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ACC Football Rewind: Trevor Lawrence Goes Off Against FSU

ACC Football Rewind: Trevor Lawrence Goes Off Against FSU

tuckson across midfield for the first time tonight [Applause] Tigers [Applause] [Applause] touchdown boy you have a true freshman quarterback that has this much talent it's apparent to everyone as soon as he shows up during the first four dues he shared time with Kelly Bryant but then it became obvious to all involved was the experiment most challenged at quarterback for Clemson a perfect day for football here in Tallahassee and a tough road test for the number two team in America Clemson had never won back-to-back games here at Doak Campbell Stadium that is the challenge today see how that impacts the rest of this game right of the same instruments Rick's the true freshman lady footlocker and getting dragged down right over the head right over the head of the safety Samuels there that can't be one of those rocket shots [Applause] I am so the chip Bowl is there 40 iggins and he boxes out the defender and he's got a seven-yard touchdown and AJ Westbrook is doing home he cannot be perfectly thrown ball with enough to allow Hagen's to extend those wall marvels monster for Clemson [Applause] Mary Rogers gets to be edgy this is the stuff I first it go for closer at the three but when you can throw it from the far outside the numbers and Amari can have his eyes up because right on his shoulder pad in an instant it just allows you to break tackles [Applause] this time of throwing touch at the front line for the touchdown dance we did a beautiful job on the previous possession getting him into a one-on-one with the safety to the sidelines to trivia Thompson throws it's got that same kind of look and prepass right on time he takes another in here as Burns got in the backfield but Trevor Lawrence with another first down hook up and it just jumps off his hand and looks different to be part of that / therefore the Bari Raja but it raised for the condom get you tomorrow Rogers 58 yard touchdown [Applause] he's one down the sidelines for Rogers Laurie Rogers does it again 68 [Applause] ecologist maybe it's the wish of everybody that listens to us anyway we're not a subset get all total tons shut up so I'll just stop talking nothing more to say is that the future first pick in the draft and can you make that kind of projection with that kind of talent as a true freshman but he's just that good

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  1. How do you spell Heisman? Did I get it right? Fitting that John coached Clemson. That's right, Clemson isn't in the S.E.C. ,that's an automatic disqualification.

  2. It was ridiculous that Lawrence was not 1st team All-ACC. He led the conference in nearly every major QB stat.

  3. This guy could sit out a year. Join next year's draft. And still be number one. That's how solid of a year he had. And everything he's done has been freaking flawless.

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