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Afghanistan के Fan ने कहा बच गया Hindustan लेकिन नहीं बचेगा Pakistan | INDvsAFG | AFGvsPAK | #CWC19

Afghanistan के Fan ने कहा बच गया Hindustan लेकिन नहीं बचेगा Pakistan | INDvsAFG | AFGvsPAK | #CWC19

Sports surgery kisi bhi hota body a bikini subscribe current sports tuck srt PCB notification go panicky leave a like go de banana bowling ball of chocolate malarkey team Bosh a Kelly liken unto me rocky DDA India and just what in the mage but I've got a someone the hardest on me India very stand by by target pockets on high by target Pakistan yes target pockets on 28 June we will crush the baby [Applause] Tyson to match her Pakistan kissa box tank is a major thing 28 of Junior we just give a little bit more shock to the Indians yeah India Pakistan kebapi [Applause] vodka Bob Bob coccidia vertical cross Korea a punk toccata Miya Miya yeah this match is too close close match just 11 long run short enjoy the big hit anime Afghanistan the turning parties when they get the Najib wicked the network 8 he is very very hard hetero he can't change the game anytime he wants yeah but luck for them and that you've got out and then they get the game very late they should start aggressive aggression not 22 42 43 over good comeback hey have Barbara Barbara and show me their world number one GGG Telia bomber should be a deal RPG team they Lobby today and can you battalion air you

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  1. Man hi man kh rha hoga _ india walo ne ghaer rakkha hai thori tarif karni pdegi. Pata chla haat paaw hi pahuche ghar😂

  2. is afghani gandoo se pucho in hindu behnchodo se pta kro 27 feb ko kya hua tha duniya janti hap bap kon ha …the tea was fantastic ….

  3. Baap Baap hota hai… Jaan lo Pakistan
    Kyuki Baap Tumhara Hai Hindustan 🇮🇳🇮🇳…………..!

  4. Aj inki maa naas ja ge afganiyo ki ham na he inko pana the hai koto ki trha mar rahy tha harmi aj k macha ma inka kiya hal krty han dakhna ankhy khol k zara panchod

  5. Afghan brother next world cup,i want to see afghanistan in final…whole of India will support you people to reach there,i am sure ….love from India

  6. Anchor u should be neutral between afghani bastards wordings this is not a genuine and intellectual talking u are promoting afghani talibans and letting them to talk rubbish on internation channel.. So shameful act from ind media and anchor

  7. क्या हो गया है मीडिया का बस इतना ही बोलूंगा

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