doesn't, so anyone who DOES choose to PvP by flagging it, will end up needing to "attack first" to win. Because you can spam your basic attack…. sure skills have cooldowns but if your basic attack doesn't use stamina you can just infinite swing, which can also be used to completely break PvE as well as mobs don't have a chance to attack. You used to have to think about what attack actions to do, as the enemy, both PvE and PvP could counter. Now, not so much. The starting zombies you can just spam and they never get a chance to attack, they might try to roll backwards away from you, but you can just keep on swinging (as it has forward movement when no one is in front of you) and continue to destroy them. Boars, they used to attack even if you were attacking them, so you had to notice the model of the boar seeing when its going to attack. They even used to charge at you. Now, with infinite stamina, you can just swing away and the boar never gets a chance to attack. The only time you will get hit is if you take on more than one enemy….. Back to PvP. They had a "criminal" system. You start off as a "white named" player meaning normal. You decide to kill someone. You gank them. You now have a 4 hour criminal cool-down and your name is now "red". When a "white named" normal player attacks and kills a criminal, they DO NOT become a criminal. Instead killing said criminal is considered and act of "good". So now instead of some high tier guy running around killing noobs griefing, that "ganker" would be a "red named" criminal, and when seen, every white label player will attack on site, because its full loot drop. So instead of the ganker picking on noobs, the noobs can reverse gank the ganker….. the system worked. The only ones on the alpha forums complaining where mainly solo players who shouldn't have been trying to play in a PvP focus game. Those few crybabies pretty much ruined the game, the lead developer left (I also heard he was fired) and the game became a PvE players wet dream. AT LEAST, that is what those PvE players hoped, but as the main focus of the game was PvP, none of the PvE systems are polished enough and IF the game launches in two months as stated, they are gonna be in for a lot of people disappointed with the game. Those who do play, probably wont play for more than 6 months as the content isn't there. There are no dungeons. How do I know? Because the game was never initially planned to have dungeons as it was a PvP game. That was to come later as expansions. I doubt the few months they spent completely changing the game and ruining it that they had time to add in dungeons to the world.

  17. Way too many icons on the screen at once. People don't need red or blue orbs above their heads with numbers and healthbars. You don't need a massive circles around capture points. Hoping they get rid of majority of that, so that players eyes can focus on the actual game graphics.

  18. First video I watched that actually talked about the 'combat' of the game, as a prospective player and someone that's just discovering info about the game you answered more about how the game actually feels to play than every other video condemning it. For me the dream MMO game has action combat, where positioning choices and timing matter alongside abilities/skill usage. Ever since I read .hack//AI Buster and it's sequel, the dream of playing an MMO that has as close to real world movements as makes logical sense has always appealed to me alongside a game where picking a solely polearm class/character feels satisfying to play.

    As we've seen there seems to be a multi-weapon system of some sort but I'm hoping that there will be a good middle ground where choosing to specialise has benefits but so does being more diverse offers more options in combat.

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