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6 Roommates Decide Who Gets $1,000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

6 Roommates Decide Who Gets $1,000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

– [Interviewer] How do you
guys think you’re gonna choose this in this first round? – First one to touch your nose! – What? – Maninder’s out! (all laughing) – [Interviewer] Well
technically, you said first one. – Oh, shoot, I’m out. (all laugh)
(group clapping) (dramatic string music) – [Interviewer] Hi, welcome! – [All] Hello! – [Interviewer] Who are you guys? – I’m Ian. – I’m Amy. – I’m Maninder. – I’m Tatiana. – Joe. – Terrence. – We’re roomies! – We all live in a huge house. It’s actually called The Mansion. – [Interviewer] What are
we, what are we going to do? – 1000 to one! Trying to make a 1000 bucks! – [Interviewer] Is anybody
nervous, you scared? – Not really. – Terrence isn’t a hundred
percent sure why he’s here. – Yeah, I have no idea. – [Interviewer] All right, the game is… 1000 to one. You decide who leaves with 1000 dollars. We’re going to do three elimination rounds until we get down to three people. And those three people
have to unanimously decide who leaves with 1000 dollars. How do you guys think
you’re gonna choose this in the first round? – Blood? – Joe wanted to do naked wrestling. – He wanted to do mud wrestling. – How many people do we have to eliminate? – [Interviewer] One. – Just one? – [Interviewer] 15 minutes starting now. – How do we think we’re gonna- – First one to touch your nose! – What? (laughter)
– Maninder’s out! – [Interviewer] Well
technically you said first one. – Oh shoot, I’m out. (laughter)
(applause) – Let’s all say our sob stories… – Alright, so I have to clean up
after people all the time. – All the time. – Tell people, get on people’s backs, which I don’t like to do. – [Interviewer] Who do you have to clean up the most for here? (laughter)
– [Joe] Everyone knows it! – The first year, maybe. – The first year.
– The first year. – She’s learned well. I have to deal with the landlord, seniorority… – It’s seniority, but okay. – She has the cheapest rent. – I don’t have the cheapest rent! No, not this year. That’s because I’m the house manager! – Sexual favors. (laughter) – With the landlord. – Lord have mercy. – I’m always doing movie nights and I sometimes try to bring popcorn. – She has to fund the popcorn. – Plus, I try to make you laugh. – That’s true. – You do make me laugh.
– Maninder’s entertaining. – I deserve a thousand dollars. Give me a thousand dollars. – [Ian] Okay. Wow, the last weekend, I was opening a window and I pushed my hand through it and had to get 12 stitches, which I just got out yesterday morning. I got a fat bill in the mail! – How much, Ian? – It’s 416 dollars. (gasping) – Wow! – With what’s going on
with school right now, I’m about to graduate. I just had to pull out
another student loan! (imitates crying) (laughter) – Tatiana, go! – Why are you better than the rest of us? – Because I care for everyone. Two in the morning, midnight. – I’ll give her props. She helped me re-bandage
this after I got it cut and our other roommate fainted. (laughter) Tatiana was taking care
of the girl who fainted and while I’m bleeding in the sink. – But, your refrigerator space
totally spills into about- – It does spill into mine. – Four other people’s spaces! – I reset it every weekend and I share food. – I do all of the maintenance at the house. – Don’t you get paid to do that? – It’s below minimum wage.
– Not at all. – Also, very illegal. – You just incriminated yourself. (laughter) – [Interviewer] Alright,
we got four minutes! Go, Terrence, go! – Just stand there and attempt. – Nobody cleans or does
dishes more than me. I washed the dishes all summer at one of the busiest
restaurants in Fremont and then I’ll come home
and do all the dishes. – That’s true. – He cleans more than anyone. – Can we just auto-vote Terrence to win? – No one asks him to clean, that’s the thing. – I’ve never been asked to- – You just do it. – [Interviewer] Point to
the person who does the most for the house. – He does the most- – Like, different parts. – But, she gets paid to do it… – Not really! – She has discounted rent. – No. – No one deserves this
money more than the other. I think we all share a part in the house. – Agree. – So, we should be… I think the first round, at
least, should be fairly random. – One and a half minutes. – Want to play rock-paper-scissors? – Let’s do it! [All Three] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! So, I’m still in. – Amy gets away. – Rock, paper, scissors. – [Amy] Tatiana, you’re out. – I’m shaking. I’m literally shaking. – [All Three] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot! – Ooh! Bye, buddy! (excited screaming) (laughter) – It’s you two now. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – [Group] Oh! – Sorry, Tatiana!
– Scissors beat paper. – [Interviewer] Did that feel fair? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Yeah?
– It’s what we agreed on. – Do you need a camera hug? For losing. Okay, camera hug. (laughter) Proof that we hugged. – I feel so bad, this is awful. – That was a really bad climax. – [Interviewer] Do you think she deserved to be voted off? – No. – I don’t think any of us do. – That’s the thing. I don’t think any of us deserve
this more than the other. – We care about each other’s well-being. – [Interviewer] All right, we’re starting up the next round. – Who’s done the worst thing to the house? – She stole food from Maninder. – You know I don’t like
to see things go to waste. (laughter) – I frickin’ grew up in
a third world country! – I think Amy needs the money the most. She grew up in a third world country and she’s new to America. (laughter) So, it would be a great feeling to provide that for someone else. – [Interviewer] Nine
minutes and 45 seconds. – Who’s never done their house chore? – I have. – I have. – I have. – So then, Terrence hasn’t done it? – Guys, he cleans the most. We can’t put this on him.
– No, I know. I just wanna know what his chore is. – I thought you said on tour, like show people the house. What’s your chore? – [Interviewer] Five and a half minutes. – Five minutes. Okay. Let’s do a singing contest. – No, don’t do that. – Double dutch? Do we have jump ropes? – No. We could play Hangman. – Should we just draw a number out of a hat? – Everyone, take a death warrant. Death warrant, death warrant for you. And take a pen. (laughter) – [Interviewer] And
