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5 Types of Pokémon Go Players

5 Types of Pokémon Go Players

I never thought this day would come… Ready to go… * Gun shots * * People shouting I WANT POKEMON! * Charge! * Explosion * * Sad Funeral Music In The Back Ground * Hehehehehe Oh man a pikachu, gotta catch it! 1.. 2… 3! Man, did you just catch a pikachu? * Everyone screaming * Nope! * Explosion * * Glass breaking * WHAT THE FU**! * Boom! :3 * * People screaming * Hey kid, give meh you phone! Why? Umm, cuz I want you pokemon! OH MY GOD! Superman will save you! * In a noobish voice * Hya! * Kicks bad guy * Hey a.. Is that Pokemon Go? Yeah… * Seals phone * Omg! Free pikachu! Hell yeah! * Creepy music plays * Gud job man, we got one! * Feet taping * * Crack! * Nice i finally found a pokemon! * Car skids * * Pow! * * Thud! * Oh My God! I gotta catch this pokemon! * Outro Music Plays * FINALLY DONE! ( Bye )

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  1. After Superman appeared and about to take the victim's phone, Saitama(One Punch Man) punch Superman far away.
    Saitama: What is that?
    Victim: Pokemon Go
    Saitama:-knows it's a bad anime well kinda-
    Victim; What
    Saitama: punch the victims

  2. I playied pokemon go since it was relased (when i wanted to play a pokemon game on mobile i searched and then pokemon go poped up well week later i installed it after its relase so it was little boring to play because u only could catch garbage pokes like pidgey)

  3. i want pokemon

    i want legendary!

    some other things the crowd says


  4. 0:24 Police:Oof,I Saw a nuclear


    Police:Crap here goes nothing shoots a minigun
    pictures lag
    2:31 Here is another nuclear ☢️ ☢️

  5. Warning This Comment Has Spider Man 2 Spoilers

    Top 5 Times When OBLIVIOUS HD Predicted The Future
    Number One – 0:16
    Somebody typed Theres A Legendary Pokemon In Area 51
    And In 2019 Somebody Typed Lets Raid Area 51!
    The Roblox Pokemon Go Guys Succesfully Raided Area 51
    The Naruto Runners Succesfully Did It Too! THAT MEANS! MYSTERIO IS THE TRUTH
    oops.. Sorry I Watched Spider Man Far From Home! HAHA you just read SPOILERS FOR OUR SPONSORSHIP.. Nevermind..

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