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Are you ready to lose?
It’s gonna be easy No breath Never give up Hello everyone! I’m in a Crossfit box Because as many of you asked today i’ll show you how Motorcycle Riders train I’m here with Luca Salvadori And Stefano, Luca’s trainer Who also trained Andrea Iannone, MotoGP rider so, today i’ll do the same training of Luca If he’ll make it….
Man, this is starting badly He wanted the same training as me to try to follow me. We’ll see Man, you are so big Ok, Luca actually does not have the rider ideal body all the riders are like this Look at Valentino Rossi. He’s a skeleton You may want to buy him food. Do they feed you? That’s because on the bike, the more you weight, the slower you go Hence all the riders do their best to loose weight The problem is the bike is heavy. Hence you need a huge force And how do you build force without muscles? You need special trainings The problem is Luca, like me, genetically tend to build mass As soon as we start doing sport we grow big Which is cool for going at the beach, but not good to ride a bike So, Luca, in these years built a big mass, but now struggles to loose it So he does trainings meant to develop force and resistance Without building mass Show them! At the end of the video i will show them just for the girls Ok, we are degenerating Ok Stefano, what are we gonna do today? 30 minutes work. 7 minutes train, 3 minutes rest for 3 different stages And we’ll see who will win We’ll see. The only chance Alberto has is that he has put some laxative in here I know you! You will edit the video to make it look like you won He’s gonna win! I bet on Alberto I hope the laxative takes effect soon One question for you what does a rider need? Resistance you need to train the heart because you reach high BPM They make a huge effort with the heart. so the main thing to train is aerobic resistance And they also need a lot of force WARM UP We’ll make 3 circuits. Each one lasts 7 minutes and we have to do As much repetitions as possible non-stop I improvise myself as cameraman first round I see Alberto a little bit… He started too agressive with 1600 Watt at rowing But now he has 2 more circuits Any thoughts? Talk later? Ok. See you later I’m cameraman again We remember him like that Where are you? With a little hope no breath never give up I remember a challenge… Ready to loose?? The laxative takes 20 minutes to hit right. The tire can blow up at last lap Races ain’t over until the last corner my heart is blowing up… finally you know what being a rider means everyone thinks the bike does all the job. but it’s wrong as soon as they get on track, for the adrenaline, for the effort, for the air the heart hits 180bpm and never goes down So now you know what it means 180?? On my smartphone’s app, close to 180BPM stands the symbol of death… that’s normal administration for a rider 180 for the whole race? luckyly my races are 8 laps long… Ok, it’s time to show THE BEAST You are Crillin, the one who always dies Now comes Freezer and kills you Ops…the 3 minutes break became 6 200m run The laxative expired and took no effect… The problem is You thought about the laxative and not your rythm I have no rythm… Woooah! Alberto beats Luca As you can see, i’ve bet on the winning horse! This is worse than corrupted illegal poker games I disqualify myself I’ll pay you later
No problem! Ok that was a joke. Luca smashed me We are dead, but he has to do the “sir challenge” Alberto is gonna try to jump the 2 boxes what?? But i can’t even jump one?! No VFX! All real If i try it will i die?
If you believe it you can do it. Should i keep legs together?
You’re gonna leave as hero Almost! Just the leg… Always that leg!
There’s one leg stuck… Can you edit it with Photoshop? I will jump 6 with Photoshop! You have “Pinocchio’s” right leg!!! he has the leg like ostrichs i’m dead the important is to always try a real man is determined not by how many girls he had, but by how many times he got rejected That’s true! NOW STRETCHING This deadly training is over! But you don’t do just this, right? yeah, this is just a small part of my training We couldn’t put it all in one video this is what i do at the gym. I also do running stretching, active recovering. I do something everyday This is a typical training at the gym as you can see, no weight lifting! Because on the motorcycle you don’t need brute force, but constant force So this is one training day then in other days you do other things, like riding yeah, actually now with Pirelli testing and trainings i ride every week! that’s luckyly a big advantage! Thanks luke. As always subscribe to his channel He’s spamming me! Ok, subscribe! Bye! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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