what are you guys doing? – We’re voting someone out? – I’m going to put a heart around it because I still love them. – Yeah! – But, I still have to think
about who I’m voting for. – Ugh, I don’t know who to vote off. – I’m drawing the heart first because that’s the most important. – Turn them in!
– Fold them, fold them. – Do you want me to read them off to make it less painful there? – I don’t want to do this! – [Interviewer] 25 seconds! – [Terrence] Go, go, go! – I’m going! – [Ian] Go fast! – I’m going!
– [Amy] Rapido! – Okay! One for Ian. – Y’all shady. – Aw, one for Maninder. – Oh, no. – [Interviewer] Ten seconds! – Oh, Lord! Ian: 2. – Aw, man. I’m out. – Maninder again. – Oh, wait, what? – [Interviewer] Five seconds! Oh, Lord! Maninder. (collective gasping) – Oh, Maninder! – Bye, my friend! – Wait! – Can we all have a group
hug here real quick? I still love you guys. – No matter what happens! – I’m pretty sure all the
guys voted for the same person because all the messy
handwritings were dudes. – Did the girls vote for me? (groans) – I voted for you because I know even if you went off, you’d totally take it and you’d be cool and chill because that’s
the kind of person you are. – I appreciate that. – I was going to write
my own name actually. – Okay, don’t toot your horn that much. – Wow!
– Was gonna but didn’t? – [Interviewer] Who’d you vote for? – No secret. There’s only two names. – There are only two names. – Maninder, I voted for you, so we’re even. (laughter) – It’s going down tonight! – It’s kind of interesting, Ian and my name were the only ones. There wasn’t a third person. So, that was kind of interesting to me. – That is kind of weird. – [Interviewer] Why did you
guys just vote for Maninder? – It’s purely tactical. – She’s a threat. She doesn’t cause any trouble. She keeps to herself. – She’s too friendly. – I didn’t vote for you,
Maninder, just saying. – That always happens. The strongest person
gets off the island first because they all see them as a threat. – You’re the strongest person! – Thanks. (laughter) – [Interviewer] This is the last time we eliminate one person. Starting next round,
it’s just three people and they have to decide the individual who gets the money. – Guys, we need a new game, we’re in another round. – Who can do the most push-ups? – I can do maybe three push-ups. – Oh, let’s do it, dude. – I got a good five in me. – Between four of us. We don’t have enough space to do it. – I have a handicap! – Let’s play, wanna play Ninja? – I don’t know Ninja. – Oh, my god.
– Stand in a circle and you hit the other person’s hand. This is a skills thing. – [Interviewer] Ten minutes. – Or we could play the push game! Hands here and we have to push each other and whoever loses their
balance first is out. – I’m down to do this. Let’s just do it. (singing) – Copyright, bro! (laughter) – Oh no! – My thumb broke! – Are we good here? – We’re good, I think. – All right, ready? – Oh, my God! Joe, you’re a vicious animal! – Savages. You lose your balance? – This is never going to end! – [Interviewer] You have
four minutes, 30 seconds. – Oh, that was nice. I’m out. (groans) – Wrong shoes today, bro!
– Ian and Terrence! – Come on, guys. – No! (laughter) – No!
– Oh! – Terrence! – You’re gone, buddy! – [Terrence] It’s a new game to me, it’s a new game. – I was so nervous. T-rent, my boy, I’m sorry, dude. I still love you like a bro. – [Interviewer] So, this final round, everybody has to agree. Otherwise, nobody gets the money. – How are we going to do this? – You’re pretty nervous today, bud. – I am nervous! – [Interviewer] Yeah, why are you nervous? – Like, do I want the money? Yeah, for sure. But, do I want to vote someone else out and not give them the chance to win? Yeah. (laughter) – Amy, why do you deserve
the money more than we do? – Well, I’m a bridesmaid
for my best friend in Australia and a flight costs 1400 dollars. – Wow. – I would quit my job over this. That’s what I would
definitely put it towards. – I would really like to use this money. I’ve already spent a few hundred dollars with this short film. I want to keep it going, not be completely broke afterwards like I was with the last one. – [Interviewer] You have two minutes. – I am currently working six days a week, not making enough money to pay my school bills and my financial aid got declined, so… – I didn’t know that. – If I don’t come up with 3500 dollars, I can’t go to school, so technically I’m already late, but I would like to continue school and get some sort of education. – Feel that. – [Interviewer] You guys have suggestions on what they should do this final round? – I was thinking, Joe has a good reason. – That’s what we were thinking, yeah. – What did they say? I can’t hear in my left ear. (laughter) – I thought you were serious! – Hey, also that’s a fake leg right there! – This is a peg leg, let me… – [Interviewer] Ten seconds. Make a decision. – I’m not going to vote for myself. I say I’m out. I’m out. – I would say Joe. – You can have it. – [Interviewer] I need it. Five… – You sure? – [Interviewer] Four…
– Are you sure? – [Interviewer] Three… Two… Did we make a decision? – Yeah. – Joseph. – Joe. – I hate all of you. (clapping) – I feel so uncomfortable. I don’t like you guys. – He’s bad at accepting gifts. (screaming) – [Interviewer] Why are you so upset? – My parents were missionaries and missionaries don’t
really get given anything, they give most of their lives. So, it’s hard to accept things, I suppose. – [Interviewer] Did you
know like before we started about the situation? – I literally didn’t. – I thought you had siblings. – I didn’t know your
financial aid got rejected and all that kind of stuff. – Would you have told your
story outside of this scenario, this video? – No. I know, it’s weird. – I think we feel
confident in this decision. Pretty happy with that. – [Interviewer] All
right, you guys wanna go and give Joe a hug? – Do you want a hug? – Group hug around Joe?
– First real group hug. – You be in the middle. – I wanna be in the middle. (excited chatter and clapping) (orchestral music)

