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8 Scariest Games On The Internet

8 Scariest Games On The Internet

8 Scariest Games On The Internet. Number 8, Purgatorium.
Purgatorium is a great game because it isn’t very long. Instead,
it is quick, simple and extremely scary. The plot sets you up in a room
with a baby carriage, and you must find clues that will help you out of
the room. Along the way you find hints to the story of what happened in
this house. Number 7, Exmortis.
Exmortis is considered by some as the scariest game on the web. The
plot begins as you approach a lonely home on a hill in the woods. Once
inside, you must put together clues that will help you survive. There are
plenty of spooky and unpredictable things that pop up throughout your time
in the house. Number 6, The Cell.
The Cell is the story of a prisoner who wakes up with no recollection of
who he is or where he is at. Instead, he continues getting phone calls
that tell him to get out, with hints as to how to do so. The voice on the
other end of the phone is what will really keep you up at night and have
you scared each time you answer your personal phone. Number 5, 99 Rooms.
99 Rooms is another point and click game where you must escape before it’s
too late. In case the name didn’t give it away, there are 99 rooms that
you must escape, making it a large and detailed game. The detail and spook
factor that goes into this game was obviously well thought out and makes
for one of the best games on the internet. Number 4, The Well.
The Well is an interactive, multi-level game where players will gather
stones as they navigate throughout a home in attempts to exit. Each time
you complete a part of the game, you will earn a new stone and at the end,
you will be able to watch the entire story unfold. You are sure to get
attached to one of the four characters in this game, but whether or not
they’ll make it to the end is for you to play and find out. Number 3, The Outbreak.
It’s great to come across a website as well done as The Outbreak. Once you
enter this site, you’ll come across an interactive movie where you get to
choose the path that you take. The choices you make could result in
gruesome and gory cut-scenes, or even an all out death of the character. Number 2, The House.
Another interactive game, The House is just as fun as The Outbreak.
However, while The Outbreak has more cinematic elements to the game, where
you simply decide on the route to take, The House is actually a game that
the user has more control over. It is important to find clues and be aware
of your surroundings in this thriller game. Number 1, The House 2.
The House 2 is a sequel to the scary game mentioned earlier. The scare and
spook element has been raised with the advancement of sound and random
pictures that pop up throughout the game. It’s quite impressive that two
of the most scary websites on the net have come from the same name and
include the same theme. But apparently there is something overly spooky
and creepy about dead families to keep people interested and coming back
for more.

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  1. Love it! I understand that you might not like to use your own voice for narrating but the robotic voice is off putting sometimes nevertheless good video!

  2. Some of the best ones I've played on the internet include The Last Door series, Slenderman series, Deep Sleep series, The Insanity series, Snowdrift and Lone Survivor.

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