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A Day in the Life of a UPENN Student πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ | University of Pennsylvannia

A Day in the Life of a UPENN Student πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ | University of Pennsylvannia

I start up each day by walking to my Pilates class at Center City the walk is about 30 minutes and I absolutely love walking for the city every morning because the river is glowing and the Sun is rising and everything is so beautiful to look at by the time I get to the studio it's around 7 a.m. I really like this location because it's very private and secure you do need to ring a doorbell to get in all the instructors here have been absolutely amazing and nice and I feel so refreshed to take on a day after my morning Pilates class I just took my apartment I'm heading to work right now it's around 8:30 a.m. my work at the admissions Center at Penn basically all I do is I greet people if people ask me about like my Penn experience specifically about engineering I answer that they also help them like go on tours and if efficient stuff so my shift begins at 8:30 because we move like their first minutes to get ready for all visitors that come in so I'll be going and helping out with that so I'll show you guys what it's like if you visit Penn you can find the admission center at Claudia Cowan Hall it was just nearly renovated so everything you see here including the giant map on the wall is new and fresh there's always about three or four people at the front desk and these are my coworkers they're so fun to talk to and I love working with them yeah so every morning we start off by getting ready I'm just playing around with all this and yeah this is the brochure that you're going to get if you visit Penn as a prospective student it is a list of all the majors and all the facts that you really need to know if you want to apply I'm here trying to find my major in the engineering school I have a computer science major and there we go we found it and we did a lot of like 3d printing laser cutting like SolidWorks so it's very hands-on you get to make your like own cool like bit of spinners and things like that I think it's really fun so you're required to live on campus for the so I live in hilly colleges so if you see them out right there town building is where the engineering school is and my college house was literally like right next to it so it's so easy to get the classes yeah yeah in my room well I got some of my way to class and I met my friend hi where you going okay oh my god wait that's so funny goodbye yeah hi Michael you're gonna be in my blog okay yeah where you going I'm gonna back rooms Oh have fun yeah so you definitely just like run into a bunch of people when you're walking like even if you're not always toriel so I just finished my first class I'm back in the apartment I'm gonna go take a quick nap before I have to make next class and I'm the president in every room it's right there it's a little bit messy because I was working last night until really late I got the postcard from LA CA when I was in LA we have this super cute fuzzy plush it's like the Android one from Google it's so soft and if you couldn't tell yet my favorite color is pink so we have this beautiful cute rose gold there hello and I got this moon thingy from urban and it's supposed to be like you know it's supposed to go off like that but it fell and I just like didn't fix it because I was like this looks cute – yeah and I have these on the cute like heart-shaped very wise that you can't really see right now but I'm going to take not on this bed and I will see you guys when I am heading to my car right now today I'm gonna walking down the street and I just saw a literally so many of my friends Julianne Justin giving us a special shout-out in case you guys are watching this video right now yeah so I am heading there's a little bit windy so a little bit tired okay I think one of the greatest things about Penn is that the school is so well resourced and you are going to have so many opportunities to take your learning outside of your classroom and I think this example of my class meeting at the Penn Museum to explore artifacts of different era and to put them into drawing it's a prime example of that it's not an experience that you get at most other universities and it is such a unique and experience in fact a lot of my friends have taken classes where the professor's actually took them out to different parts of Greater Philadelphia to explore how the region itself connects to their field of study and that is something that really makes time stand out this is one of the drawings that I was working on during class the sculpture itself had so many components there's a lot going on in terms of curbs and shadows but it was definitely challenging and interesting to work on I just finished my three hour long art class and I am nob heading off to dinner and yeah it was super fun the pasta is definitely long but I personally did not have exposure to art of it before we talked about that there's like they're kind of crazy anyway I did not have a lot of exposure to art so by coming to college you definitely got to get a chance to explore areas that you haven't really been an expert in so although I'm a cop my major it's super fun so I'll check back in when I am so he's doing the climate that asked you for coffee we have to draw each other let's see how good of an artist describe what you trick I start with the glasses I thought of Marcy from brown I got those Kylie Jenner lips I like yeah thank you see you so I've been studying for the past tours are I'm a little bit tired so I'm just taking a break by talking to you guys um I do have to wake up fairly early tomorrow because I have a Pilates class at 8:30 and I walk to class every day so that's like usually thirty minutes walk to the city um yeah and it's a class that I really wanted to check out it was close but then I got editing from the waiting list so that's exciting um yeah I mean usually I just watch like a bunch of dance videos and I'm like really tired and that really good some hyped up but I think like I just need to not think for like five minutes and then start setting again yeah I mean like like let me know like what you guys like to do as like study break in the comments below like decisions and try them out myself and see if those work if they do hey there's my love for you so I'm done studying Thursday I'm going to wash my face brush my teeth I'm getting ready for bed and tomorrow or today I guess I'll be waking up in about seven hours to go to my Pilates class so my usual morning routine again um well thank you guys for checking out my vlog today feel free to leave any questions your how about a pen or anything the comments and I'll definitely answer you thank you and I hope you found this video interesting and please do remember to Like and subscribe if you want to see more videos from me thanks

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