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  1. Ugh this is my dream school!! I’m a sophomore rn and I’m pushing really hard for finals bc I’ve had so much outside of school that has affected me but everyone says that sophomore year is the most important year yet I really didn’t do as well as I usually do☹️

  2. Omg hii I just found your channel and I wanted to know that I reallyy like you videosssss that is alll

  3. I love how don’t see many white people it’s a bunch of Asians and Indiana not being racist just pointing that out I’m Hispanic and I really wanna go to that school to study medicine

  4. which house do you live in? it looks so nice! I'm class of 2023 and housing selection is about to start

  5. Your videos get better each time a watch 🙂 Love to see what you are up too! Is Penn green? Doesn't seem like it is doing that much? Good luck this semester!

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