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4×400 Relay’s W Finals | Bydgoszcz 2019 • European Super League Championships

4×400 Relay’s W Finals | Bydgoszcz 2019 • European Super League Championships

They’ve overtaken France into second
place To those coming at the world relays in
Yokohama back in May Finland
Evelina Maattanen Starting for the Fin’s taking full of Fins, on their
inside Korina Politi of Greece the leader runner for the Greece Ukraine’s Anastasiya Bryzhina. Ukraine having a
disappointing team championships this is a good opportunity for them to make the
points. Martina Hofnanova for Czech Republic they’d like three Sweden’s Maria Kimumba, and inside in lane two – it’s Comelia Halbheer so as with the 4 by 100 meters relays
yesterday evening it’s the combined results that count towards the points,
so yesterday in the women’s 4 by 100 meters Switzerland running a very fast
time in the B final Two heats of the women’s 4×400 meters to come, two Heats events four by four hundred meters here at this the
eighth edition of the European team championships as the women go to their
marks from the inside Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece and Finland. Well, after the pause they finaly away, running
very well on the outside is Maattanen of Finland at this stage the stagger
doesn’t unwind until after the first bend of the second leg Bryzhina running
well for Ukraine as they pass through 200 metres at this stage its Finland on
the outside and Ukrainian may provide leading the way over the six teams Czech Republic also have a good run at this stage but it’s Politi she started to close it down so Ukraine and Finland that’s one of two of
the moments over Bryzhina hands over to the very experienced 400 meter runner
800-meter runner Tatyana Melnyk have championship potentials takes over Finland through strongly the Czechs to raise a rich in Tereza Petrizilkova still Ukraine out in front of this stage
it’s Tatyana Melnyk, very very strongly indeed very tall Ukrainian, small
diminutive figures or running very well at this stage panel of Sweden, Switzerland running the individual 400 meters, Greece is coming through Ukraine and over from Melnyk to Klymyuk the Ukrainian 400 meter runner
tearing away but behind them little to choose at the moment as Switzerland
Czech Republic, Czech is now taking
second place there very well but it’s little doubt at
all expected taken all the lots of the Ukrainians of this stage they’ve got a
good 50 metres lead as they come into the home straight for the penultimate
time and over to reach cover performed so well in the individual 400 meters
hurdles this has turned into a time 12 for the Ukrainians for the battle second
between Greece Switzerland of the Czech Republic very close indeed so Anna Ryzhykova reaching of a overdry barring
accidents behind them but biding our time it see it’s before
closing down retiring Yasmin Giger, Giger having the seasons best
in the 400 meters hurdles but still not quite back to her best form
and its Vasiliou now try to hook down
the saloon very good indeed but it’s Ukraine’s
into Anna Ryzhykova win in 3:29,34 and this is a time we have to remember
because of course we said these are two time heats so regardless of this being
the B final as it is built in the start list is the fact that these time matters
in the overall standings so three 3:29,33 for the Ukrainians could be important in
the second heat once again we talked about it yesterday in the context of the
Swiss sprint relay team is Ukraine when you look at those individual runners
including the likes of Melnyk and Ryzhykova I have a feeling they should have been
seeded into the top heat it was ….. seasons times and of course the only
outing of significance the Ukrainians had was at the world student games but
once again a bit of common sense should have been or at least an allowance for
some common sense being applied to the seedings
well one thing we’re also worth noting here for those of you who are wondering
in the Swiss relay where the likes of Lea Sprunger where she actually had some
good runs yesterday and the day before but our colleague from the Swiss team
has actually just told us that she is resting herself up a little and waiting
to find into shape ahead of things like the Zurich diamond League and of course
the World Championships where she will certainly be one of the athletes to
watch. Yes the europeans will challenge the Americans at moment they’re battling for the fourth place
with Great Britain North Island not that far away from the third spot so the
final action as far as the women are concerned here at these the eighth
European Athletics championships this is the Super League Spain Great Britain
France Poland Italy and Germany make up the six teams in this A Final
well championship record 3:23,76 that’s a bit of a tall order that was
done by the Russians back in 2010 when we’re in Bergen so on the outside its
Luna Bulmahn from inside well we saw her in the
individual corner meters have some good runs Maria Benedicta Chigbolu
of Italian subject or their two best runners of the first two legs Iga Baumgart-Witan for Poland this is a Estelle Perrossier of France first
make the French a very experienced international
Emile Diamond has plenty of British successful 4×400 to be
three lane and on the inside the Spanish Andrea Jimenez you wouldn’t bet against Poland with a
lineup of Baumgart-Witan a victory here will give them an
unassailable lead leading into the men’s four by four hundred meters as they
settle down on the inside it’s Spain Great Britain France Poland Italy and
Germany well it’s starting well is Bulmahn on the outside for
Germany though as you might expect running well through the first half of
this lane Emile Diamond also having a very good
run of this stage getting right up on the shoulder
of Perrossier don’t miss it, now Chigbolu Baugmant first, Great Britain Northen Ireland
second, Italy Third Anna Kielbasinska who was in the individual 200
meters earlier also Jodie Williams the second in the 200
meters starting to run a 400 meters meters goes back to Britain closing that
quickly now on ……………….still very much
in contention Germany and the Italians on Britain and Poland
it severely stage still very much the two best runners on the first two
legs whereas the talents more evenly spread out between Great Britain and
Poland now upon the shoulder as they
come into the….. and it’s the Poles just rounding Great Britain just move away from the Britain at least
still very much in contention three meters four meters clear she’s going to be well inside that time
at this stage battle behind her between
Britain and Italy Jessica Turner …. battled with the italian for second place but away from the rest and a good 15 meters clear Justyna Swiety-Ersetic brings the Poles home 3:24,
82, Britain take second Italy third will give you confirmation
in just a moment but not only do Poland win the women’s 4×400 meters, that
means the Poland are confirmed as the European team champions and a fine win
on home soil or the poles they really really dominated across this weekend the
big throwers are packed in the points there’s been points elsewhere the
distance runners have done well but Poland take the title
and really it is quite impressive how this relay has developed over the years
they are consistent across the board at championships we’ve seen it last year
and European level we’ve seen it at world relays level we’ve seen in the
World Championships indoors now to there we can just see they are so experienced
they know the order they run in they have their hand overs on point and even
those team as experienced as for example Great Britain in Northern Ireland can’t
do anything to hold off the Poles there we can see Great Britain & Northern Ireland
handed over in first for that third leg but Justyna Swiety-Ersetic gets
the baton and is off in a way builds up an even bigger lead and brings it home
for Poland in front of a home crowd she’s had a fantastic week and they’re
individually fantastic weekend in the relay and they will be celebrating once
they are confirmed the overall team winners.
Shall we go down joining the dancing? what a terrific run to bring the Poles
home I don’t think it’s quite some kena across many of the crowd here we’ve got
the aid of what they call come commentator information systems and there
cheering the victory of the Polish women but they have I can say now got an
unassailable lead in these team championships well they’ve done well
over the years third back in 2014 second two years ago first this time European
leading time 3:24,81 for the Poles and behind them Great Britain & NI, Italy
Ukraine the winners of the B final taking fourth overall Germany & France
that completes the top six well points go to Poland with just one
event still remaining well be interested to see how they do

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