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3 Steps to Read Faster – Truth on Speed Reading

3 Steps to Read Faster – Truth on Speed Reading

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  1. One question: how to read faster and comprehend better a law text? banking, taxation, business regulation or EU Directive?

  2. How to make a good video:
    step 1: teach how to read fast
    step 2: get the video to be sponsored by an audiobook service
    step 3: hope that nobody notices that hypocrisy

  3. Fantastic, I recently took a speed reading course but struggled maintaining comprehension for complex text. Thinking something was wrong with me, I went back to my original process of focussing on key words, line summaries and allowing regressions.

    There is so much great advice here – particularly balancing fundamental trade off between 'speed and comprehension', I've learnt the hard way this is true. Well narrated and thank you.

  4. My friend thought I am really smart and think faster, but the truth is I'm really fast reader so I can answer the question quickly. If the question is told (like listening test), I'm pretty sure my speed of answer is similar like anyone else.

  5. This was extremely helpful for my endeavor to learn and retain more information. I hope to put out quality content like this

  6. 1 Determinite the goal of your reading
    2 Change your speed moment constantly
    Focus on the first and last senteces of paragraph (psedue skimming)
    3 move your finger to push you out of your comfort zone

  7. I'm reading for pleasure, yeah, but I also want to minimize the time I'm spending on it. I don't know how to do that! Your video was great, but it couldn't help me. My speed is like reading 26 pages in 50 minutes. It doesn't fit in my everyday schedule :))

  8. Wow! Thank you for this! Defining a goal for each book is something I have never considered but can see how it would work. I am not a med student but my schooling does require a lot of research paper readings and I appreciate now being able to go through and determine how to evaluate what the goals are and how to adjust my reading approach to match. Thank you once again for this video. -Hanna

  9. It's interesting that you believe that comprehension and speed cant be increased at the same time, cause I recently came across an online course that claims to increase your reading speed while maintaining even improving comprehension. Now I haven't tried it but the course has good reviews. Here's the link

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