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5 Outdoor Gadgets You Should Have # 2

5 Outdoor Gadgets You Should Have # 2

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  1. ▶️Link To All The Outdoor Gadgets Listed
    5.Pure 2 Go➡
    3.H2O Ninja➡
    2.Rescue Me Ballon➡
    1.BixPy ➡

  2. So if your in the wild and a grizzly attacks, if you show him all of these gadgets, give him a big hug and tell him that your from Berkley, he will run away.

  3. I thought this was going to be another video featuring The same old water filters and flotation devices, but the bixby jet is a device that should hav e been invented a long time ago. If you spend a lot of time in the water diving or snorkeling that's the thing to have.

  4. Can't help but think that the Rescue Balloon is a great signal to the wrong people that someone is in trouble – probably disabled, lost or alone – and exactly where to find them. Liked it at first glance, but on second thought I'm not sure about that one. What might be better would be a balloon that puts a radio/cell transmitter signal high enough off the ground to clear obstructions in the terrain, rather than a visible one.

  5. Why do these ads always have crappy hipster whistle-and-clap music? If you wanted to sell me a mask should've played some doom metal

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