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Amazon’s ⛺NEW WORLD MMO In-Depth Housing System Revealed (Building Footage, Taxes, Benefits)

Amazon’s ⛺NEW WORLD MMO In-Depth Housing System Revealed (Building Footage, Taxes, Benefits)

Hello all and welcome back to another day
in Aternum. It seems like all at once we got dropped a
back to back bombshell for New World and it actually seems like some of the details we
received do give information on minor things we’ve been wondering about. Such as the fact that the MMORPG article has
finally revealed to us the names of the 3 factions of New World. The First one being marauders, who are all
about raw power and ruthless military force, followed by The Syndicate who are a secret
organization dedicated to guile and being cunning. And finally they reveal the covenant, who
believe they have the divine right to aternum and want to cleanse the land of the heretics
and defilers. Which already is beginning to give me major
Greedfall vibes. But that part we’ll just sweep
under the rug for now along with all the other details that I am super excited to share with
you guys. Because today we’re going to be focusing specifically
on – the housing system of Aternum. Yesterday morning after we had all finished
analyzing some of that pristine looking combat footage, Amazon Game Studios decided to drop
the blog that we weren’t even expecting in the slightest. And it goes into the specific process of what
it means to own a house in the game. It starts off by describing player housing
as a exciting, recent addition to New World. It gives us as the players the opportunity
to own and personalize homes all across Aternum. And just to do a quick recap for those of
you who have not looked into this information yet, all the houses in the game that we know
of are located in places called Settlements. These settlements are able to be captured
and fought over by what’s known as companies, which in other
games would be classified as guilds. When you take over a settlement either by
purchasing it outright if no one owns it or declaring war to either attack or defend it,
the leader of the company then becomes the Governor of the settlement. The governor and his consuls which act as
officers are able to manage and upgrade the settlement through
the form of setting town projects, to upgrade crafting benches and provide territory wide
buffs to resident owners. They also have the ability to set the taxes
which – you probably guessed it, do include housing taxes
as one of the forms of income. The blog continues to say that multiple players
can purchase the same physical housing location but they will only be able to see their own
property and decorations unless they are visiting someone else’s house. This means that by default
when you enter a settlement and look at a specific housing spot, you will by default
only see your own house first, regardless of who else has a home there. And that would only change to where you can
see someone else’s house if you are apart of their group and paying
them a visit. For those of you who are wondering how exactly
a housing system like this might work, a good example of a game that does this is Black
Desert Online. Which pretty much follows the same concept. This prevents issues arising like Land rushing
like you would see in a game like Archeage, or would have seen
back when it first launched, I should say. I still get nightmares about all the wars
we had to wage over housing spots in the Kyrios server on the western side. But to get back on track, to purchase a house
you need to first raise your territory standing to the proper
level. That means if you start off in the new player
territory and level your standing all the way up, if you want to have a house in another
region or territory, you will then need to go over to it to begin raising your standing
there too. We can do this by killing creatures, completing
faction missions, working on town projects, and even crafting items. Thank the maker for that by the way, as someone
who enjoys crafting quite a bit in sandboxes I would have been struggling to balance out
my day between farming mobs and then farming resources to make sure I stayed up to date
on my trade skills. Once we have reached a high enough standing
level – and our characters reach level 20, we will be able to unlock the ability to own
a home in that specific territories settlement. One thing I’d like to add to this is one of
the minor details the recent MMORPG article goes over is that you are in fact able to
have more than one house. First house is locked at level 20, second
housing slot becomes available at level 40, and the third one we can purchase after level
60. And for those of you wondering if we’ll be
able to own multiple houses in the same territory, that’s something
that I’m sure we’ll find out for ourselves but I don’t believe has been directly explained
yet. But it does say as long as you meet the requirements
that you should be able to buy another house, so I would imagine that
it is possible. And then they also mention that houses do
come in different varieties, ranging in different sizes, features, and cost. Some houses overlook the center of town while
others have balconies with nice views over the settlement walls. Which I do have to say
is something I’m really excited about. This specific part, combined with the fact
that we’ll be able to take long, romantic walks on the undead filled beaches, are slowly
but surely starting to fulfill my own personal MMO-based fantasy… No but seriously though, I can at least say