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  1. Okey, I love all of their chemistry with each other. It's so pure. I love all of them so much. They complete each other. They're so understanding and perfect for each other. They're so going to be such good life long friends. I hope. 😭❤️😭💙

    And am I the only one who's going to point out that amazing choice of music towards the end? Which so also happened to be crucial music in John Wick 3? 😛

  2. does anyone else have really weird colours in the video? if not does anyone know why this is happening? thanks for the help 🙂

  3. omg, im so happy that im living in a country with a free education and good health insurance. I can not really imagine the feeling of having debts at such a young age X-(

  4. Terrible, these people were civil and didn’t revert to name calling. I don’t come here for civil conversations, but to see the
    disintegration of humanity.

  5. I love this episode bc its the first one I see that everybody is chill & so loving. It makes me happy to see everyone genuinely happy for the person who got the money🥺💗

  6. I know the whole point of this series is kinda to expose how money makes people show their true colors but this is the first episode in a while I was actually glad I watched through because they all seemed like such good hearted people who genuinely care for others (and they also need to spill how they ended up with such a good set of roommates) 🥺

  7. I don't know why but I can picture all of them in Power Ranger attire.
    Ian: Yellow
    Amy: Black
    Maninder: Purple
    Tatiana: Blue
    Joe: Green
    Terrance: Red

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