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ACC Football Rewind: Ryan Willis Leads VT over Duke

ACC Football Rewind: Ryan Willis Leads VT over Duke

Willis the pump to the its own touchdown Virginia Tech Trey Turner [Applause] here comes the heat Willis gumbo swine up and again and he will score touchdown Tech McDowell Ryan Willis the Kansas transfer out of Overland Park Kansas making his first start since 2016 when his Kansas Jayhawks don't be surprised that this Virginia Tech offense now the pride Willis is a little bit better than it was before so it's pretty apparent that quarterback play is going to be a big storyline to watch here tonight Virginia Tech won the toss they deferred their option opening series down for Virginia Tech with Ryan Willis at the [Applause] it's just complete on that slant route Brian Willis threw for 131 yards for touchdown after Josh Jackson got hurt last week can we see some pretty good things from him here so far tonight now there's Google with the cats beautiful ball placement by Willis just taking a little tempo off of it understanding that to be long athletic receiver out there recognized and we wish them the best in their flight Virginia Tech going to the endzone their statement heats up to par it Taxco this second touchdown pass in its many week the 7-yard hookup and Virginia Tech goes back in front Virginia Tech knew they were going to have to take advantage of some press man coverage kind of pressure they bring twist up front hand wide open and Scripps Lee across the 30 down to 33 nice job of Ryan who's finding him in that split safety defense Miriam prison impressive right now Willis now 8 of 13 138 the touchdown pass look at her for all year drops it off underneath to done team the tight man steps out of tackle big run to the corner you Dukes still on a speed along the sidelines inside the 30 Eugene the Denson 67 yards into the catch touchdown your school can't compete it's Ryan Willis putting a jackets for stuck a couple years as complete watch why Justin went they said the first piss off throw the ball heartless blown away remember this is a kid who acted started in two years his last start was at Kansas once he got into rhythm 200 yards two touchdowns in at that first half he said he loved his composure his ability to make those big play second down 16 to go why action looking for kuma what a catch a Content reception along the sidelines [Applause] 37 Willis getting some pressure off the edge stores a deep down field adjusting to the ball over 300 yards passing for Willis and his first started suits 2016 rolls out to his right dumps it off to Keene made a play like this the first half that turned into a touchdown leading by 10 with 914 deployed Willis is gonna take a shot to the endzone penalty flag place the ball is cut tight stick-built backs and Willis the star of this one 332 yards passing three touchdown throws as he said it before the game he didn't need to be great he needed to be clean I thought at times she was great

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