that I’m really glad we wont all be dealing with the same looking
houses. Having some variety between the visual aspect
of them sounds like it’ll be really good for all players that end up buying one, especially
the ones that do like to dive deep into housing-based systems in games. We also find out that after purchasing our
homes, we can right away begin personalizing our spaces. They say they have hundreds of items for us
to use to customize our homes, everything from table chairs to decorative garden plants,
and hanging vines that can help us design a property to reflect
our tastes… Yeah but can we design our rooms with a Game
of Thrones or Vikings based theme is the real question, and if they aren’t already in then
I would personally like to be the first to request a Witcher designed
bathtub, for all those adventurers that end up being tired after a long day of slaying
corrupted. And we need to have an animation for sitting
in the bath tub or it wont work, that’s a requirement. They also say which I almost carelessly glossed
over that we’ll actually be able to not only get pieces of furniture or ornamental items
that can be crafted, but also on our adventures we’ll be able to find pets to bring back home
with us. All jokes aside even though
it’s going to be awesome to be able to craft furniture and anyone who does it is probably
going to make a butt-ton of money, if we’re able to somehow captured these ancient guardians
or lost mobs to take home as pets, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be getting
a successful housing system in our hands. I’d even settle for a corrupted based direwolf. Now once we purchase these homes we must of
course pay taxes on them to maintain it, this property tax goes directly to the controlling
company of the settlement. And
if at any point we fail to make our tax payments it appears that instead of being evicted by
the Iron Bank of Aternum, we will instead have core functions of the house that will
cease to work entirely. Things like the ability to recall back home,
or even our trophy buffs, which apparently provide us with buffs
in aspects like combat and crafting when they get placed down inside our homes. We also wont be able to rearrange anything
inside the home but we will at the very least be able to still visit it if our taxes go
unpaid. And since the price of the house itself for
the first ones seem to be around 2000 gold, with around 200 being the weekly upkeep
cost to maintain it, it sounds like you’ll want to save up a little bit before you try
and pursue one of these. But luckily, since it’s an instanced housing
system, there’s absolutely no rush when it comes to getting one. In the next part they also touch a little
more on the recall mechanic of the house, and the
way they describe it in the blog, it sounds like we wont even have to die to use the recall
function to port back to our house. Which since it sounds like we’ll be traveling
everywhere on foot, that’s a method of traveling that I’m personally going to be aiming for,
as soon as possible. And like the trophies we mentioned earlier,
we also get magical decorations that also provide buffs when they are placed on display
in our houses. And since we can only have so many on display
at one time, we’ll have to choose wisely when it comes
to deciding which ones we will showcase in our houses. The last thing they go over is the social
benefits that come with owning a house, and this is a part that you folks that get competitive
with housing systems will want to remember. When we pass through settlements we will of
course see our own homes and their decorations, but when it comes to
seeing the houses on other plots of land, it looks like we will be seeing the ones with
the highest housing points. So by decorating our house a lot and earning
more territory standing, our houses get shown off
to everyone that comes to a settlement that doesn’t own the same exact house spot as you. And as shown in this screenshot, we can see
exactly where we are in the house rankings compared to the top 20 players that live in
the same place. This is something
that sounds really awesome and also really scary at the same time. Mainly because even though I am stoked to
actually go for this housing system and collect a bunch of decorations and trophies, sometimes
games and specifically MMOs can unintentionally open up a can of worms if they have too many
housing decorations or kits locked behind a currency in the cash shop. And since this game will also have a cash
shop I’m hoping that we get a balanced selection outside of it. And I mainly say that not so much as from
a competitive standpoint but a decorative one. I personally would love to design a home with
a 14th or 15th century medieval England theme, but I would rather
go out and explore and craft the items needed to do it. But either way, I’m really excited to see
more of this system and especially the crafting one. I think with amazon game studios slapping
down information on every system slowly but surely, it only stands
to reason that the one that’s going to make the world and economy go round should be up
next. But in the meantime, what do you guys think
about this housing system so far? Does it give you ideas or desires
about what locations in a settlement or themes of decoration you would like to go for? Lay it all on us in the comments below. And of course as always, thank you guys very
much for taking the time to check out this video and I hope you have a wonderful night
or day. And farewell.

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    Calling in some more ambiance to go over the new details relating to Amazon's very own New World MMO's housing system. Managed to slip in a little bit of the house decoration footage that was released on their twitter just this morning. As always, let's go ahead and dive right into this and let me know what you guys think about the system below!

  2. I wasn't too sure about this game when I first saw it but it's starting to grow on me, and I hear that the recent alpha that people are testing isn't up to date. I hope the game holds up during beta/launch.

  3. I COMPLETELY forgot they mentioned a cash shop, god that's the last thing we need is for them to mess it up with that. Everybody cross your fingers and toss your coins.

  4. Jeez they are out here dropping news in these articles and stuff and I'm still hung up on why the last dev diary was delayed. Has to be related to the press stuff or something.

  5. Digging these recent updates. Seems like the game is heading in the right direction.

    If you guys are looking for an established New World guild, join us at Black Crusade! You can find us on the LFC website!

  6. I for one am stoked. Current plan, level 10 faction and flag, level 20 house, level 40 be a Master of the wilds and able guide. I did well with that before and had a Blast!

  7. I broke my rule and pre-ordered it. The housing is great. But I do wish we could build it by gathering etc. Buy a plot and there you go.

  8. Ser Medieval I like your content but the base in your videos is super annoying and causes me to not watch as long as I would. I hope you can clear it up.

  9. Every time they drop some news and the idea of the game becomes more defined I have kind of mixed feelings. On one hand it looks like they keep making solid design choices that will be beneficial for the game's health, on the other it gets further and further from the explore and find your way in a wild untamed land premise I was really excited about. I don't know if it was possible to make that original premise without it just being low tech Rust, so I can't even complain, just I don't know this seems so regimented, but that will probably make it a better game?

  10. Not doll houses again! How about. Workshop. Merchant,. Farming/gardening. Ranch/ animal raising. Trainable pets. What about if we don't want to live in a city. Or have an imn or tavern or similar hunting lodge.

  11. Pets and furniture is nice. But will we be able to design the fortress? Will they be generic builds? I used to be the lead atchitect in big guilds of recent games. I hope we have some freedom with the building system.

  12. but why would ppl need house? its like ffxiv u spend too much time making house that u will never use coz usually u want stand in place that full of players as main city i wasted my time making houses in different mmos which isnt any useful and yes its useless again =/

  13. I was hopeing for something els, like you could buy a premade house and place it in the world where ever you wanted to, was hoping to build a mountain side house 😕

    But Hey its not Mount and Blade GreedyLord 2 that want 50Eur/50USD/40GBP for an Early Access game. So i am in 😊

  14. This worries me about the future of the LoTR MMO. This game is dead for me and many others now, gutting the originally planned and advertised PvP systems have killed it. But, if this is how Amazon deals with people not enjoying the fact they can be killed then LoTR is probably DoA too.

  15. I hope the decoration ranking isn't like BDO's where they just encourage people to cram the entire room like a horder with stuff piles on top of each other to be the best way.

  16. More I see of this game, the more I kinda see that it keeps ripping off the ideas Ashes of Creation already announced. A SHIT ton of developers are now trying to compete.

  17. 2:32 That is what I was worried about. Yet another claim of being "sandbox" and yet they have the housing system to be just like any other theme-park game out there. Owning a house should be a big deal. Something you strive for, an end-game kind of thing. By instancing it, everyone can easily without effort have a house and the immersion and pride of owning a plot is no more.
    This shit will be yet another "We-are-not-like-all-the-other-games" kind of game – yet, they really are. Urghh..

  18. What if for the pvp beginners get like a beginner protection for three days or until they are a certain lvl and it would be awesome to have certain places like neutral zones where you can't attack other players

  19. Game went from sandbox mmo, with politics/player interactions at its core to decorate your house with pets and hunt dangerous bears in the forest.


  20. As soon as you said real money cash shop this game was an automatic no for me, I will never play it now, thanks for the heads up

  21. AA/AAU still the best playing housing yet. Not shared. It's yours to keep and certed. When I saw this video that the housing was like BDO. I stopped watching. Goodluck.

  22. I would stay far away from this game, for the fact that amazon will use this game to see how people think and make decisions. Only diving deeper into your private life.

  23. Good grief…I couldn’t care less about fake housing for a character!


    These studios should LEARN A LESSON about movement and mechanics from Bungie! Just because Bungie shat their shorts with D2 doesn’t mean their movement mechanics aren’t BUTTERY delicious.

  24. Question man. I've been seeing videos pop up and Reddit posts about this game. Not saying really anything bad persay but that they believe the game will fail if it comes out the way it's built currently in May. Alot of ppl believe it should be delayed because of the changes that this game is going through and apparently the world seems empty. Have you heard anything like this? There was a Reddit post that had some stuff in there that was supposed to be apart of the NDA and there are alot of bad reviews coming out from alpha testers. Just wanted your opinion man.

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